Overcome premature ejaculation

Millions of men experience sexual problems and embarrassment when they ejaculate too early leaving their women unsatisfied. Premature ejaculation has many treatments and cures that vouch to help distressed men and turn their sexual fantasies into reality. For many, it is not a serious problem and just a matter of excitement. Some men ejaculate fast when they are overexcited or too nervous about the women they are having sex with for the first time. It is seen that the second ejaculation in the act is reasonable. If one sexual position always used during intercourse, then there are high chances of ejaculating earlier.

Creams and Pills

Topical creams have helped many to deal with the problem of ejaculating prematurely. Topical creams and pills are there to solve the dilemma of so many men who have low confidence levels. There are also some pills found in the market under reputed brands. According to experts, creams have worked better than pills. This is because when creams are applied manually on the genitals blood circulation is instigated. Moreover, research has found that such topical creams for treating premature ejaculation have proven results of increasing testosterone. But many want to do away with over the counter products and address the problem naturally.

Focus on the Woman’s Pleasure

A good way to last longer in bed is to divert your attention towards her pleasures. Keep in mind that you have to make her orgasm first and then end the act. Thinking this way will surely help you gain more confidence in bed. This is a good way of training your mind because the mind is the biggest sex organ. You can delay your climax when you concentrate on pleasuring her like giving her oral pleasure, titillating her or kissing her. You can perform such oral activities when you feel that you are about to ejaculate. Training your mind and delaying is the trick here.

Experimenting with Positions

When your body is used to one sexual position with your partner, you will ejaculate much early than you will typically do because your mind is accustomed to climaxing in that particular pose. If you are lucky to have an understanding and patient partner, then things can be more natural for you. You both can make room for the experiment by practicing together different position and help you to last longer.

There are also some ways one can control this situation by physical effort. You need to masturbate till the point of ejaculation but to try not to ejaculate when the time comes. You may fail once or twice but practicing this technique each time you masturbate you will see that you are gaining control over your action. Premature ejaculation can be controlled if you experiment with some of the methods and know which one works for you. Knowing your body and trying out the tips as mentioned earlier will help you to overcome your problem and enjoy a healthy sex life with your partner forever.