Phallosan Forte

What’s it? Or what purposes will be served by it? When we see something new, these types of questions come to mind.

It’s an added edition in the common trend- “sex up the dick”.

This device works on overall sexual health by applying the “traction method”.

This method has been popularized eventually all over the world for its promptness in making “A Brand New Penis”, which is just a dream of many dudes these days.

What is Phallosan Forte?

Is penis extending system new to you? If yes, you’ll face a little bit of complexity to understand it thoroughly.


This system indicates a process by which your penis will be increased in length and girth safely. This device is produced for this purpose. Satisfying the dream of people with a tiny penis is possible by using this device.

Firstly this was invented in 2001 in Germany and its marketing was started in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Now its distributor is Swiss Sana Anstalt and it is carrying out its robust business for more than 18 years. Multiply study revealed that it has the potentiality of increasing at least 0.7 through 4-6 hours each day, for only 4-6 months.

How does Phallosan Forte work?

When a dude with self-esteem hears about a product that can enlarge penis safely, certainly this comes into his mind- How it works?

  • It is also not expedient to wait for long without mentioning the working path. Let’s start to narrate that!
  • It applies the traction method on the penile area- stimulate penile cells for their reproduction.
  • The other name of this reproduction is cytokinesis that resulted in the enlargement.
  • Here glans and foreskin are shut in a protective cap that retains the erection.
  • Such long-lasting erection removes erectile dysfunction, penis deviation, and other related problems.
  • In a word, this device will remove almost all forms of sexual complexities.

How to use Phallosan Forte?

In case of any matter, the first thing is to be told first. To get the newest one penis you’ve to buy & use. But in this case, I want to intimate you with the using procedure at first. I’ll come across the buying details in a later part. Readers, know all niceties on it before you buy-

  • Tie your penis up to the tip of your penis with the protector cap.
  • Then roll over the rubber condom sleeve while taking the glass bell keeping pace with the penis head.
  • After that, you’ll found a vacuum in the suction cap.
  • By using buckle broad the orthopedic belt fitting it with the longest length of the penis.
  • A 3-way valve can be used to adjust the fit.
  • You can measure the gain by using the measuring tape.
  • You’ve to continue this process 4-6 hours a day, for 4-6 months.

Good and Bad Sides Of Phallosan Forte

To get the real picture of this product you’ve to analyze the good and bad sides of this product very carefully. What is more- Good or Bad? In a word, there are plenty of good sides, which are obviously more than the other. Let’s introduce with the good aspects at first-

  • A quick look at the materials of this device will make you understand that it works effectively on penis enlargement.
  • Hypoallergenic, skin-safe, medical-grade stuff has been used here for the betterment of users.
  • It will not create any hazards on your crotch.
  • Safely it will remove erectile dysfunction and penis curvature.
  • It will increase your penis length by to up 30% and girth by up to 20% in just 6 months.

Plain and simple- there is no good product without any bad side. What’re the bad sides? Of course, I’ll tell although they are little in number. Let’s start with it!

  • You’ve to use this device at least 4 months without any interval.
  • This little bit bulky device is not to be used secretly with any tight pants.
  • Its price is a bit high due to its high-quality materials.

Does Phallosan Forte really work on My “Fondling Dick”?

Being skeptical of everything, man can keep away any glory. But is it wise to do? Can a large number of people give a foolish review? Can a material works against its nature? The answer to these 3 questions is 3 simple no. Thanks to such suspicion I want to mention 4 points reading which you can certainly understand it really works.

  • This device has been produced by proper materials to apply traction.
  • During and after manufacturing it has been examined by a good number of medical personalities.
  • There is a single review in existence mentioning its non-effectiveness.
  • 4th point is not a statement but a question to all of you- WHY and HOW a device that made of such tested materials will not work?

Which Materials will “Make Me Sexed Up”?

Interested to know about the materials? Not only you but many readers are eagerly waiting to know the components of such extenders. Now come to the point of materials that makes this magic device without wasting any time.

  • The suction ball- For better customization of your glans.
  • The sleeve condom- Made of silicone that provides the dick with a smooth surface.
  • The Protector Cap- Works as a protector for delicate glans from the vacuum pressure.
  • The Tension Clip- It transfers the orthopedic stretching belt’s power to the suction ball.
  • The elastic bel- Named as“orthopedic” for it’s a primary component to treat Peyronie’s Disease.
Clinical study- Revelation of Hidden Truths About Phallosan Forte

Where is the example of your said medical examination? Readers, this question may arise because it is mentioned earlier that it is clinically approved. Need not to be more patient. In January 2005 a clinical study Dr. Sohn, the Chief Physician at a German urological clinic conducted a study on this instrument.

  • In that study, he examined the result after wearing for 6 months,
  • The average growth of the users was 2.9 cm or 1.14 inches in erection stage.
  • Besides this, the highest achievement was 4.0 cm or 1.47 inches.

What Users Saying- Phallosan Forte?

What do the users say about their experience? It may be matter to you. But don’t be worried. All customer reviews are on behalf of the Phallosan Forte. Take a look at these to know- what they said?

  • Dan, a user of this device recommended using it mentioning that it is cozy to use in all positions.
  • Carter termed this tool “unmatched” when the point of comfort comes.
  • Alex says he started to gain a longer and thicker penis after using it for only 2 weeks.
  • Scott P marked this “impressive” and its micro vacuum technology as “amazing”
  • Chris T reviewed that 1ooo hours using gave him an inch augmentation.

Want to Get a Buzz from Social Media?

If anything new trend going on, you’ll hear the buzz of that in social media. In the case of this device, there is also a good number of reviews on various social platforms. Look on this Tweet-

Joaquina D.Sovereigns, on Aug 28 of 2019, on Twitter posted a review on Phallosan Forte stating that-

  • This piece is an amazing result in producing devices in the case of penis enlargement.
  • It can remove permanently the penis curvature and erectile dysfunction.
  • At last, he recommended to buying and using this instrument.
Decided to Buy Phallosan Forte?

Are you thinking to buy it now? After considering your sexual health if you’ve desired to buy this device just order it on our site. You’ll have the opportunity to pay the price using all major payment gateways. You’ve to pay an additional $25 as a shipping charge. Delivery will be made by 2 days in 100% discreet packaging. 14 days easy return policy will be applicable here. The price of this device is $339.00. You can order the following accessories at the mentioned rate-

  • XL Bell + Sleeve Large-25. 00 USD        
  • Spare Tension clip- 39.00 USD   
  • Spare Foam Ring- 20.00 USD     
  • Sleeve Small -26. 90 USD            
  • Sleeve Medium-26. 90 USD
  • Sleeve Large- 26.90 USD             
  • 3 Protector Caps- 24.90 USD      
  • Spare Vacuum pump- 39.00 USD
Chance to Scam Phallosan Forte – Is It Worth to Think?

Are all these mentioned here are true? Isn’t any chance to scam? I can simply say no. Besides saying in such a simple manner, I want to underscore on two questions-

  • Is it possible to run a business for more than 18 years being a scam?
  • Has it been possible to find out any scam in it during this long tenure?

Considering these two, you can take this instrument without any scam. What’s for? The answer to these two is known to you.

Why are we reviewing Phallosan Forte ?

What was behind our review? Or what propels us to write about this device? Yes, there is something. But that is not any gain but for our passion that is to make you known about the safe and effective penis extenders. Such extenders are a needful to many people who are “distressed with” their existing penis.

This type of hazard is neither tolerable nor mentionable to any other. Because mentioning one time about sexual debility is enough to destroy one’s self-esteem.

Our mentioned penis extenders are many times proven as the most effective ones. Tens of thousands of people use, review and recommend this device. We share our review on this product when we become sure about its effectiveness.

Why that presumption creates? Come on men, we’ve gone through a bunch of materials regarding it. Seeing the sharing of all relevant quarters and examining the materials we end up in that presumption.  Isn’t it good enough to understand?

What The News Media Revealed?

 What do the news media say about it? It matters to a large number of people. To some published news is the most effective way to examine the veracity of online whispering. The well-known Gaylesbiantimes reviewed on the Phallosan forte underscoring following points-

  • Up to 5 inches of augmentation is possible by using it for 6 months.
  • There is no complain of non-effectiveness against it.
  • It is the best selling one in comparison with the other extenders.
Frequently Asked Question
1. Why this extender is perfect for me?

Ans.- Plain and simple answer- it is the more effective and long-standing product in comparing with the others. So, it will certainly be the most perfect one.

2. What is the benefit of using this device?

Ans.-It may increase the penis up to 5 inches according to the report published by Gaylesbiantimes.

3. Please let me know what age is perfect for using this device?

Ans.- At any age, you can use this device. Age isn’t a matter to bother.

4. Can you show the perfect way to use it?

Ans.- Tie up your penis with the protector cap and roll over the rubber condom sleeve while taking the glass bell resembling with the penis head. you’ll found a vacuum in the suction cap and broad the orthopedic belt fitting it with the longest length of the penis. Try this process 4-6 hours a day, for at least 4-6 months.

5. What is your feeling writing the review on it?

Ans.- It is totally dependent on your repercussion. If you decide to buy and use this, obeying the path shown by me- I’ll be happy.

6. Will my overall sexual performance be "Prettied Up"?

Ans.- Obviously yes. You’ll understand more after using it.

7. Can my regular habits need to be changed?

Ans.- There is no such necessity.

8. Can it be understandable by the people of my surroundings if I use it?

Ans.- Wear it under a loose pant to avoid their gaze.

9. Has any clinical study been conducted on it?

Ans.- Of course, such a study has been conducted in many times.

10. Can I feel sick on the impact of it?

Ans.- No. There is even no little chance to feel sick.

Last Utterance Of Phallosan Forte

Has anything been hidden in this article on Phallosan Forte? Such a question is not impossible to squeeze on your mind. But remember, there is no room for such thinking. It is the field of full disclosure on this device.

This magic device has been produced for you to “boost up” the level of your sexual satisfaction. Bite the bullet and place your order. Be tomorrow’s hero to your loving gal. Don’t think anymore on the proven facts, step forward to buy.