Nu Image Medical

If you are looking for weight-loss products, you’ll see many of these offline and online. Different shopping platforms are very excited to show you their stocks.

But they’re generally representing a product that has only one form, like- pill, drop, or any tool. These trends of only one form may not be desire-friendly to you.

If you feel like to buy a piece of them after seeing that product’s description, you may think otherwise after seeing the user manual of the same. Now- What can you do?

Of course, you’ve certain procedures to be followed. Effective products are available to you. Just you’ve to find it out. Today we’re going to show you such a product that you can use in three forms- Pellet, Drops, & Injections.

Besides these forms, you’ll get here the most attractive newest feature- “Tele Medicine”. Let’s see it!

 How It Will Help Me?

First and foremost you’ve to know- What’s it? To say in a word it is a telecommunication service that is provided by the Nu Image Medical to its customers.

It is the long-standing practice that the selling platform doesn’t keep any relation with its customers after completion of selling a product. Yet it is needed for many of us.

A good number of customers of technical products don’t get the juice of that product just because of not knowing the using procedure properly. That is not out of a common incident.

But Nu Image Medical manufacturing company caught the complexity and started this service. After buying this one you can contact an expert any time you like.

You may ask him any question to him about using procedure, time-schedule, good or bad, maintenance and the like. The answer of your question will be given as soon as possible by competent medical specialists having many years experience in related fields.

What’s The Claim Of The Manufacturer?

 Nu Image Medical was produced in an FDA approved laboratory in 2004. That laboratory was in 1209 N Tampa Street of Florida. It was manufactured under “DR. SIMEONS PROTOCOL”.

It can create an amazing impact on several fields, like- hormone replacement, weight loss, general wellness, sexual enhancement, etc. This one is very effective for anti-aging programs.

There is another claim regarding Tele Medicine. Their goal is to provide quality medical assistance to all of their patients for a lifetime. The assistance is to be provided by many years experienced experts. What else you’ll get by following their guideline? In a word, by following their guidelines you’ll be able to reach your “DESIRE PEAK”.

Which Benefits Are To Be Provided By Nu Image Medical?

To say about the benefits you’re to be availed, they are many in numbers. But it can be said that it will keep your overall physical functions fit by creating an impact on your important organs. You’ve to gain all of them and that is not so hard to achieve. Some of that beneficial impact is as under-

  • On the impact of this, your body will not be able to gain excessive weight.
  • It has enough to replace the hormone that will keep you free from hormonal complexity.
  • In order to use this, you’ll not need to make any hard and first diet or maintain regular exercise.
  • It will augment your hair loss and will prevent your hair loss.
  • After using this one, you will be able to gorge on the foods you like without making excessive fat.
  • Last but not least, this product has an amazing impact on the overall sexual function. Even this impact will be permanent.

The Manufacturing Company- Exclusively For All Users Of Nu Image Medical

Nu Image Medical is not only a weight loss product like many others of these days. The manufacturing company bears the fame of several unique offers it is provided to its customers for more than 15 years. What’s that? These are not one or two, they are many. We want to mention some of those offers.

  • You’ll be able to take this product in three forms- Pill, drop and injection.
  • Every kit is to be sent to you with guidelines, recipes, and tips.
  • Life-long free medical assistance is waiting for you on buying this one.
  • Besides losing your weight you’ll get “A BRAND NEW ATTRACTIVE FIGURE”.

Current Programs- Choose Today, What Will Be The “PICKED” For You?

Here programs indicate the packages for reaching out you to your desired goal. Currently, there are only two programs. You’ve to choose your program seeing the features of these two. What’re that programs?

  • 26-Day Program
  • 46-Day Program

For the newbie, this one is recommended. It will lose up to 15 lbs of your weight. If you’re satisfied with such loss, this one is for you.

By using the 46-Day program you’ll be able to lose up to 35 lbs, which is more than 20 lbs from the previous one.

 Choose Any Of The Three Forms

You’ll not get this product in only one form like the others in the market. You’ll have the chance to choose your desired one among the three. These three were made abiding USP 797 Guidelines and these have been gone through Rapid Scan RDI. What’re three?

HCG Injection

Regarding HCG Injection, 26-day HCG or 46-day HCG- these two programs are also available here. 26-Days programs are for those who want to lose 5 to 15 pounds of weight. Supplements like B12 and MIC solution will be given with this product.

Oral Drops

If you’re reluctant to use the Injection, then you can use the Oral Drops. You’ve to keep it under your tongue. It will be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Oral Pellets

Oral Pellets are for you if you’re not desired to use the previous two. For using this one, just place this pill into your mouth and wait until dissolve.

You’ll understand your gain by using any of these forms for a couple of days. You’ll not have to wait so long to reach out your DESIRED ONE.

 How You’ve To Use These Three?

You’ll get the user manual on buying any package of it. Besides this manual, you’ll get lifetime support from competent experts. For your better understanding, you can pore over following rules-

  • This is to be dissolved keeping it under your tongue.
  • To use the injection- Using a 10 ml syringe withdraw 10 ml of the drop, then inject in a clear phial and shake.
  • For using the other two- Drop & Pellet, just dissolve it placing it under your tongue.
  • You’ve to consume (5+5)= 10 ml two times a day.
  • It is not expedient to take this more than 5 ml each time.
  • If you face any problem regarding the using procedure, just consult with the expert for proper guidelines.
How Will It Work? Are You Going to Use Today?

This weight loss miracle will work on the whole of your body. You’ll understand the change in the very first week of using this. Now come to the point- How it works?

  • It will suppress your appetite level and thus you’ll not need to eat heavy food.
  • This one will work very effectively to burn your fat or fatty belly tissue quickly.
  • It hypes your energy level up to the logical extent without heavy eating.
  • Your brain function and libido will be boosted on the impact of this drug.
  • You’ll get the slimmest shape with no harmful element at the end of the day.

 Are These Kinds Of Booster Stuffs Safe?

The Nu Image Medical is produced by a good number of natural ingredients that are many times proven safe and effective. Now come to the point of the ingredients used in making this drug. Take a gaze on the following ingredients to understand the effectiveness of this drop. Let’s start!

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Amino Acids
Vitamin Supplements

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a well-known natural hormone that is prescribed by many experts. Pregnyl and Novarel is the other name to be used by experts. This item boosts the fertility rate by increasing sperm production. USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved this element in 1974.

Amino Acids
This one is used to build blocks of proteins that are important for the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters. To boost athletic performance or developed mood this item is a must. It is also used in almost all weight loss and energy boosting products.

Glutamine is also an amino acid that is used for sickle cell disease. Besides this one, it helps to recover peoples from a good number of diseases like- Surgery, injuries, burns, bone marrow transplant, HIV/AIDS and the like.

Tyrosine is a much popular element for raising alertness, attention, and focus. A sexual disorder like erectile dysfunction may be removed by using this one. Besides this, it can produce some important brain chemicals.

This one helps to lose your weight and power up the brain function. It has a great impact on body fat burning and energy-boosting.

This element is for increasing athletic performance. It impacts on weight loss, wound healing, and sleep quality. Such increasing sleep quality will keep your outward daintiness.

This ingredient has a great impact on nitrogen balance in adults, and growth in the case of infants. This also creates niacin that is necessary for producing the neurotransmitter serotonin.

Vitamin Supplements
Nu Image Medical contains several vitamin supplements including vitamin B12, which can check several conditions, like- Anemia, Jaundice, Fatigue, Weakness, Tingling feeling, Paranoia, Memory loss or cognitive problems, swollen tongue, and many others.

What Types Of Experts Are Waiting For You To Provide your

Nu Image Medical has been examined by a good number of doctors and clinical experts. All of them, after scrutinizing this, found the ingredients of it very effective and safe. If you’ll face any complexity regarding the taking of this drug, a good number of competent doctors are waiting to help you. Here we’re going to mention about 3 doctors who’re for helping you on your demand.

  • Dr. Odom
  • Dr. Vickman
  • Dr. DiSanto


Dr. Odom is an Anesthesiologist and certified by the American Academy of Anti-aging. This woman served her residency at Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn. She is very much eager to treat anti-aging and weight loss related issues.

Dr. Vickman received MHA from Colorado College of business in 1991. He is also a graduate of UCLA School of Medicine. For more than 15 years, he provided consultation to many groups and institutions. He is also an honorary member of the College of Emergency Physicians and College of Health Care Exclusive.

Dr. DiSanto is a certified family practice physician and doctor of Oriental Medical, who entered Widener University with having the major of Biology and then he received a medical degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

What’re The Sharing Of Customers Or Users?

Nu Image Medical is being used by a good number of peoples these days. They’re getting the medical assistance too. All of them feel a positive change after using this for a couple of days. Some of those posted reviews on different platforms. Take a look to see their version. Get the sound of their saying. How they feel- Happy or Nappy?

  • Deborah Douglas termed the helping staff knowledgeable, caring and professional expressing his happiness.
  • Michele Garris has been used three times and said that everything was perfect. The term perfect is for all of this drug- Its quality and supporting medical service.
  • Crystal Mclntosh has used this one for 4 years after seeing the best result.
  • On Nov 29, 2017, Paul Revelia termed it a drastic approach to weight and fat loss.
  • Dec 8, 2014, Bernie Hernando reviewed that this product works on both- Inside & Outside.
Price Of The Programs ?

This product will give you a good number of amenities after using it a couple of days. You cannot buy your amazing satisfaction with any amount of money. But considering all issues, manufacturers fixed the price of this drug as under.

  • 26-day package- $ 297 (For 15 pounds lose)
  • 46-day package- $ 397 (For 35 pounds lose)

If you want to buy one of these packages, just place your order on our site. We’ll send your package to your address. You’ll have also opportunity to make payment using major payment gateways.

Is It REALLY Safe? REALLY Effective? REALLY No Scam?

To get the answer of the 3 REALLY you’ve to think about several facts at first. What else has been used to make it?- Amino Acids, Glutamine, Tyrosine, Carnitine, Ornithine and the like.

Why do you think that these items are not safe and effective? Aren’t they used in the other weight loss products? Aren’t they recommended by top-notch medical specialists? Without any second thought, you may take this product safe and effective.

Now come to the point of scam. If you think that it may be a scam, you’ve to find out the ways or chances to become a scam.

Have you found any evidence that shows you about such a scam? Have you heard any allegation that the Nu Image Medical staff doesn’t provide medical assistance? These are totally unheard of.

If you’re not able to find out any other ways to become a scam, Then- Is it wise to think about scamming? The scam is alien to this product and its manufacturing company.

Why We’ve Reviewed Nu Image Medical? What’s In Our Mind?

We’ve reviewed this stuff after seeing some amazing features of it. Suppose, you’ll get it in three forms that are not possible at all in case of other weight loss products.

The staffs are very customer-friendly and medical assistance is given for a lifetime. The medical assistance is given by many years practicing doctors.

The details of them also have been mentioned here. Can you think of these features in any other competitive products? Isn’t it worth to review?

We’ve also taken a look at the ingredients that have been used to make this one. All the ingredients that are needed to make a person slimmest and energetic are used here. Most interestingly there is no side effect in those items. It is also produced in FDA approved laboratories. Considering all these features you’ll certainly understand that if you want to review a top-class weight loss product you can choose this one. Isn’t it good enough to describe our mind?

Frequently Asked Question
1.what's the perfect age and fitness of using Nu image Medical?

Ans.- All persons of any age may use this product in any form. Even medical assistance is also available to all of them. Now come to point of fitness. There is no barrier to use it by any person whatever his or her fitness may be.

2.Let me know why I've to use this one barring all others?

Ans.- Frankly speaking, you’ll get several features in it which are totally absent in other products. Suppose you’ll get PhenQ in 3 forms. You’ll not be able to get lifetime medical assistance whenever you need it. But all these attractive features are available in this one.

3.Please let me know the most effective procedure to take this pill

Ans.- This product is to be dissolved keeping it under the tongue. For using injection, with a 10 ml syringe withdraw 10 ml of the drop, then inject in a clear phial and shake. But in case of the other two- Drop and Pellet, just dissolves it by placing these two under your tongue. You’ve to take (5+5)= 10 ml two times a day. But borne in mind, more than 5 ml each time is prohibited.

4.What is your feeling writing the review of this pill?

Ans.- To say about my feeling, it is much better now. I ‘m happy for sharing my idea and gathered information with all of you. I’ve shared the most effective stuff in the field of weight loss. I say it is the most effective in all aspects. In that, it contains the most attractive features in comparison with all other products of this field.

5.What're the forms of Nu Image Medical?

Ans.- There are three forms of this one- Injection, Pellet, and Drop. You can try any one of these at your convenience.

Last Utterance On Nu Image Medical- What You Should Do Now?

Now we’re at the ending point. If you’re desired to know any point that is not covered here you’re most welcome to question us. Our staffs are ready to answer your questions.

Now come to an ending point- What you should do now for your betterment? Reading another article on Nu Image Medical can be a better choice? Certainly it cannot be. In that, just reading will not give you any benefit.

For getting benefits from a product you’ve to use that. If you want your early betterment, you’ll have to do it early. This drop is ready to provide you with all kinds of amenities that a reasonable person needs. So don’t stay in your current position.

Try to make yourself better. Make yourself prepare for the current trend of a beauty competition. It will give you many things that are now only dreamy to you.