Vitamin E

Generally, we read vitamins and other nutrition items in our textbooks of primary or secondary level. We all are familiar with some of the vitamins like a, b, c, d or e. Yet those textbooks cannot provide you all the “Nooks And Crannies” of vitamins. Even the effects of vitamins are not known to us.

The working procedure of those vitamins is totally alien to us. But this knowledge is of utmost importance for a good many reasons. That’s why, today, we take a look at the good and bad of vitamin e. To some extent, this vitamin is less known one in comparison with the other vitamins. But this less known one is not less effective too. Let’s see the reality!

What Is Vitamin E?

This one indicates such a bunch of compounds soluble to fat. These compounds are eight in number- Tocopherols & Tocotrienols (4 of each of these 2 compounds). This vitamin was discovered in 1922 for the first time.


Then after almost one decade, in 1935, this vitamin was first isolated from other compounds. After 3 years of that, in 1938, vitamin e was synthesized. It can work as vital antioxidant & vital nutrients for so many reasons. In the case of vitamin e, the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) is only 15 milligrams.

What’re The Sources Of Vitamin E?

Commonly, we get the vitamin in our day to day edible items. As a rule, every vitamin has two types of sources, like- animal source and plant source. The animal source of vitamin e includes- Fish Roe, Octopus, Lobster, Dried Cod, Abalone, Goose Meat, Atlantic Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Snails, Crayfish, and the like.

The plant source of vitamin e includes- Pickled Olives, Apricots, Brazil Nuts, Pistachios, Pumpkin Seeds, Raspberries, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pine Nuts, Peanuts, Pecans Cashew Nuts, Mamey Sapote, Black Currants, Dried Cranberries, Avocado, Mango, Kiwifruit Blackberries, etc. In addition to these sources, vitamin e is also found in many other elements. Even some of the elements are not known to us till now.

How Vitamin E Works Inside Your Body?

Vitamin with food or vitamin with supplement whatever the way maybe- it is good for the proper well-being of human beings of any age. Vitamin e is not excluded from this version. It is also helpful for a good many reasons or functions. Let’s see some of those working ways!

  • Do you know about Hyper Pigmentation? This one is the unnecessary pigmentation of the skin of your body. In other words, melanin will be increased in your skin. For such increasing the color of your skin will be started to darken. It is totally related to your hormone. That means when hormonal disorder causes, your melanin level till be increased. Vitamin e keeps the hormone level fit for checking the level of melanin. And thus the pigmentation level will be at the normal level. That’s why- Hyper pigmentation or pigmentation disorders cannot be caused.
  • Peripheral artery disease is a disorder that will decrease your blood vessels. As a consequence of this decreasing, the blood flow will be decreased too. If your blood flow is increased then your arteries will be in normal condition. This decreased blood flow will also cause several disorders, like- tissue damage, numbness, nerve damage, tingling, etc. For providing oxygen & nutrients all over the body keeping up the blood flow in normal level vitamin e is necessary. Vitamin e will keep your blood flow at a normal level. And thus all these complexities will be solved.
  • When we get elder, many of us face macular degeneration. This one is a disease of your eye. A good number of elderly people now face this disease. When anyone faces this disease, you’ll experience a poor vision level. Regarding this- What’s the job of Vitamin E? This vitamin will protect the cell of your eye from radicals. If these radicals are not prevented by vitamin e, it will cause cataracts and decreasing the level of your vision.
  • For keeping male fertility at the proper level, vitamin e is a must. For reproduction, having sperm in a male’s body is mandatory. In that. Vitamin e will generate a good number of sperms. This increased sperm will give you the power of reproduction. When you involve women physically, the possibility of being pregnant will be increased. Even if you become infertile, vitamin e will work for you then too. Thus the complexity of reproduction from the part of males will be solved. On the other hand, it works for also women as it increases cervical mucus and thus sperm will stay longer.
  • Vitamin e is also beneficial for women’s health. Probably you know the name of dysmenorrhea. It indicates the menstrual cramps resulting in menstrual pain. In a word, we want to say you about dysmenorrhea. This disease will give you pain during your period. This pain will last in the whole menstrual cycle. This pain will be experienced in the lower abdomen. It is for contractions of your uterus. Vitamin e will prevent this evil feature. And thus you’ll get you rid of the menstrual pain.

What’s The Certain Outcome Of Vitamin E?

Every job has a certain outcome. When a nutrition item does any function inside your body, you’ll experience that job from outside. In that, the job has been accomplished successfully. If it cannot do so, you’ll also feel so. If you take vitamin e in the recommended dosage, it will give you certain amazing outputs. At this point, we’re going to show you those beneficial outputs that you’re going to get as the immediate impact of vitamin e. Let’s see!

Vitamin e is helpful for your skin. Especially in case of balancing up the color of your skin, consuming vitamin e is a must. Yet many people think that vitamin c is good for skin health. But vitamin c cannot work alone for keeping up your skin health. C is for the moisturizing your skin but vitamin e is for the color and brightness of your skin. Vitamin e works from the root of this problem that means vitamin e work on that hormone which works for keeping the balance of the melanin level.

The function of your lungs, muscles, and heart is dependent on your blood supply level. Even for boosting your brain function this blood flow is of great importance. For keeping the blood flow at the necessary speed, vitamin e is a must. If you consume the foods rich in vitamin e you’ll get all the benefits of the boosted function of lungs, muscle, and heart. As a result of consuming more vitamin e you’ll be enjoyed also boosted brain and memory function.

Vitamin is the best element for boosting your eye health. In case of improving the eye power, the protection of eye cells is necessary. Vitamin e improves your eye cell’s health and eye tissue standard. As a consequence of this improved eye health, you’ll experience proper vision and improved eye power. Even this improved eye health will be experienced by you in your old days. In a word, vitamin e will keep you away from cataracts. These all will be given to you by vitamin e.

Nowadays a good number of males face the sexual problem. The extreme level of the sexual problem results in infertility. The vitamin e will solve your sexual from within a very short time. For improving your sexual complexity it will increase your sperm count. When your sperm number will increase, your sexual health will also be improved. Even this increased number of sperm will develop your sex drive. In addition to these, your overall sexual life will be secure by vitamin e.

Not only for one reason but for so many reasons, vitamin e is beneficial for women’s health. In that, many of the women feel deteriorating conditions in the time of their menstruation. Vitamin e will keep you prettied up in the time of your period. You’ll not experience any pain or embarrassed complexity at the time of your period. Besides this pain, it will save you free from headaches or nausea during the period. It will improve your uterus health.

In The View Of Science- How Effective Vitamin E Is?

To get the views of science there is only one way before us: to look at the report of scientific studies. Here two results of such scientific studies have been mentioned. These studies are collected online and done by a good number of clinical specialists. Those specialists are well known personalities in their home countries. These studies were not done on the animals like rats rather these studies are conducted on the majority aged people.

  • US National Library of Medicine published a research study on vitamin e. The title of their research paper was “Vitamin E in dermatology”. In this research, they wanted to mention the effectiveness of vitamin e in terms of skin. They mention that this fat-soluble vitamin works as a free-radical scavenger. This safeness of radicals is enough for controlling your melanin level. It is one of the important elements that can keep your skin safe from darkening. This feature also prevents the risk of facing itching. In a word, vitamin e is beneficial for your skin health.
  • Maastricht University Medical Center of the Netherlands conducted a study on the beneficial effects of vitamin e on the prevention of scar. This study was conducted on some people using various cosmetic products. They mention in their study report that vitamin E oil is more effective than any other cosmetic substances. Even this oil will work for moisturizing your skin for providing the “Outward Daintiness” of your skin. This oil will also prevent the risk of itching and scar from the skin.
Want To See Two Prescriptions Of Doctors?

Generally, we think the prescription is only given in the chamber of the doctor for checking a certain condition. But, in this era of online, you’ll see many doctors give recommendations online. Even if you abide by these guidelines, you’ll also get a certain benefit from those. You may think that without knowing your condition- is giving advice is logical? Don’t think so. Vitamins are the common needs to all of us whatever our condition maybe.

  • Dr. Robert Ashley recommends taking vitamin e for every person even for healthy peoples too. He recommends taking 15 milligrams of vitamin e for the well-being of us. To understand the recommending amount of vitamin e he mentions the name almonds. Only taking almonds in 3 ounces will give you the 15 milligrams of vitamin e. He mentions the name of common colds & cataracts as the immediate impact of vitamin e. For cancer prevention, this vitamin will also be effective.
  • Another health specialist named Anthony L. posted a review on vitamin e. He is the Editor in Chief of Harvard Health Letter. This review on the vitamin e published on the site of Harvard Medical School. It is mentioned in the review that you’ll get vitamin e in many leafy vegetables & those vegetable oils. The deficiency of vitamin e causes various complexities in the liver & pancreas. Even this vitamin will prevent celiac disease that will also improve your digestion quality.
What Is Left To Say At The Last? Have All The Information Given To You?

If you want to hear all the benefits of a certain vitamin it will take your whole day, even week. A thousand pages of books are written on the good and bad of vitamins. You’ll not see here the core disadvantages of vitamins. Rather, they just see the advantages and urge to take in recommended dosages. That’s why consuming vitamin riches items are so necessary for all of us.