what is masturbation ?

Male masturbation is a sexual act that gives pleasure to men by stroking their penis. This activity usually begins early as males experience puberty. It can even start early in childhood where boys experience joy in touching or caressing their organs. Masturbation soon becomes an integral part of a male life as they include it in the list of their everyday activities.

The act is useful in relieving tension and making you feel good about yourself. Apart from these, here are some more facts for you to learn regarding masturbation.

Masturbation addiction

Every man uses his technique to masturbate and satisfy himself. There is nothing ‘abnormal’ about it. ‘The Big Book of Masturbation’ author Martha Cornog explains that men feel happy about masturbation and they can rub themselves with hands or anything they like, watch erotica, experiment with positions or even fantasize about women.

Everything is normal until you satisfy yourself without hurting yourself. Masturbation is also considered to be the safest form of sexual activity because there is no risk of getting infected with virus or STDs neither any chance of your female partner getting pregnant.

Is masturbation bad ?

No matter how safe you consider male masturbation it is not entirely reliable because compulsive masturbation can lead to sores and redness which is very painful. Face down masturbation, in which you rub the penis against a surface like bed sheets or carpets or even walls, can be risky.

The vigorous action can harm the urethra resulting in embarrassing sprays during urination. According to sex therapists, the urinal spray is a cause of trauma and embarrassment to many and can result in avoiding public toilets completely.

Penile fracture is the worst thing that anyone could face while masturbating vigorously. It is excruciating as the tissues of your organ tear apart and can be corrected only by surgery.

Too much masturbation ?

Men learn a lot about themselves with masturbation- they know how responsive they are when touched in a particular way and get acquainted with their ‘no-return point.’ All this make their sex lives better. When proper techniques are used during masturbation, men learn to control premature ejaculation and can last longer in bed.

While masturbating, men learn more about their organ and how to keep it more exciting during sex. Practicing the technique to hold on ejaculation also improves their relationship because they allow their partners to orgasm.

Effects of masturbation

According to sexologists and psychiatrists, some men who indulge in compulsive masturbation are so satisfied with themselves that they do not feel the need of having sex with a partner. Over masturbation is not good as it can make the penis less responsive to sex and can also injure penis when you are too vigorous.

Regular expulsion of semen keeps your sex organ in good condition. But this overindulgence is not healthy and can affect the mind. Male masturbation is a healthy activity that keeps your sexual cycle working even when your partner is away, or you don’t have any partner to have sex with.