Schizophrenia is a common mental disorder that has been found a lot among the youth lately. It’s mostly found among the youth who are into the last years of their teenage or adolescent period or during the early years of childhood.

As far as the reasons for the disease are concerned it can be either inherited or may be due to the external factors such as drug abuse or the phases in one’s life, infection, The patient is almost lost in a virtual world of his own.

He is not able to differentiate between the things that happened in his life and his mere hallucinations. The individual almost holes up into his world. He feels as if some unknown force controls him, develops a messed up speech, disconnects himself from the social life around him, and gets paranoid, stress among other factors.

In the treatment for Schizophrenia, the patient is fed with medicines, also known as antipsychotics that would be helpful to keep him in control. Perhaps it’s been advocated that management of a patient is more useful than going for the definite cure. Chlorpromazine, haloperidol, trifluoperazine are the three main drugs that are used worldwide in treatment for Schizophrenia. Two doses of antipsychotics are given throughout two weeks to the patient to see if he responds to the medications given.

In case he does, the same routine is maintained, or else he is given Clozapine, a more advanced drug. It should be noted that Clozapine must only be used only as a secondary option.
Another development is the field is the use of psychosocial activities to bring the patients to normal behavior. The patient is subjected to cognitive behavioral therapy in which the aspects of the disease is targeted and then in a systematic manner and then cured. Always remember, medicines and treatments can only work if the patients are still loved and cared to the fullest. None falls sick willingly, do they?