What Is Safe Sex?

Sex is meant for enjoyment and fun. But it is essential that you should enjoy safely to protect yourself. There are many, especially men who feel that when the matter of safe sex comes they will not experience as themselves.

Here the question arises- why is safe sex important? But safe sex does not mean to destroy the intimacy and passion between you and your partner. It is intended to protect your body from sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Unwanted pregnancy is also one of the primary reasons for having sex safely. STDs like gonorrhea and Chlamydia can be transferred by intercourse.

HIV Infections

HIV infections can be spread by oral, anal or vaginal sex as it is the body fluids that carry the diseases.

Body fluids like semen, vaginal secretions or blood come in contact with the other person or enter the partner’s body one will get infected with HIV or other STDs. By using a condom, the chance of transmitting such diseases is lowered to a minimum.

These diseases cannot be cured. Science has not yet found a permanent cure of such conditions which makes it more terrible. When we go 30 years back, people used to enjoy intercourse with some partners without any risk of any sexual disease been transferred.

The condom was sparingly used at that time. It was only after some deadly diseases started spreading like AIDS and Hepatitis- B that people became more conscious about their health.

So, now you have the choice of your own to use a condom or get infected with an incurable disease. Now you know the answer to the question why is safe sex important?

It is not possible to live without sex for the risk of getting affected with STDs. For this purpose being cautious and preventing the potential threats is very important. It is believed that by using a condom, they are entirely safe.

But this is not true as a condom is not considered to be cent percent safe as there is still the risk of pregnancy and disease transfer as the condom may break at any time during the act. A condom does not guarantee safety from STDs as a person is still vulnerable.

It must be noted that oral sex is also a cause of HIV. When a person giving the oral sex has some cuts or injuries in the mouth, the virus can be easily transferred to the other person.

why is safe sex important?

Moreover, when the question comes why is safe sex important it is not only for STDs that a person should use a condom but avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Men who do not use condoms use the withdrawal method during intercourse. This is a method in which the male immediately takes out the penis from the vagina of her partner when he feels that he is about to ejaculate.

But it is to be noted that after the washing of the penis there are still sperms left on the tip which can enter the body of the female during another intercourse.

Male Methods of Contraception

Women have been holding the responsibility of using contraception. There are birth control pills, female condoms, intrauterine devices and many more. But this frustrates many women as they feel that men must cooperate with them in this. The natural birth control remedies are used when the contraceptives are not available, but they tend to fail many times. Thus, the male methods of contraception came in the picture.

Use Of Condoms

The most popular methods of contraceptives for men are vasectomy and the use of condoms. Vasectomy is a permanent method which is performed by surgery.

The sperms from the scrotum are transferred to the penis at the time of intercourse through a tube called vas deference. So to prevent the flow of sperms to the penis one has to go through a permanent surgery called vasectomy.

The contraceptives MPU and MRU are used to block a portion of this tube so that it cannot be connected with the urethra to transfer the sperm. However, it is only a small part of the vas deference which is blocked. The fertility of the man can be returned. This method does not have side effects.

Condoms are the cheapest and the best method of all male methods of contraception. A packet of a condom can be afforded by everyone and is widely available. Moreover, it is good for first timers and people who hardly indulge in intercourse.

It makes sense to use a condom for an eighteen-year boy rather than going for a vasectomy. However, boys should always check that the condoms do not have any holes in it before using it.

Though it may look straightforward one must still take care of extra precautions while using condoms as they are made of thin rubber and have the tendency to break anytime.

Mature Sperms

Adhering is one of the newest male methods of contraceptives that yet to arrive in the market and become famous. According to this method, the maturity of the male sperms is interfered with so that they lose their capability of fusing with the ovum.

This contraceptive targets the cells directly so that the cells that help to create or mature sperms become weak. This test has been performed on rats with successful results.

This method is still under observation and investigation and will be in the market soon. Once the contraceptive is applied, a male will produce fewer sperms with capacity. But the method is not permanent the fertility can be brought back to normal in 3 months.


Androgen– progestin is another type of male methods of contraceptives just like adhering. This method too is not out in the market and is under construction.

Here to scientists are trying to achieve success after altering the work of hormones that are responsible for the creation of sperms in a male body. This can be done by injecting some substance that will do the needful.

However, it is said that altering the hormonal balance in the body is harmful to the standard functions in the body. This is the reason why these methods are still under investigation.