Levitra is a pill that men use to take care of their erectile dysfunction. What these pills do is calm your muscle so that blood can freely flow into your penis so that it can get erect. People who use nitrates are strongly recommended not to take these pills because people who do make these pills and consume nitrates at the same time stand a chance of getting a heart attack. You may even faint, or your blood pressure might drop. Any of these situations can be avoided if you are careful.

People who want to take these pills can always consult a doctor who can help them in this situation. These doctors can give you the proper dosage so that you do not experience side effects. Users of Levitra who experience any pain, dizziness, nausea or even any kind of sting in their arms and chest while they are involved in any sexual activity must consult their doctor immediately.

It doesn’t matter how you consume these pills. That is, with food or without it. It is usually taken about an hour before the man is supposed to involve himself is sexual activity. That doesn’t mean that Levitra will give you an erection immediately. That is just a common misconception. One must be sexually stimulated for these pills do work. Only when you are aroused that these pills will help you get an erection