# Medical Alert System

In this busy world, we have no time to help, time to see the condition of ailing persons, time to keep a patient under 24 hours surveillance. For meeting those needs the system medical alert system emerges. This system will take the responsibility to keep a patient or ailing person under surveillance 24/7. We’ve reviewed medical alert systems that are working in the USA. We keep some effective systems, like- MobileHelp, Bay Alarm Medical, Medical Guardian, Philips Lifeline, LifeFone, LifeStation, ResponseNow, QMedic, and Alert1. Let’s show our experience in writing those reviews!

On Which Standard We Keep These Systems In Our Listing

On making the list of medical alert systems we keep our discreet notice on several issues. Our aim was to publish a list of effective medical alert systems. On making that listing we keep notice on following things-

  • Using which devices the medical alert system functions. That means we keep notice on the devices or tools used by that medical alert system.
  • Which are the offerings of a medical alert system? We examine the offer published by the system. We researched on the question- are those versions believable or not?
  • What’s the experience shared by the previous users? That means we pore over the reviews given by the previous customers.

On the above mentioned three benchmarks, we examined the effectiveness of a medical alert system. On such constant research, we had been able to find out nine effective medical alert systems.

Using Which Devices These Systems Work

These medical alert systems mentioned by us use different types of devices for providing the medical assistance to the users. Let’s see some of those devices!

  • MobileHelp uses several tools, like MobileHelp Classic, MobileHelp Wired Home, MobileHelp Duo, Mobile Duo, MobileHelp Smart, MobileHelp Solo, and the like. These are designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Bay Alarm Medical publishes some offers on their official page. Those are- landline or 4G LTE, 4G LTE Connectivity, IPX7 Water Resistant, Auto Fall Detection, Automatic Fall Detection, etc.
  • Philips Lifeline keeps some packages to be offered for its users. These are- GoSafe 2, GoSafe, HomeSafe Standar, HomeSafe with AutoAlert, Medication Dispensing, etc. These are for home and outdoor use, even for bearing on the user’s body.

If you examine those devices you’ll see those devices or offers cover some of the important areas. Using those tools 24 hours surveillance is possible. That’s why we keep those systems in our listing.

What’re The Reviews Of Previous & Current Customers?

We gave utmost importance to the reviews given by previous customers. In that, this one is a super effective way to know the working ability of those systems.

  • Gloria, on using Alert1, reviewed that it can intimate about any disorder caused by any family members of us.
  • Linda Mattox, a user of QMedic, intimated that the running of the system is so friendly to the newbie.
  • Barbara Hochhalter, a service user of LifeStation, wrote that his mother feels now well after using this medical alert system.

Here we mention only three reviews of three systems. If you search online you’ll see plenty of reviews given on all the nine medical alert systems. On our long experience, we can say, any product without any negative review is perfect for use. That’s why you can rely on these nine.

From where we’ve gathered information on medical alert systems

The official site of a certain product is the most important source for knowing the information about it. It is applicable to medical alert systems too. We’ve collected a lot of information from there. On getting the reviews on those systems, we’ve searched on social media, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the like. Even many health reviewing sites are also visited.

What To Say At Last?

Our researching experience was a bit bitter, in that, we had to work hard. Apart from that, we had not faced any complexity in seeing the good reviews on those systems. The reason is that they were plenty in numbers. All the information provided here is verified to the best of our knowledge. You can rely on those medical alert systems if you’re from the USA.