All of you must have heard about Diabetes. A common yet sometimes fatal disease found among many people around the world. What happens in the condition is that the patient’s body does not produce enough insulin or either the insulin produced does not act with the cells of the body.

This gives an increase to blood sugar in one’s body, and the medical condition resulting from it is called diabetes. It is categorized into two, Type one and Type two diabetes. Type one is the condition in which the pancreas does not produce enough insulin so that the blood sugar in the body can be synthesized.

This condition may be averted by injecting a monitored amount of insulin into one’s body. The second one, Type two diabetes comes into the picture when the blood cells in the body do not respond at all to the insulin produced by the body. Another condition is Gestational diabetes that is found among pregnant women.

As far as the treatment for Diabetes goes, it is more or less about keeping the blood sugar stable always as it is a chronic noncurable disease except for some individual cases. Hence, the patient needs typically to keep his blood sugar level under control by a combination of many things like diet intake, insulin intake, smoking, alcohol, exercise, diet control amongst others. Regular exercise can also be helpful because it brings down the level of cholesterol.

Diabetes , treatment

Moreover, the oral medication, Metformin is used among the patients to achieve the target. Also in case of complicated cases of diabetes, insulin injections are made mandatory along with oral medicines, because if treatment for Diabetes is not carried out carefully and correctly, it may give rise to many other problems including heart diseases too.

But for a diabetic patient, he is the best doctor, because he would always know about how much calorie intake he has done and how much sugar has gone inside and how much medications he needs to take at what time and keep a regular check on his blood sugar levels.