Masturbate and feel

According to a survey in US 97%, men accepted that they masturbate and feel good about it. Expert sexologists also vouch for the health benefits of masturbating once a week. Masturbating is a great way to kick off stress and feel good about yourself.

More than this, there are some benefits attached to good masturbation in men. With no sexual activity with a partner, men can keep their sex systems going on even when they are alone. Many men despite feeling great after a masturbation session look for answers to Is masturbation good for your health?

According to experts

When you are spending some time alone with yourself either in the shower or in the bedroom it is undoubtedly good for your health. This is because by stroking your penis you get pleasure and all the stress and anxiety fly away instantly. According to experts, masturbation is right for your physical and emotional health.

When you are single and jack your semen off, you are keeping Prostate cancer at bay. Flushing out the sperm regularly also flushes out the carcinogens which are responsible for a disease, from your organ. When sperm is left to accumulate for a long time in your organ, it is indeed harmful.

HIV risk

Masturbation satisfies the sexual urge in men. This in a way controls random sexual encounters and the likeliness to get affected by HIV and other STDs.

In the absence of no way to satisfy oneself men are more likely to have encountered STDs. When you feel the urge for sex but do not want intercourse due to HIV risk or the unavailability of condom you can pleasure yourself without any health risks.

Another health benefit of masturbation according to McKinley Health Center is when you feel aroused your genitals experienced the right amount of blood flow.

This helps them to function correctly. Moreover, you can practice the art of controlling your ejaculation yourself using masturbating techniques.

Now here you are the one who can draw the line between healthy masturbation and over masturbation.

The question arises over masturbation good for health? When the number of times you masturbate hampers you mentally or physically, it is time for you to control your urges.

Side effects masturbation

There is no standard set by experts for over masturbation as each has different capabilities. Some men masturbate every day and are healthy while others can feel week when they ejaculate every single day.

When your masturbation habit captures your mind and makes you feel depressed and guilty about it you must seek help. In some men, over masturbation also makes their genitals sore and painful due to the friction caused in the act.

A headache, pain in the lower back and pelvic area are also some of the side effects when you tend to go overboard with your masturbation habit.

To sum it up, when you ask is masturbation good for health the answer is yes if you know how to keep it controlled. Masturbating once in a while will make you feel happy about yourself and your body.