PhenQ Review & Results – Is It Worth Buying Or A Total Scam?

It’s time to talk about my PhenQ review and results!

Before I turned 30 I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain weight.

My Mom used to tell me, “when you’re my age you won’t be able to eat like that. It’ll all go straight to your hips!”

I guess I was lucky to make it all the way to 30 with a slim figure because I always ate a lot!

But then disaster struck!

After turning ‘the big 30’ it was like a switch went off and my body just began to store as much fat as possible.

Mom was right.

By 36 I was very overweight and miserable with the way I looked and felt and the worst thing was that no amount of exercise or dieting seemed to make any difference.

Dieting left me tired and hungry and would lead to overeating and exercise just left me feeling drained. No matter what I tried the weight just wouldn’t budge!

I had no energy for my family and I was starting to get depressed with the way I looked.

Then one day while I was reading reviews for some diet book I saw an ad for this product called PhenQ.

I don’t usually buy supplements like this as I’d always thought they were a waste of money but this product really stood out to me because it promised to fix all the major problems I was having with losing weight.

The website said it helps to reduce your appetite, boost your energy and fire up your metabolism to help you lose weight.

After reading a few positive reviews I couldn’t resist and ordered a bottle and kept my fingers crossed I was making the right decision.

I didn’t have to wait long because it arrived the next afternoon!

Pic of package

Does PhenQ Work? My Results..

I started taking PhenQ the very next morning.

Here’s how my day went:

  • Within 10 minutes I felt a burst of energy bring me to life.
  • My appetite completely went away and I didn’t feel hungry until lunch time. Normally after not eating this long I would feel lethargic and would become ravenous and eat everything in sight but this time I didn’t. I was content to eat a simple healthy salad.
  • By about 4pm in the afternoon after picking the kids up from school I had some free time while the kids played and did a short workout in the living room and I felt amazing afterwards! I felt reinvigorated and the endorphins from the exercise made me feel all happy! By the way this is the workout I did: Youtube LINK
  • After exercising I didn’t eat until dinner until about 6:30. I just didn’t feel hungry but still had lots of energy which was most unlike me!
  • Dinner was some chicken, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, sweet potato and a drizzle of olive oil. A low carb healthy dinner!
  • That evening I didn’t snack at all either. Even when the hubby was snacking on nuts watching Stranger Things, I was easily able to resist and felt like I had a lot more control over what I ate and when I ate.
  • I didn’t count calories but naturally ate less. I just ate when I was hungry and kept it healthy.

Things stayed like this for the next 4 weeks and with one bottle of PhenQ I lost 14.7lbs (6.7kg) (1.05 stone)

Thanks to PhenQ I was able to eat less and lose quite a bit of weight in just 1 month.

My skin became clearer and I was able to fit into clothes that I hadn’t been able to wear in years but couldn’t bear to throw out!

I quickly began to feel happier and looked forward to the future more.

I still have a way to go and a lot more weight to lose but thanks to PhenQ I know I’m on the right track and won’t have to shop in the plus size section for much longer!

It feels good to lose weight for my husband and kids too. And I hope to be a healthy mom that’s there for them for years to come and set a good example.

I’ve had lots of nice compliments about the weight loss too, so people are noticing.

In a minute I’ll give you some tips on how to get the best results with PhenQ belowLINK but first here’s a bit more on what PhenQ actually does and how it works:

What Is PhenQ – The Ingredients And How It Works

PhenQ is a diet pill designed to combat the 3 major problems people have with losing weight.

  1. Hunger
  2. Low energy
  3. A stubborn metabolism that holds onto fat and won’t let go.

When taken PhenQ helps suppress your appetite, boost your energy and fire up your metabolism so that your body burns more calories and realizes it’s ok to start burning your fat stores.

Here’s how it works:

PhenQ Suppresses Your Appetite

When you’re trying to eat less and lose weight it can send your hunger levels through the roof!

One of the best things about PhenQ for me is just how helpful it is at suppressing hunger. It was a god send for me and gave me the control I needed to eat healthy and snack less.

The main appetite suppressing ingredient in PhenQ is called Chromium Picolinate and it helps your body to absorb more glucose from the food you eat so that you even if you eat less you’ll still have energy.

By absorbing more glucose your body naturally sends out less hunger signals and you can go longer without eating.

Some people also combine PhenQ with Psyllium Husk powder. Psyllium Husk is a super fiber that expands in your stomach filling you up so you eat less.

Take a scoop 15 minutes before a meal with water and you’ll struggle to finish your dinner. Psyllium Husk is very cheap too.

I’ve been using it a bit recently and it really does work. This is the brand I use. LINK

PhenQ Keeps You Energized

The next problem we face when trying to lose weight is the lack of energy. I can be so difficult to diet and exercise when you’re feeling tired and drained all the time.

The first time I took PhenQ I felt my body come alive with energy and it’s worked for me every time since then!

  • PhenQ contains caffeine Anhydrous. A more potent form of caffeine. 1 tablespoon is the equivalent to 28 cups of coffee!
  • PhenQ contains Chromium to help you absorb more glucose from less food. That means more energy from the food you eat!
  • PhenQ also contains L-Carnitine which help your body use stored body fat for fuel. So even if you don’t eat you’ll still have energy coming from your body fat. If the fat’s there, why not use it?

PhenQ Revs Up Your Metabolism So You Burn More Fat

And lastly PhenQ helps you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. People who have slow metabolisms store fat and find it hard to burn it off even with exercise and dieting.

By stoking your metabolism you burn more calories and tell your body it’s ok to give up the fat!

Tip: As well as using PhenQ a good way to get your metabolism firing on all 4 cylinders again is to exercise regularly!

PhenQ gets your metabolism working again with:

  • Capsimax: A fiery ingredient extracted from Chilli’s that increases your metabolism and helps your body burn an extra 200 calories per day. That’s the equivalent of 30 minutes of intense exercise without doing any!
  • A-Lacy’s Reset: Is a duo of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cysteine. One study I found showed that people who supplemented with just alpha lipoic acid lost 1.52lbs (0.69kg) more than placebo users without doing any exercise or making any changes to diet.
  • L-Carnitine: Helps your body to start using stored bodyfat for fuel. It does this by taking your body fat and transporting it to your mitochondrial cells where it can then be used as energy. So, you literally start burning your body fat and losing weight.

Putting It All Together

So, I was thinking about it and I’m really impressed with how the makers of PhenQ have come up with a product that helps you overcome the major stumbling blocks of losing weight.

  • It’s easy to eat less and eat healthy when your appetite is suppressed.
  • It’s easy to workout when you’re bouncing with energy!
  • And it’s a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning to see your weight has gone down on the scales and an even better feeling to look in the mirror and see the results!

When you combine the appetite suppressing ingredients with the energy boosting ones and topping it all off with the fat ingredients you have a recipe for success and a really helpful product on your side to help you lose weight.

PhenQ Reviews

Here’s a selection of PhenQ reviews by real users that I could find.

How I Used PhenQ And Got Great Results And How You Can Too!

After using it myself I think PhenQ is a wonderful product and I think it will help anyone who wants to lose weight but I thought it would be helpful to list out a few tips below on how you can possibly get even better results with it:

These are just some personal tips that worked well for me:

  • Lower your carb intake: The less carbs your eat the more fat you will burn.
  • Lower your calories: This will happen naturally with PhenQ and if you try to only eat whole foods like meat, vegetables, low carb fruit like berries and healthy fats like olive oil then you will naturally eat less calories!
  • Eat less meals: When I began using PhenQ I instantly lost my appetite in the morning and began eating 2 meals a day (lunch and dinner) with very little snacking! By eating between the hours of noon and 7pm I had a lot more control over calories and what I ate. Trust me this will help you lose weight
  • Exercise daily: In the beginning I exercised in the afternoons but now I prefer to do it in the mornings. Either way 20-60 minutes of exercise per day will work miracles for your skin and do wonders for your weight loss.
  • Drink more water: Apart from a glass of wine (or 2) now and again I have started drinking only water and am amazed at the effects. My skin is smoother and I think it’s been very helpful for my overall health. Most drinks are full of sugar and calories. Water is what humans were supposed to be drinking!

So those are a few tips from me and I think they will help you lose weight and get in the best shape of your life before you know it!

What You Can Expect From PhenQ

PhenQ is definitely not a miracle pill that’s going to help your wake up skinny by tomorrow, I don’t think anything like that really exists but it will definitely help you lose weight if you give it a little time.

Based on my own experience here’s what you can expect:

  • An instant surge of energy within 15 minutes of using it that makes you feel alert and alive!
  • Your appetite to go way down. You’ll still get hungry but it won’t be that out of control hunger where you want to eat everything in sight. It’ll be a I’m a bit peckish kind of hunger.
  • Your weight will go down consistently. Weight yourself every few days and you’ll see the number on the scales drop like a lead balloon.
  • You’ll feel happier and your outlook on life will improve! When you’re looking better and have more energy it’s like a weight is lifted off your shoulders.
  • You’ll spend more time with family and friends. When you lose weight and get in better shape your energy levels will go up and you’ll be more ready to go out and enjoy life!
  • Your confidence will go up. When I gained weight my confidence went down but now I’ve lost weight I’ve found that I’m more outgoing and have more confidence in myself. When you look good you feel good!
  • You’ll get compliments about your weight loss and how much better you’re looking.
  • You’ll get more attention from the opposite sex. Hey, I’m faithfully married but have noticed a lot more attention lately from men. If you’re a man using PhenQ to lose weight and get in shape then trust me, women will notice!


It’s also a relief to know that once you’ve lost the weight if you ever let yourself go for a bit and gain weight, you’ll know exactly what to do to get back in shape.

Tip: I learned about the 3lb rule recently. When you’ve reached your goal weight you weigh yourself once a week and if you’re ever 3lbs over your goal weight then you go back on your weight loss plan.

I plan to follow the 3lb rule once I’ve reached my goal weight and I’ll keep a bottle of PhenQ handy just in case!

I think PhenQ is well worth a try and if you follow the tips I mentioned above then I think you’ll get great results too!

By the way, they sometimes have sales on the official website where you can get some nice savings. Check to see if there’s a sale on here.


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