Vitamin A

For our living, we need food. The aim of consuming food is to “meet our hunger”.

But in addition to meet such hungriness this food also contains some nutrient that is necessary for our proper “Physical & Mental” development.

It is applicable almost all of our day to day edible foods. Vitamin is such a necessary item that is needed for our own betterment.

The jobs done by those vitamins are many in numbers and are of various types. Vitamin a is such a necessary vitamin that we consume every day with our consumed foods.

Vitamin- What Is It? Why We Need Vitamins?

Generally, vitamins are organic compounds that are a must for the “Well-Being Of A Human”. These vitamins are needed for our growth and development. That development includes seeing and unseen development too.

If we consume only less nutrient item it will make us less strong and healthy. That’s why we need more nutrient items full of vitamins and minerals. Our body can synthesize these vitamins for our own physical and mental needs. As a rule, vitamins are soluble to two things- Water & Fat. Here soluble indicates as dissolved.

Suppose a fat-soluble vitamin means the vitamins that can be dissolved in fat, on the other hand, the water-soluble vitamins can be dissolved in water. But that doesn’t mean the one is superior over the others. Today we’re going to show you the good and bad of vitamin a that is also a fat-soluble vitamin.

What Is Vitamin A? In Where, We Can Found It?

Vitamin a is one of the fat-soluble vitamins. This one is a nutritional organic compound that is not saturated. This vitamin a includes retinoic acid, retinol, retinal, and the like. It includes some of the provitamins as well.

You can find this vitamin in some foods like- dark leafy greens, egg yolk, broccoli, sweet potatoes, butter and cream, tuna fish, lettuce, and the like.

You’ll get vitamin a in the curry of those vegetables and meat. When you eat these types of foods your body will get vitamin a automatically. You’ll not have to do any extra job for getting the benefits from vitamins.

What’re The Benefits Of Vitamin A ?

Every vitamin has some utility that is related to your body’s well-being. Vitamin a is important for several aspects related to our body and mind. Its job is to keep several body functions prettied up. Let’s see some of the beneficial sides of vitamin a!

  • Night Blindness is common in many of us. Night Blindness means the incapability of seeing at night. That means if you face night blindness you’ll not be able to see at night. Even then, spectacles or eye glasses or spectacles will not work. Vitamin a keep such night blindness away from you.
  • When we become elder some of our body function becomes less functioning. That aging effect is common to all the people. Vitamin a reduces the impact of such age-related signs from ourselves and also prevents the facing of early aging effect.
  • Vitamin a prevents the risk of some cancer. Do you know what is cancer? It is an abnormal increase in our body cells. This vitamin can prevent the risk of several cancers like- lung and bladder cancer, cervical cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, etc. Every cancer is so dangerous for human health that it may cause your death.
  • Vitamin a has a great impact on your immune system. This system means the protection of your body by causing an immune response. Lymph nodes thymus, spleen, etc are of the immune system. Vitamin a keeps our immune system fit and workable.
  • Do you familiar with Acne? This unwanted thing is grown on your skin and destroys the skin beauty. Yet some mention that only one or two acne may augment someone’s beauty but when the grown is in an undesirable way that looks ugly. It may grow anywhere of your body. Vitamin a can prevent such unwanted grown from acne.
  • When we get older our Bone can be affected by our age-related effect. That’s why keeping bone health fit is necessary for our well-being. The vitamin keeps your bone health fit. The deficiency of vitamin a can cause weak bone and as the result of such weak bone, you’ll not be able to do any hard work.

With the passage of time, we need proper growth and development. That’s why we need some extra amount of nutrition when our age increases. For that reason vitamin a is also needed. This vitamin ensures this growth and development. This development also includes physical and mental development.

In Which Way, Vitamin A Prevents Diseases? How It Will Be Possible?

Like any other vitamins, Vitamin a can prevent some diseases in our body. You need not consume vitamin a separately for exploiting those benefits. You’ll be able to keep those diseases away from taking vitamin a with your day to day edible foods. The diseases to prevent may be from general debility to some serious bodily disorder. Let’s see some of the diseases!

  • Measles is one of the diseases that can be caused by the deficiency of Vitamin a. In the case of this disease, fever and the red rash will be experienced by the ill, and generally, it is caused in childhood. The reason for this fever is the rubeola virus which affected on human body. When the deficiency of vitamin occurs, your immune system is not functioning properly and it becomes very easy for that virus to become successful against your body.
  • For the deficiency of the vitamin a the healthy cells of your body become lesser in numbers. It may cause unwanted body cell growth. Eventually, it will place you at risk of cancer. The reason is that when unwanted cell growth causes some days it will certainly cause cancer.
  • You know that vitamin a is good for our eyes. When our body falls short of this vitamin, it cannot give support to our eyes to prevent night blindness. That’s why night blindness is caused. It is doubly important for pregnant woman even it may cause maternal mortality. In addition to that keeping, our eyes wet is also important. This vitamin a has the potentiality to produce more tears and keep the eyes wet. That will also improve your eyesight quality.
  • The deficiency of vitamin a will cause the reduction in quality in terms of digestive functions. When we eat some food our body performs some digestive function to absorb the substances of food. If your digestive functions become less effective, it will not be able to absorb the substance of food properly. That less functioning will eventually cause celiac disease. Celiac disease is responsible for damaging our digestive system.
What Science Talks About The Good and Bad Of Vitamin A Enriched Foods?

Science talks about various types of the vitamin from time immemorial. Modern science is also concerned with the effectiveness of vitamins. We get versions of science from many science magazines or journals. Even the view of science can also be got from the published reports of various medical institutions. Let’s see some of those!

  • The Journal of Nutrition, Volume 138, published an article on 10, October 2008, which mentions that vitamin a can prevent the risk of xerophthalmia and related eye problems. xerophthalmia means the absence of wet conditions from conjunctiva & cornea of the eye. Even the deficiency of vitamin a can cause night blindness.
  • Academic Department of Ophthalmology of Manchester Royal Eye Hospital of UK published a thesis paper of the good and bad of vitamin a. In that report, they mention that this vitamin can prevent the risk of AMD. Do you know what the AMD is? The full meaning of AMD is Age-related macular degeneration. Its effect is on the damage of the eye and eye’s capability.
  • Unit of Descriptive Epidemiology of the International Agency for Research on Cancer of France conducted a study. In that study, they found that the vitamin a can prevent the unnecessary growth of cancerous cells. That means the deficiency of vitamin a can cause eventually cancer.
  • David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA of Los Angeles of USA conducted a study on this vitamin. In the published report it was found that the proper consumption of vitamin a can reduce the causing of acne. In addition to that this consumption will keep your hair follicles risk free from unnecessary protein keratin production.
What’re The Views Of Doctor On The Vitamin A?

Doctors are also recommending various vitamin supplements for their patients when they become weak or face health complexities. Here we mention the versions of two doctors who gave their reviews and recommendations on this vitamin.

Dr. Colin Tidy, a general practitioner of GP of Oxfordshire, posted a review on the vitamin a. He is also concerned with several health magazines. In his review on vitamin a he mentioned as follows-

  • Primarily the vitamin a deficiency causes dietary deficiency. In that dietary deficiency, your consumed food will be hard to digest. Even you’ll not get the benefit of those consumed food and eventually this dysfunction will make you debilitated day by day. The secondary deficiency of this vitamin can cause a good number of diseases, like- cystic fibrosis, other pancreatic diseases, cirrhosis, coeliac disease, tropical sprue, giardiasis. The most dangerous fact is that the deficiency can cause a biliary obstruction and in consequence of this block the general flow of bile is obstructed.
  • The proper consumption of vitamin a can keep your eye vision safe and effective. It will also keep your eye health fitted for you. Such proper eye health includes Conjunctival & Corneal wet. Nail health will also be affected by the vitamin a. If the absence of a proper supply of vitamin a it can cause broken nail. Even your skin needs proper wetness for keeping your skin health prettied up. This wetness is also kept by this vitamin.

Dr. Jan Sambrook was obtained a medical degree from the University of Sheffield in 1992. She reviewed vitamin a, on 10 Dec 2018.

  • The good source of vitamin a is the following items- carrots, mangoes, beef, chicken, oily fish, eggs, whole milk, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale fortified milk, orange fruits, and the like.
  • Every man needs 0.7 mg of vitamin a and every woman needs only 0.6 mg of it. If you’re a pregnant woman then you need to consume more vitamin a. In that case, you need to consume at least 1.3 mg. In that, vitamin a has a great impact on breast milk.
  • You don’t need to take more vitamin a. The recommended level is enough for you to keep your health fit.
  • In case of vitamin a deficiency, your immune system will be seriously affected. Vitamin a is also important for pregnancy condition and child health.
  • Even birth defects may be caused in the case of Vitamin a deficiency. The proper dosage of vitamin a is also important for a baby’s brain.
  • For developing the limbs & heart of the baby, the vitamin a is a must.
  • Yet you can even experience such vitamin deficiency in the latter part of pregnancy. That’s why you need to keep your discreet eye on the consuming rate of vitamin a.
Final Thought- What Is “EXPEDIENT” To Do? How Much Is Too Much?

You should take the recommended level of vitamins. The recommended level will be enough to keep your health and fitness in better condition.

It is not expedient to keep some days without vitamin and the other being overdosed vitamins. You should think about a healthy and balanced diet every day.

It will provide you the boosted health. The “Otherwise” will be just “too much” that can cause many health complexities. So, the best option is to keep vitamin a enriched food in the everyday’s menu.