Medical Alert Systems

If you search on Google you’ll find “Thousands Of Tips” on how to lead a healthy life. These health tips are also organ or subject-oriented. Suppose, some people want to show the weight loss tips, some people are for showing muscle building tips, some are for brain power boosting.

They offer pills or sprays. There’s no argument that these pieces of stuff work for the well-being of your health. But changing situation needs changing treatments. For meeting this need, it is expedient to keep an ill man under active ”medical surveillance”.

This type of service is now provided in the USA. This is called Medical Alert Systems.

The MOST PERFECT FEATURES Of Medical Alert System

This system works based on a device. When you press on this device it will send an alarm to the medical service providing company. This system works when any irregularities are seen by them as well. You should choose a medical alert system providing a company that is well-known for its customer service as well as provide professional assistance. This choosing is not so easy task for a newbie in this field. Now we’re going to show you the top 9 best medical alert systems of 2020. Let’s start!

How Does It Work ?

This company is popular for its working on an emergency basis. It works in the following procedure-

  • You’ve to use any one of the devices based on your demand and home condition.
  • All these devices of MobileHelp include a button that may be pendant or portable.
  • You’ve to press the button when you feel uncomfortable or you need any assistance.
  • When you press this button, your details will go to them and they start to work on an emergency basis.

These steps are common feature of almost all the medical systems. Yet the devices of the alert system vary from system to system. That’s why you should choose the best-fitted one for you to get your desired output. Firstly, look at the table below to get a quick understanding.

Product Name Specialty of the Devices
MobileHelp • Install this device immediately. • Can cover 1,300-foot area for 24/7.
Bay Alarm Medical •For using road and home. •4G LTE Connectivity, IPX7 Water Resistant
Medical Guardian • GPS and WiFi system friendly to use. • Easy receive of signals from all over the USA.
Philips Lifeline • Whole family oriented assistance. • For the people who fall sick suddenly and become unable to seek help personally.
LifeFone • 32-hour battery backup for the devices • Two-way voice based device
LifeStation • Get help form CSAA Certified Specialists. • One device is the combination of two device mobile & GPS.
ResponseNow • Shower-friendly devices • For providing AT&T cellular coverage facilities.
QMedic • For using Outdoor Mobile GPS. • For getting all the features of In-Home Landline.
Alert1 • Using devices with landline. • Using waterproof devices with T-Mobile network.


This one is the Boca Raton based popular M-PERS provider. Peoples from all 50 states of the USA now take assistance from it. It is an FDA-registered company with the fame of A+ rating (by BBB). The providing facilities of this company are cellular in-home type. This company includes mobile, GPS, smartwatch. All these devices are battery-based and generally a battery-run its activities for 5 years.

What devices are used in this system?

For contacting with the ailing customers, the MobileHelp offers several tools, these devices are given below-

  • MobileHelp Classic
  • MobileHelp Wired Home
  • MobileHelp Duo
  • Mobile Duo
  • MobileHelp Smart
  • MobileHelp Solo.

MobileHelp Classic: You can install this device immediately without using any telephone or other communication devices. It includes one help button to be pressed in an emergency situation and they’re for 24/7 Emergency service.

MobileHelp Wired Home: This one can cover the 1,300-foot area for 24/7. It can run without using a cellular signal.

MobileHelp Duo: This one is almost similar to MobileHelp Classic.

Mobile Duo: This one applies GPS & Water Repellent technology. It includes two buttons for help.

MobileHelp Smart: It is just like an ordinary smartwatch. Your health condition is to be monitored through this.

MobileHelp Solo: This device is for Cellular in-home service and includes one emergency button.

The Say Of Customers On The Medical Alert System?

Many previous users posted reviews on their experiences. Some of their reviews are given below-

  • Bettylou Steadman feels that it is better to use for medical assistance.
  • Joseph Goode wrote about them- “friendly, informative and helpful”
  • Nancy Loughman bought a plan for her mother and reviewed that the price is reasonable.
  • Rhea Berisford reviewed that they contact with the help seeker instantly.
  • Noreen Arcand reviewed that he is comfortable using their device.

2.Bay Alarm Medical

This one is also like the previous one. It works in all the states of the USA. There is no need to have a landline in your home. Without having such landline, you can easily use its service both at home and outside. For seeking their help from outside you’ve to have 4G LTE + GPS.

Now they offer a risk-free 30 days trial free of charge. Most interestingly, this medical alert allows its customers to contract with them in 170 languages. If you’re living in the US being a citizen of another country or without knowledge of English you can also take their service.

What’re Their Packages To Offer?

This medical alert system includes several packages for their customers. These packages are given below-

  • In The Home
  • On The Road
  • On the Go
  • Automatic Fall Detection

In The Home: You can use this through landline or 4G LTE. This battery of this one is automatically recharged and can give 32 hours of backup help.

On The Road: This device is for your journey. It includes several needful, like- Vehicle Locator, Trip Information, and Driver Profiles.

On the Go: This package includes 4G LTE Connectivity, IPX7 Water Resistant, Auto Fall Detection. IPX7 Water Resistant is used in a wet situation.

Automatic Fall Detection: This one is needed when your situation is worst of all. Even when you’re unable to call then it detects the issue. They detect it on experiencing your lesser movement. Then they start to work accordingly.

Are They Happy With Their Services?

This system provides services in all states. That’s why a good number of men & women use their service. Some of their reviews are given below-

  • Sam K, wrote that the working procedure and the product quality is to be satisfied.
  • Cheryl S reviewed that the devices of this one are easy to set up & use.
  • JoAnn Highttower wrote that it keeps her father safe and under proper monitoring.
  • Mark Adkins described this system as “Well-Made And Well-Supported”.
  • Stephanie Pappa wrote that it doesn’t bid you in a lengthy contract.

3.Medical Guardian

This one is two mobile + GPS units that used a medical alert system. Here you can order for the whole package for your entire family. You’ll be surprised to know the battery of its devices can work until 120 hours when it charges fully at one time.

In the recent past, this company obtains some awards, including Top Workplaces,” “Best Places to Work”, “National Winner for The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.” The devices of this company are able to receive signals from 1,300 Feet distance. Medical Guardian is also for providing you the automatic response in your emergency situation.

What’re The Packages Of This Company For Your Help?

Like many other companies, they offer their own packages. They divide their packages into two broad categories, like-

  • At Home
  • On The Go.

At Home includes three systems named Classic Guardian, Home Guardian and Family Guardian. Classic Guardian & Home Guardian are easily workable without the help of any landline. If you’re within 600 feet of the base station you’ll be entitled to get instant help. These two are able to receive signals from all over the USA. The other category is The Family Guardian. This one is the combination of medical alert systems & monitoring. Here you’ll get instant help if you’re within 1,300 feet.

On The Go system includes Mobile Guardian, Active Guardian, and Freedom Guardian. Mobile Guardian, GPS technology-based system, is for emergency response within 350 feet. Active Guardian is a portable tool that works using GPS and WiFi systems. Freedom Guardian is a wearable device designed for keeping the people risk-free when they are on the journey.

What’re The Views Of The User On Their Service?

Most of them of the peoples who’re used the service of this medical alert company posted review as follows-

  • Leeann, on December 20th, 2019, wrote that he like the convenience of them.
  • Karen, from Ocean Shores, WA posted a review that she is pleased with them.
  • Louise, from Melrose, FL, reviewed that the devices of them are easy to use
  • Shirley wrote that the product of them is light weighted and fine.
  • Gaynelle, from Poth, TX, told that this company helped them for their well-being.

4.Philips Lifeline

This one is for your personal care using innovative electronic pieces of machinery. It will build a care circle for you to increase the effectiveness of the medical assistance. It started its journey in 1974 for an elderly person’s health care. This medical alert system provides you the emergency support both inside and outside of your home. This company also provides an Auto Alert facility for its customers.

What’s In The Products List Of This System?

Philips Lifeline uses 5 devices for giving medical assistance to their service using people. These five devices are-

  • GoSafe 2
  • GoSafe
  • HomeSafe Standard
  • HomeSafe with AutoAlert
  • Medication Dispensing

GoSafe 2 brings something new in the whole family-oriented assistance. It uses voice communication for getting signals.

GoSafe is based on GPS technology. It can comprehensively help you to get medical help. It is Water resistant as well.

HomeSafe Standard is for use at home. This one will also provide you 24/7 support. You can also bear it in your body.

HomeSafe with AutoAlert is a suitable fit for the person who falls sick suddenly and becomes unable to seek help personally.

Medication Dispensing is for those guys who want to get assistance according to the pre-programmed schedule.

What’re The Reviews Given By Customers?

The customers are also satiated with the services of this company. Some of the satisfied customers posted reviews as follows-

  • Mtdewramen reviewed that it works better without the connection of landline.
  • Yahya Alaoui wrote that this one is perfect for our ailing parents.
  • Marcela wrote that this company makes the time to time care possible
  • Luis Padron thanks the company for giving the proper assistance people need.
  • Tiffany Stalling reviewed that the devices of this company work better.


This medical alert system is an increasingly popular system due to its customer-friendly service. This company provides medical service with Experience of 40+ Years. This one has the recognition of premiere national health. This system claims to provide “24/7 Professional Care Assistance”. This system is recognized by a good number of medical specialized in the USA.

What Devices Are Used By The Company?

This company will give you medical assistance using only 4 devices. All these devices are easy to use. Let’s see the niceties of these devices!

  • At-Home Landline
  • At-Home Cellular
  • At-Home & On-the-Go GPS
  • At-Home & On-the-Go GPS, Voice-In-Necklace

At-Home Landline and At-Home Cellular are of almost similar features. The signal of these two covers 1,300 ft from the company’s base unit. You’ll get a 32-hour battery backup for these devices. They are supported signal & voice for making the communication with the users.

At-Home & On-the-Go GPS- It covers its network range all over the United States. This one is nothing but a mobile device. Don’t think that you need to have a mobile or landline to run this device. Yet it can’t detect 100% of falls.

At-Home & On-the-Go GPS Voice-In-Necklace is a two-way voice-based device. For using this device you’ll have to carry a lightweight necklace. For seeking help, you’ve to press a button on the necklace. On such pressing, the company’s base unit will get the message.

The Repercussions Of Customers

Peoples who’ve been used this device or bought for some other peoples posted reviews on the official site of LifeFone. Some of their reviews are given below.

  • Jim P. bought this device for his mother. After seeing the effectiveness of it reviewed that it works better.
  • Michael wrote that the service provided by this company is just great.
  • Larry posted a review as- “Always There When You Need Them”
  • Debra ordered the device of this company for her parents and it works well for them.
  • David, another longtime user, reviewed that every device of this company s great.


This Medical alert service claims of having a UL-Listed Monitoring Center. They provide medical assistance to its users by CSAA Certified Specialists. These specialists are waiting for you at your beck and call. For the people who’re not familiar with any Medical Alert Service, they arrange a training session of 6 weeks, which is totally unknown to other systems.

Devices Of This System- What’s For They Are?

The LifeStation system will work using several devices. These devices are only three in numbers. The name and features of these devices are given below-

  • In-Home Traditional
  • In-Home Plus
  • Mobile with GPS

In-Home Traditional is to be used using a landline. It can work from 1000 feet distance from the base station of the company. This device is safely waterproof that means you’ll not need to take any extra assistance for protecting this device.

In-Home Plus can be used without any landline. This device can be kept in your on your neck and wristband. You can use it at your convenience and you’ll get the same benefit from this Cellular in-home device.

Mobile with GPS is the combination of two device mobile & GPS. This one uses the AT&T cellular network for running its activities. You’ll be happy to know the battery of this device can run 5 days when it is properly charged.

The Users Reviews?

Various users all over the USA are now used the devices of the company. A good number of users wrote reviews on the service of this company. Let’s see five of them!

  • Barbara Hochhalter, on July 15, 2019, wrote that she bought this device for her mother and get quick help from it.
  • Brinda Acosta, after seeing the services of this device wrote that “Lifestation is a wonderful service”.
  • Tiffaney reviewed that it can provide a quick response on clicking the emergency button.
  • Norm ordered the device of this company for Mother-in-Law and it works better.
  • Kathy A., after getting service of the company wrote that it “Brings you a sense of security”


This medical service providing company is experienced with more than 30 years. The devices of this company are not so big or heavy weighted ones. It can communicate with you on your demand just within seconds. The devices of ResponseNow are comprised of the landline system and some mobile devices.

Devices Of Responsenow- What’re Their Responses?

The service providing devices of this company is only three. These three devices are enough for meeting your needs. Let’s see them first!

  • In The Home
  • Belle
  • Belle+

The Home device is the waterproof one that’s why it is Shower-friendly. A landline phone is required to use this one. You can use this device in your Necklace and wristband as it is light weighted one. The battery of this tool can run its act for 24 hours.

Belle is easy to use using Mobile from in and out of your living home. It can provide you the battery back-up for 30 days. It will provide you AT&T cellular coverage facilities. This device is also worn friendly for every guy. It is also waterproof like the previous one.

Belle+ will provide you some extra features in addition to the Belle. Automatically it can send an alarm on an emergency basis when you’re unable to seek the alarm yourself. Its battery can run its activity for 5 days in a single charge of 4 hours. If you wear it, then it looks like a Necklace.

Want To Get The Version Of Previous Users?

Previous users are happy seeing the outcome of the devices of the company. The official website of the company expressed the reviews with the username without mentioning the reviewer’s real name. Let’s see some of the reviews!

  • A customer with the username L.B. bought the device for his aging mother and it works better for her.
  • R. ordered the service for his mother in law. And it is so simple that it was used and run by his mother in law who has little knowledge of technology.
  • S. ordered the device for his great-aunt, and after seeing the outcome he wrote that “she will not get stuck again”.
  • M. reviewed that this device is easy to use wearing with the body. He is just impressed with the service of it.
  • A. thanks the manufacturing company for bringing such a device to him.


This one is another medical service providing company. In simple terms, this one is just simple & smart. This company will offer 1000 ft range from the base station. The devices of this company work using the Cellular or Land-line. For all the devices you’ll have the 30-day money back guarantee.

The Devices Of Qmedic- What Services Are Provided?

The devices of this QMedic manufactured the different using systems in mind. There are only three devices of this company. These three are-

  • In-Home Landline
  • In-Home Cellular
  • Outdoor Mobile GPS

In-Home Landline is used with the connection of a landline. It has an awesome feature of 1,000 ft radius. You can wear it just using as a bracelet. Even it can be used on your neck at your convenience.

In-Home Cellular is such a system in where you’ll get all the features of In-Home Landline. The only difference is that it is only the Cellular system based.

Outdoor Mobile GPS is a combination of two devices- Mobile & GPS. You can seek help for any medical assistance when you need it.

What’re The Views Of The Previous User?

The users of the service of this medical alert system are happy seeing its customer-friendly behavior. Some of the users also wrote their feelings on the services of it. Let’s see those!

  • Linda Mattox wrote that the service provided by QMedic is really newbie-friendly.
  • Hari Sundram reviewed that this medical alert system is enough for promoting your health growth.
  • Gene M. used it for some days and after that, he wrote that “Our entire family feels less anxious”.


This one is now working in all the 50 states of the USA. Even all the workers and staff of this medical service system are also from the USA. If you’re from a different country you can also get the help of their service as they provide the opportunity to contract in more than 180 languages. This medical alert system has a 3-decade reputation in providing medical service efficiently.

What Type Of Devices Is Used By This Medical Alert System?

This one uses several devices for providing services to its customers. These devices are comparatively efficacious than other devices.

  • Home Medical Alert
  • Home Fall Detection Medical Alert
  • On-the-Go Medical Alert
  • On-the-Go Fall Detection
  • On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection Bundle

Home Medical Alert: this device works when you need to seek emergency help. It can work from 600 feet in distance. You need a landline to run this service. You can also run this system if you have no WiFi connection.

Home Fall Detection Medical Alert: You can use this device using the landline. You can also try this one using the T-Mobile network. It can easily send the signal from 400 ft. range. You can keep it anywhere in your home as it is waterproof.

On-the-Go Medical Alert: This device uses 911 technology for sending data from an ailing person to the service provider. It is a rechargeable battery dependent and you can run 30 days with charging at once. You can use it without landline, cell phone, or internet.

On-the-Go Fall Detection: This device is one of the “Custom emergency responders”. It uses GPS or Wi-Fi network for running its service. There is no necessity for using a cell phone to use this device.

On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection Bundle: This fall detection system uses a Two-way voice system for connecting with the user and the company. Here you can talk with the expert medical service providers how much time you need.

Customers Are Satisfied Using Their Services?

The people of the USA who’re used to their services are mostly satisfied with their voice call services. There are no negative reviews against this company. Some of the reviews given by the previous users are as follows-

  • Gloria, after using their service intimate that when any disorder causes the family of the ailing person will be informed.
  • Sam reviewed that in providing the customer-friendly services this one works better.
  • Kathy on experiencing the services of this company termed their services as “Professional and Polite”.
  • Robert, on taking the services of this company felt satisfied.
  • John reviewed that when you go to a voice call to the company it works without delay.

Are All Those Medical Alert Systems Work For All The Areas Of The USA?

These 9 medical alert systems work in all the 50 states of the USA. Even they have many base stations all over the USA. You probably know there are certain distances within which these devices work. That’s why the service providing in each of the remote are doesn’t matter. If you see the reviews of previous customers you’ll see all of them come from different states. That means it works better for all corners of the USA.

Why We Review Only These Nines?

First off, we present all the top-class medical alert systems to you from searching hundreds of systems. All the systems are not easy to use, and easy to make and cancel the contract.

Canceling a long term contract is not so easy in all the cancel a contract after signing the same. But in the case of these systems, the signing and canceling are as easy as ABC.

If you see the medical alert system other than these nine, you’ll not also see such a good number of reviews on behalf of those systems. All the devices used by these nine are also easy to use and newbie-friendly.

Considering all those purposes, we select these nine for you.

Frequently Asked Question
1. Which device is the most suitable for me to get the best output?

Ans.- All the devices are best from different viewpoints. You need to think out the best one for you. Look at the devices and compare with your needs. Then you’ll be able to choose your best option.

2. Can those devices show ineffectiveness at certain times?

Ans.- All the devices of this nine are many times tested devices. So, there is no chance to become so ineffectiveness. If you use any battery dependent device, then keep your discreet eye on the charge rate. Nothing more you need to care of.

3. Can I use more than one device at one time?

Ans.- Of course, you may do it. But there is almost no need to do so. Firstly think about your needs and chose the best one for you. Certainly, one device is enough to meet your needs. If you desire to use much more than one, you’re at liberty to do so.

4. Share your feeling with us after writing the review of these nines.

Ans.- Completing the writing is obviously a happy feeling for me. In that, on constant research, I’ve got the surety that these nines will work for you. If you use any of these systems you’ll get the point.

5. Caregiver or medical alert system? Which one is the best option for me?

Ans.- For sure, you’ll get ten times efficient and caring services from medical alert systems than any efficient caregivers. If you pore over the whole article, you’ll be able to catch the point.

A Final Thought On These Nine Medical Alert Systems

If you keep a human caregiver spending your penny he cannot meet all your needs like any top-notch medical alert systems. Medical alert systems use researched backed devices to find out the problems that are going to be caused.

This type of service is not possible to provide for a caregiver. You can choose any one of these nines for taking the services of any caregivers. These medical alert systems will take all the liability of your emergency health risks. Aren’t these worth to use?