Sleeping Pills Over The Counter

In our day to day busy life, proper sleep is a must for our own well-being. But it is now one of the hardest things for many of us.

Sleeping pills are now very common to take in many parts of the world. The effects and consequences of all the pills are not the same.

When we say the term sleeping pill it includes all the types of pills whatever the effects may be.

But it is not allowed to buy all types of sleeping pills without prescriptions from a competent doctor.

Some sleeping pills can easily be bought without the prescription of the doctor. These can simply be termed as the over the counter sleeping pills.

What’s In The Over The Counter Sleeping Pills?

This type of sleeping pills is of some mild effect. It doesn’t contain any heavy side effects for evaluating which doctor’s advice is mandatory.

What else is used to manufacture these pills? There are some common medications in the over the counter sleeping pills, such as- Diphenhydramine, Doxylamine, Melatonin, etc.

Now we’re going to show you some of the effects of these three medications.


This stuff has one other use, which is the treating of allergy. It is for removing insomnia it is true but it is also famous for removing allergy.

It will for augmenting your sleepiness. This one is not for taking by the children under the age of 18 years. For women, they can use it during their pregnancy but not in the time of breastfeeding. Yet this is used in over the counter pills but it is the most prescribed stuff in the USA. You’ll find the Diphenhydramine with the brand name, like- Sleepinal, Compoz, Nytol, Sominex, and the like.

A good number of sleeping pills keep this property in the formula. Some manufacturers use Diphenhydramine with the acetaminophen for providing the boosted outcome.

When you take this property you’ll feel sedation after a while. That promotes your sleeping. Even in case of making your sleeping session deeper this stuff is also used.


Besides the promotion of sleep, this one has a common use for hives, sneezing, runny nose, skin rash, and the like.

Even for the cold and allergy symptom, this stuff is also used. But it is used in the sleeping pills for its calmative effect. If you’ve insomnia for a short term, then this stuff will be effective for you.

This one contains acetaminophen & codeine. These two will promote your sleeping session and for that reason, it is used by the manufacturers of the sleeping pills. Some of the brand names of this one are Unisom, Nighttime Sleep Aid, etc.


This one is the name of a hormone that is for raising the feeling of sleep inside you. That hormone is released by your pineal gland.

Some of the manufacturers of the sleeping pills keep this property in the formula for its power to fall a person in drowsiness.

The function of this one is just like the ramelteon. This item will affect the user when you’re about to sleep. When you’re on the move it will not affect so seriously inside you.

You can take it the safest one in comparison with the other similar properties like clonazepam. In some countries, it is used mainly by elderly peoples.

Some Of The Reviews Of Over The Counter Sleeping Pills

Some of the previous users of sleeping pills posted their reviews on For your better understanding, we mention here about three reviews. By reading their reviews you’ll be able to catch on the points- What’s for these are used?

  • Sandra Lejasbunde, on Nov 11, 2018, wrote that she used Melatonin for a longer time and she found it effective for promoting sleep when you get in the bed.
  • Denise Conner, on Jan 9, 2019, reviewed on the Diphenhydramine. She said that she was in the hospital for some days and then started to use Diphenhydramine as per the advice of the doctor. Now she is satisfied with her sleep quality.
  • Lou Davis, on Feb 13, 2012, reviewed on the Doxylamine. It is good for getting you in asleep. You can use it for that purpose. But it should not be used in the time of pregnancy.

In their reviews, one thing is clear that they used these three pieces of stuff for augmenting their drowsy feeling. The even became successful in promoting that feeling.

Are These Three All In All For Promoting Sleep?

We’ve mentioned here about only three properties kept in the formula of over the counter sleeping pills.

That doesn’t mean there are no properties of OTC sleeping pills other than these three.

These three are super effective and safe for use. You can buy the sleeping pills made of these three properties without any prescription from the doctor.

These properties are famous for augmenting sleep quality. The calming effect is common to all these three. When you take these properties, they will affect your sleep and make it faster & deeper. So take those and enjoy the sleeping session as you want.

Final Say- Is It Really Needed To Take Sleeping Pills?

If you can cure your sleeping problem naturally it will be much better for you.

If you’re just unable to fix the sleeping issue then you can take help from the pills.

Yet the doctor’s prescription is not needed to buy the OTC pills but that doesn’t mean that you should not take the advice from the doctor before choosing the right one for you.

Fixing the sleeping problems is of utmost importance and you’ve to do so at any cost.

If you take sleeping pills according to the advice of the doctor it will be better for you, in that, the doctor is more aware of the effectiveness of different sleeping pills. So, for getting a night of good sleep, sleeping pills are recommended but according to the advice of the doctor.