Ciprofloxacin and Cipro can be used to treat bacterial infections of various kinds. This particular kind of antibiotic can be found in capsule form and also in the way of liquid medicines. One dosage of this tablet or liquid depends entirely on the type of medication you need treatment for. This magnificent tablet is useful for treating sinusitis, typhoid, respiratory, skin, joints, and even urinary tract infections.

These dosages should be taken only when they are prescribed to you, and the amounts you are prescribed are precisely what you should consider. Also, consulting your doctor is never a bad idea if you face any complication after consuming them. Cipro prohibits increasing your usual intake than what the doctor has prescribed. Thus reading the prescription label that comes with your medication is essential.

Taking Cipro may also lead to you having a lot of side effects. Some of the usual side effects include abdominal pain, foot pain, pain in your extremities and even headaches. People who take these medicines are at the risk of getting various injuries as well. Some of these injuries may include getting your tendon ruptured and even tendonitis. What Ciprofloxacin does is that it mixes with different types of chemicals and supplements that our body takes. This is why it is strongly advised that people who are onto some kinds of medications avoid Cipro.