Medical Alert System Australia

With the passage of time, the need for us changes day by day. Nowadays we are really concerned about our health issues. “24/7 Health Surveillance” is not an out of ordinary need. Such a need cannot be met by any human being.

That’s the option of the caregiver doesn’t fit for these needs. We need something more effective than any person. That’s why the system of Medical Alert systems emerges. Let’s see some other issues relating to it!

Do You Know- What’s The Medical Alert System?

A medical alert system includes some devices that are used to keep communication between a company and ailing persons. Nowadays these medical alert systems work as a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS).

To get all-time health services people use such a system. One device is kept near the ill man. When that man needs any help, he presses a button and that pressing sends a signal to the company. Then the company starts work on an emergency basis.

Some company includes a device that can send an auto alert sending system. That means when you become unable to seek help or become unable to move, then the device sends an auto signal to the company’s base station.

The BENEFICIAL SIDE Medical Alert System

Medical alert systems become increasingly popular day by day for its having a good number of features. On understanding, those features people of all over the world and of all walks of life are using these devices for keeping themselves safe.

  • Medical alert systems are able to protect you in case of any emergency that is not possible in case of any person whatever he or she may be.
  • If you appoint a traditional caregiver it will cost you many times more than any medical alert system. Even a medical alert system can provide you 24 hours service that is not possible for any caregiver.
  • On using a medical alert system you can seek help just by clicking a button. Even if you’re unable to seek help for any health situation then your status of body condition will automatically send to the company.
  • By using a medical alert system you’ll be an independent person and you’ll not need to seek help from anyone. Moreover, you’ll not be any burden to your family.
  • Generally, elderly people face the problem of anxiety and some other internal complexities. Such type of internal complexity cannot be detected by any human that is also possible by advanced devices of medical alert systems. Now we’re going to show you four best medical alert systems of these days.

Why We Listed These 4?

On creating this listing we follow several standards. We keep our notice on the approval systems of these medical alert systems. All the systems are approved by various related authorities. Suppose we can say about FM Approval.

The FM stands for Factory Mutual. This approval is provided for meeting the needs of emergency dispatch services. These systems got ESA Security certificates. These signs bear the testimony to the effectiveness of these four medical alert systems.

That’s why we mentioned these 4 in our listing. Firstly look on the table below to get the full image-

Product Name Specialty of the Devices
MobileHelp • Enjoy the benefit of more devices. • The signal range 1,300-foot area for all the time.
Bay Alarm Medical • Works as 911 emergency services. • Easy Connectivity and installation
Medical Guardian • Friendly to use as it can be Necklace • Beneficial for using AT&T Cellular network.
LifeFone • Best for avoiding risk of fatality. • Fit for using as individual & family.


This one is a USA based medical alert system. It has its basis in Boca Raton of Florida of the USA. It is one of the best M-PERS providers. Do you know- what’s that? The full meaning of M-PERS is Mobile-Personal Emergency Response System, which means it works on the basis of mobile devices to get emergency responses.

The devices of this medical alert system include a button named “Fall Button”. The job of this device is to “Automatic Fall Detection” works when an ailing person becomes unable to seek help for his or her deteriorating situation. Even if you become unable to move for any reason then it will send signal to the base station.

How It Works For Providing Services?

This medical alert system works like other medical service providers. Yet the working procedure of every medical alert system is almost same. Let’s see the working procedure!

  • Every device of this medical alert system includes a pendant or portable switch. If you click on that switch it will start the work.
  • When you click on this button it will send the details of you to the medical alert system.
  • After such sending, it will contact your neighbors immediately and do all the needful.
  • It works as a 2-way communication service provider. On using this medical alert system, you’ll be able to seek help just like a ordinary mobile phone.

Features Of Mobilehelp

There are some beneficial characteristics of the devices of this company. They only use 6 devices for providing services to their customers. For your early understanding, some of those features are as follows-

  • These devices are battery dependent and you can run such a device for 24 hours in any normal cases. This time schedule will be augmented in case of the battery on the base stations, that time schedule is 30 hours. This time schedule is mentioned after fully charging the battery.
  • All the devices are waterproof and you can use these devices in all the dry and wet situations. All the buttons of these devices, like- Fall Button, Neck Pendant, Wrist Button will also properly work in the wet seasons. But there are a few buttons of these devices are not waterproof but those devices are only for home purpose. So that’s not a big issue.
  • All the devices of this company are designed for tackling an emergency situation. Here two-way communication is also possible. If, in any emergency situation you’ve become unable to speak than the attached auto-detection system will also work. This system will send the message of this critical situation and the company will work accordingly.
  • The devices of this medical alert system are easy to carry. The weight of these devices is not so heavy. You can easily carry any of those devices for your needs. Even you can use it by wearing it on your body.
  • Most interestingly, MobileHelp Smart is just a watch that you can use just like a regular watch. All the other devices are also easy & comfortable to carry.

What’re The Devices Of Mobilehelp That Are Used To Maintain Communication?

There are several devices that are used by this company to provide medical help at emergency basis. Those devices are given below-

  • MobileHelp Classic
  • MobileHelp Wired Home
  • MobileHelp Duo
  • Mobile Duo
  • MobileHelp Smart
  • MobileHelp Solo

MobileHelp Classic

You can use this device without any landline and also can install this device immediately after getting it in hand. This one is Cellular in nature. To get this device, you need not sign on a long term contract or activation charge. This device is able to set up 2-way communication between the ailing person and the company’s emergency service. It includes a lockbox that excludes any other people from unwanted access to others. You can order this device sitting at your home. Currently, four packages are available, as follows-

  • Annual (1 year) – $359.40
  • Semi-Annual (6 months)- $179.70
  • Quarterly (3 months)- $98.85
  • Monthly (1 month)- $19.95


MobileHelp Wired Home

This device uses a landline-based service that can work from 1,300 feet distance. Here no cellular signal is needed to work as an emergency basis. It can set up Two-way communication and can run this communication for 24/7/365 services. This two-way communication runs its activity using a built-in speaker. You can bear this device in your wrist or lanyard. You’ll also get a lockbox with this device. There are 4 packages of this device, as follows-

  • Annual (1 year)- $275.40
  • Semi-Annual (6 months)- $137.70
  • Quarterly (3 months)- $74.85
  • Monthly (1 month)- $24.95

MobileHelp Duo

This device includes two systems, namely- Cellular in-home & on-the-go. You can use this device from home without using a landline. All the accessories will be provided with the ordered package that means you’ll not need to buy any tools for installing it. The current price of its 4 packages are given below-

  • Annual (1 year)- $443.40
  • Semi-Annual (6 months)- $221.70
  • Quarterly (3 months)- $119.85
  • Monthly (1 month)- $41.95

Mobile Duo

This device is a GPS medical alert system using the device. While all the devices include only one help button, but this device includes 2 help buttons. Mobile Duo includes Water Repellent Technology for making this device usable in every situation. For getting the response from the ailing persons it uses “100% Us-Based Response Center”. The price details of these devices are mentioned below-

  • Annual (1 year)- $479.40
  • Semi-Annual (6 months)- $239.70
  • Quarterly (3 months)- $128.85
  • Monthly (1 month)- $44.95

MobileHelp Smart

MobileHelp Smart works with the help of the Samsung Health app. This device is just like a general watch but the job of this device is much more than a general watch. This watch is helpful for you in many ways. Suppose it show the heart rate on its interface. Even it will show many other pieces of information, such as- Weather changing, fitness rate, any other health risks, and the like. Its provided medical health result is easily readable. The price details of this device are given below-

  • MobileHelp Smart Watch (1 piece)- $349.95

MobileHelp Solo

This device is Cellular in-home in nature brought to you for emergency response. This one is enough for providing two-way communication between the service provider and service taker. Here you’ll get with all the tools that are necessary for the installation of this device. This one is not a wireless one, you need to use it as a wired one. Any long term contracts or any activation fee is needed for taking the service of this device. The price details of this device are as follows-


  • Annual (1 year)- $395.40
  • Semi-Annual (6 months)- $197.70
  • Quarterly ( months)- $104.85
  • Monthly (1 month)- $37.95

How You Can Use These Devices Perfectly?

You’ll get an easily readable user manual with your ordered package. Yet, for your better understanding, several directions towards the using of these devices are given below-

  • When you go outside of your house, take the mobile device with you. Such carrying devices will provide you the emergency support if you need it. Even from outside, you can also talk with the responder using the speaker of those mobile devices.
  • Keep the devices far from the reach of the children and closer to you. This keeping will enable you to seek help after talking with the company if you need so.
  • If you want to use two devices for keeping those for more than one person, then the Mobile Duo System will be helpful for you. You can use this one for more than one person.
  • If you desire to keep these devices all the time with you, then you can use “Pendants and Wrist Buttons”. You’ll get all the features of emergency services with this device. Even by using this device you can easily use the remote mobile device.

The View Of Customers

Previous customers who are taken the service posted the review in different platforms. We’ve shown below some of those reviews-

  • Silvia Randazzo, a user of this medical alert system, wrote that “It gives me peace of mind that my mom will be able to get help when I am not around”.
  • Virgina Childers, another user of MobilHelp, after using it wrote that this medical alert system promises to provide quality services in all the areas or localities with a customer-friendly environment.
  • Enid Serota reviewed that the devices of this company are very easy to use. The person who came to install this device was a very courteous manner.
  • Elizabeth Kalina, after using this device, feels happy and satisfied, when she saw that she is now able to keep favorite pastimes alone without taking help from anyone.
  • Linda Cuttino posted a review after taking their service. In that review, she mentioned that the services of this company are so fast and very efficient in giving service.

2.Bay Alarm Medical

This one promises to provide medical help after just the pushing of a button. If your condition is so critical they’ll contract with your family, friends, and neighbors for tackling that situation. Let’s see all the features of this alert system!

How They Maintain Communication With Their Users?

This medical alert system uses four packages, like- In The Home, On The Road, On the Go, and Automatic Fall Detection.

  • In The Home, the package is for using staying in your home. When you push the help button of this device they’ll contact your nearer family members or others as like 911 emergency services.
  • On The Road, the package is for use in sitting at your car or any vehicle. Even you can use the device of this package when you travel outside for any purpose. The devices of this package are light weighted and comfortable to carry.
  • On the Go is for that time when you are on a walk. You’ll get the devices of this package in two colors- Black & white. You can choose anyone from those. They work at the same speed.
  • Automatic Fall Detection package is mentioned in the official site as Bundle & Save. If you want to use a device for a person of critical situation then you can choose this device.


This medical alert system provides medical assistance for its customers for more than 40 years. That’s why you’ll see a quite difference between the working ability of this one and the others. Their all the devices work on sudden fall detection.

How They Provide Services To Their Customers?

This medical alert system includes only four devices, like- At-Home Landline, At-Home Cellular, At-Home & On-the-Go GPS, and At-Home & On-the-Go GPS, Voice-In-Necklace.

  • At-Home Landline is a wired device that is able to detect any fall detection if occurs. The signal range of this one is 1300 feet. It is designed for people who stay at home.
  • At-Home Cellular is also designed for use at home but the main difference with the previous one is- it works without a landline. In other cases, these two are almost the same.
  • At-Home & On-the-Go GPS package is for the people who want to use a medical alert system in both home and outside. You’ll get here the facility of AT&T Cellular network when you’re outside.
  • At-Home & On-the-Go GPS, Voice-In-Necklace includes a two-way voice pendant that is optimal for use in all situations. It works using GPS Technology.

4.Medical Guardian

The official statement of this medical alert system is that they work to prevent the risk of fatality. They’re well-known for providing Monitoring support for their customers.

Features Of This Best Medical Alert System

Commonly they’ve only two packages- At Home & On The Go. Based on these two packages they provide 6 devices. Three for At Home and the other three for On The Go package.

  • Classic Guardian, Home Guardian, and Family Guardian are for a home package. The first two are use landline and their signaling range is only 600 feet. If you need to use more signaling range, then you can try the Family Guardian. In that, Family Guardian has a signal range of up to 1300 feet. All these devices are easy to use keeping those at home.
  • Mobile Guardian, Active Guardian, and Freedom Guardian are the devices of On The Go package. On the Go, the package is for those people who desire to use the medical alert system when they’re outside. All three devices can signal from 350 feet distance. GPS & Wi-Fi both are used to run the activity of these three.

The Customer Reviews Of These Medical Alert Systems

The previous users of these medical alert systems are satisfied with their customer-friendly services. Some of their reviews are given below-

  • Mark Adkins wrote about Bay Alarm Medical that he didn’t face any problem to set up it.
  • Amie Clark recommends using Bay Alarm Medical and she mentions this system as one of the best medical alert systems.
  • David reviewed the Live Fone writing that “It works great”
  • Debra reviewed Live Fone that its emergency response is great.
  • Gaynelle, a user of Medical Guardian, reviewed that its user manual is easy to understand.
  • Robert Heeren bought the device of Medical Guardian for his father and it works for him.
Frequently Asked Question
1. Among these four devices which one is the most suitable for a newbie?

Ans.- All four are newbie-friendly. You’ll also get an easily readable and understandable user manual with these four. Don’t worry about the installation and maintenance.

2. Are these systems work 24/7?

Ans.- Of course, these all are effective for 24/7 and for 365 days. Even you can try any of those for tackling any emergency situation.

3. Can I use the same device for more than one person?

Ans.- All devices will not give you this feature. Suppose, Mobile Duo of Mobile Help medical alert system will meet that needs.

4. What do you feel after writing the reviews on these 4?

Ans.- After successfully completing this article I feel happy. I hope this article will be helpful for providing you the right suggestion regarding the medical alert system.

5. Why Mobile Help will get great importance?

Ans.- In that, this medical alert system is of features that this one is worth to get great importance.

Final Thought- What Should I Do?

All these four are tested and effective medical alert systems. You’ll catch the point on seeing all the features of these fours. Even if you look at the customer reviews, you’ll see all of them are happy to experience the services provided by them. You can try any of these ones if you need any services of medical alert systems.