Vitamin C

What is needed to keep the “Desirable Standard” of our health? Are only tasty foods enough? Tasty foods or junk foods may meet the needs of our tongue but not of our bodies.

For the well-being of our health and fighting against evil health disorders, we need vitamins. Vitamin c is one of the important elements that are needed for us for a good number of purposes.

The research-backed truth is that vitamin c is a crying need for our overall health. Just “Pore Over” all the points line by line to catch on the point. On a careful reading, you’ll all the niceties relating to Vitamin C. Let’s see all those good and bad of Vitamin C!

What Is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a well-known ascorbic acid that is an essential nutrient founding in many of our day to day edible items.

This vitamin is the most important one for boosting neurotransmitter’s capabilities. The importance of this vitamin can be understood through considering only one issue- WHO keeps this vitamin on its Essential Medicines List.

In the year 1912, this vitamin was first discovered. After 21 years, in 1933 the scientists became able to produce vitamin c chemically. A Hungarian biochemist named Szent-Györgyi Albert was behind the discovery of this vitamin. His credit was to making this vitamin separate from other elements.

From Which Sources We Can Get Vitamin C?

Generally, we get vitamins from our regular dietary supplements. We consume various vitamins and minerals through our daily meals “Without Our Cognition”. These vitamins start their work when this food digests or our body completes the digestion process perfectly.

There are various sources of this type of vitamin. The plant sources of this vitamin include- Blackcurrant, Yellow bell pepper/capsicum, Kakadu plum, Camu Camu, Acerola, Seabuckthorn, Indian gooseberry, Kale, Kiwifruit, broccoli, Rose hip, Guava, and the like.

The animal source of vitamin c is also many in numbers, such as- Monkeys, apes, Chicken eggs, human breast milk, raw chicken liver, etc. In addition to these sources, vitamin c can also be found in some other dietary supplements.

To some, taking a vitamin supplement is only one way to take the vitamin. But, that’s not the issue. Just eating the foods rich in vitamin c is enough to get the touch of vitamin c.


Like all other vitamins, Vitamin c has several potentialities. Those potentialities are necessary for the betterment of all ages of men and women. Due to such benefits, you see many vitamin supplements these days. These vitamin supplements are given by the doctor to those patients who’re facing vitamin deficiency. Let’s see some of the benefits of vitamin c!

  • You probably know the name of Chronic Diseases. These diseases are not to be cured by applying vaccines or medications, and it lasts for several months or even years. Chronic Diseases can be prevented by taking this vitamin. You’ll be astonished to know that only 10 mg of vitamin c per day can keep you away from causing such chronic diseases. Even this vitamin brings down the level of hypertension. This hypertension is now considered as one of the chronic illnesses.
  • High blood pressure is common in the USA nowadays. Even this number is one-third of the total population of the USA. Vitamin c can prevent this unnecessary high blood pressure. If high blood pressure lasts for a long time it can cause Coronary artery disease. Even you’ll not be able to keep your health function prettied up in case of deficiency of vitamin c. Moreover, high blood pressure can be a bar to maintain regular sleep habits. That means you’ll get the desired quality of sleep on the impact of vitamin c.
  • High blood pressure eventually causes heart disease. The prevention of high blood pressure by vitamin c can also prevent heart disease. As a rule, you’ll experience sweating and headaches as a direct impact of high blood pressure. Even lightheadedness or dizziness may also be caused by this high blood pressure. Vitamin c will get you rid of all these unwanted issues.
  • For the betterment of human health, improving the immune system is a must. Boosting the immune system is another feature of the vitamin c. Disorders relating to the immune system may cause fatigue, swelling, achy muscles, etc. Vitamin c will also increase the count of lymphocytes and phagocytes that have also some great importance in terms of our health. For improving the immune system there is no other effective alternative of vitamin c.
  • When we become older, our memory level and thinking capability decline day by day. That means our age increases and our capability decreases. Now 35 million of man and women are facing this “Low Memory Problem”. In case of such a mental condition, you’ll be treated as a “bad apple” in this competitive world if your problem becomes long-lasting. Vitamin C improves the memory level & thinking power that will eventually enable you to enjoy the mental capability as your desire.
In Which Way Vitamin C Can Prevent Your Diseases?

Vitamin c is one of the water-soluble vitamins. This vitamin has great importance for preventing many of our diseases. But the question is- how it will prevent our diseases? It works inside your body in such a way that it enables us to lead a healthy life. To prevent many diseases in the following ways-

  • Collagen is one of the structural proteins founding in the skin of our bodies. To produce Collagen, Vitamin C is a must. In case of any complexity of Collagen, you may face several diseases, like- scleroderma, temporal arteritis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Besides the improvement of collagen, Vitamin C is also important for developing the quality of the skin. This developing of Collagen eventually develops your skin. At the end of the day you’ll get the skin at your heart content.
  • Vitamin c also does the alternative job of coenzyme. Do you know- what’s that Coenzymes? Why they are needed? They’re just like little molecules to see. But their jobs are so little. But they are of great importance to our bodies. That coenzyme is necessary for synthesizing the amino acid. This synthesizing is needed for our body function. In addition those, they bind the protein molecule. On the impact of this job, a holoenzyme is formed in our body. Coenzyme deficiency may cause a good number of diseases, like- , ataxia, nephropathy, infantile multisystem disease, and the like.
  • Our body’s connective tissue is needed vitamin c for its development. These connective tissues affect every part of our body. Even any disorder relating to connective tissues may cause Lupus, Microscopic polyangiitis, Polymyositis or dermatomyositis, Marfan syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, Scleroderma, Granulomatosis with polyangiitis, Churg-Strauss syndrome, etc. Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron. In addition to that, histamine is to be broken by this vitamin. Histamine is needed to develop the inflammation system.
  • Vitamin c increases the number of white blood cells. Its other name is leukocytes. White blood cells are got their production from the bone marrow of humans and this vitamin speed up this process. In case of any disorder relating to white blood cells, you may experience several diseases, like- Lymphoma, Myelodysplastic syndrome, etc. These cells are to fight against infections. These cells work against any harmful cellular debris. These cells become active when they see any harmful elements unknown to them.
  • Besides these above-mentioned functions, vitamin c performs many other functions inside our body. Some of the diseases are well-known to all of us. Scurvy is such one of the well- known evils that can be caused by the deficiency of vitamin c. This disease can cause limb pain, debility, poor wound healing, exhaustion, constant bleeding, shortness of breath, etc. In a word, when you consumes more vitamin c all these bad aspects will gone away.
What’s The Version Of Science Regarding Vitamin C?

We get the views of science through scientific studies. Generally, these scientific studies are conducted by various research institutions or educational institutes. When the research is completed it is published in many online and offline platforms. On searching the good and bad of vitamin c, we get following studies-

  • Department of Neurology of Ulm University, Germany conducted a study on the effectiveness of vitamin c. After finishing their study, they found that this vitamin can bring down the level of the demnatia if you have so. Such lowering the level of dementia will also lower the Oxidative stress level. Furthermore, vitamin c will also work for your overall working capability. This research was conducted by some researchers, named- Ludolph AC, Nikolaus T, Peter R, Biesalski HK, and some others.
  • On 2015, November, another scientific study was conducted by Huntington University, USA, on the effectiveness of vitamin c for lowering down the cancer risk. But it is not for all types of prevention against cancer. If your body has enough intake of vitamin c it will check the causing of cancer.
  • US National Institutes of Health published a thesis paper on the good and bad of vitamin c. In that paper, they mention that vitamin c can bring down the level of high blood pressure. This thesis paper was published, based on the research on some manufacturing workers aged between 20 to 60 years. On the regular taking of this vitamin, no bad effect of vitamin c didn’t detect, on the research on workers.
What’re The Of Doctors About The Effects Of Vitamin C?

Doctors or health specialists write or recommend vitamin c for many advantages that are exclusively of Vitamin C. You’ll get a good number of such recommendations if you search writing “Vitamin C”. In this article, we mention two reviews of those medical specialists-

  • 15 years experienced Pharmacist named Michael Stewart wrote an article on the beneficial effects of vitamin c. In that writing, he mentions that vitamin c will work all the functions of Ascorbic acid. This vitamin will produce collagen that is the most beneficial one for our teeth and cartilage. We get this vitamin in many of our edible items, especially in fruits and vegetables. Eventually, vitamin c will help you to recover from poor wound healing. For treating infection of anywhere of our body, this vitamin works better. For keeping up proper health, he recommends consuming the foods rich in vitamin c.
  • Another health specialist named Alan Carter, on June 28, 2018 published a report on the benefits of vitamin c. In that report, he wrote that you’ll get the vitamin c in some plants or fruits, like- strawberries, citrus fruits & juice, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red and green peppers and the like. You’ve to take this vitamin for treating some diseases or disorders. Those disorders include- swollen and bleeding gums, loose teeth, colored spots on the skin, fatigue, poor wound healing, joint pain, etc. A logical amount of vitamin c will not cause any harm to you.
A Final Thought On Vitamin C- Is It Really Needed For Us? Is It Really Beneficial For Us?

All the information mentioned above is not fiction but well-accepted truth. These facts are accepted by top-notch health experts and health product reviewers.

There is not a single exaggerated version of the benefits of vitamin c. Rather there are so many benefits of vitamin c, which has not been told. Even it is not possible to mention all the benefits in such a short description.

Moreover, recent researches are finding out more benefits of vitamin c day by day. That’s why this vitamin is now is the number one recommendation of top-notch medical experts.

That’s enough for “Understanding The Beneficial Features” of vitamin c. After understanding all the issues, the rest part is just up to you.