Male Extra Review

Are you eager to boost your sexual performance using the best product?

Certainly, you’ve seen a bunch of pills or products made for this purpose. But these all are not suitable for you and are not side-effect free. But surely, you can try the worldwide used, safe and effective penis enlargement pill by the Male Extra.

It will enhance your inner sexual appetite and stamina during the sexual session. You can enjoy the session with your larger and harder cock, with a longer period at your heart’s content before ejaculation.

How Male Extra Works?


The Male Extra is made from several high-quality natural ingredients, which are scientifically tested and widely accepted.

  • Those high-quality ingredients amalgamated in such a way which is best fitted to enhance the quality of the penis.
  • It will increase the blood flow inside every vein of the dick and thus size will be increased.
  • It will develop the quality of your semen and thus you’ll get erection strength.
  • It will increase your libido to a logical extent which will provide you with plenty of inner pleasure.

Being not satisfied with sexual performance, there is no need to move heaven and earth for the sexual cure. By these processes, the Male Extra will boost your sexual performance, and that will give you ultimate satisfaction.

When & How to Take Male Extra?

Want to take the best enhancement pill in the best time? You should take the Male Extra obeying the guidelines properly. Instructions of using this extra are mentioned in on the back of every bottle.

  • For your early intimation, it is to be mentioned here that you’ve to take 3 capsules with one of the main meals every day. But the best time is before or after breakfast.
  • Don’t take more than 3 capsules a day for a hasty cure. Remember all ingredients are very strong in terms of their quality, so don’t gild the lily.
  • You’ve to take this extra 3 to 6 months regularly based on your debility level. But there is no specific days limit on how long you’ve to use. If your sexual debility is the complex one, the days limit may linger.

Positive Vs. Negative Sides Male Extra

This enhancement pill is made of from natural and potential ingredients which healing power is widely recognized.

  • Combination of such natural ingredients is rarest one in case of other enhancement pills.
  • This product has gone through clinical trials and no side effect or bad quality has been detected.
  • The price of such pill remains reasonable although its demand increases manifold.
  • The healing procedure of taking this extra is believable or incredible- 3 capsules a day for 3 to 6 months.
  • It doesn’t redouble your sexual power for only one session, but it increases your sexual capability to the natural level forever.

Negative sides of this medically proven enhancement pill cannot be detected easily. Although, several facts about this pill should be told here.

  • You’ll not get ultimate cure if you don’t take this pill every day for 3-6 months. Taking this pill without continuity will not provide you any positive outcome.
  • Another thing is that the supply level of this extra is not in satisfactory level in comparison with its demand. That means the authority can’t supply readily with the increased demand for this extra.

Ingredients of Male Extra?

The most benign side of the Male Extra is that it is made of several tested ingredients, which have the potentiality to boost your sexual performance.

That means such ingredients will make your dick harder, larger and strong. The Male Extra is composed of the following ingredients- 

Male Extra Ingredients Dosage (In mg)

L-Arginine HCL 600

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid 500

Zinc 14

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100

L-Methionine 100

Cordyceps 25

Besides these elements, there is a little mixture of vitamin B3.

An important ingredient of this extra is L-arginine which is nothing but an amino acid. Protein foods are full of this amino acid. Many athletes use this food element to boost their performance and keep their stamina.

Pomegranate is a fruit with a bundle of reddish pip. It is a fruit with heavy nutrition power-

  • It improves the quality of fertility and erection to a larger extent.
  • It increases blood flow to all organs of the body.
  • Pomegranate extract is used in the extra keeping it natural power in mind. 
  • Pomegranate remove the risk being affected by Cancer.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is used in the extra to prevent week or unwanted cells in the male penis tissue. It also boosts the energy level for all time including your sexual session.

Creatine helps humans to increase the physical energy level. It produces energy in your muscle cells. For this you’ll not feel slothful during heavy lifting of muscle.

Cordyceps is used here to increase the blood flow. Penis size and thickness is dependent on such blood flow to every vein of the penis. If your blood flow has a continuity your overall sexual performance will be perfect. 

Last but not least testosterone levels are such a thing which never be ignored. Zinc is a potential mineral for increasing these testosterone levels. Besides this Zinc redoubles muscle mass and stamina for quite a long time.

Cost of the Male Extra

Human sexual pleasure is such a heavenly feeling which can’t be and shouldn’t be calculated in terms of money.  Plenty of evidence shows that many people wouldn’t get sexually cured although they spend a million dollars.

But this heavenly pleasure should be enjoyed by all for their better life.

By considering all such matters, the authority keeps a reasonable price of this enhancement pill. We offer three different supply packages for buyers and these are-



  • 1 month – $64.95
  • 3 month – $197.95
  • 6 month – $249.90

That means the more you buy, the more you save. So to achieve the highest discount you should buy 6 months package. In buying 6 months package you can use this enhancement pill for quite a long as well as you can save $139.80.

Gradual results Day by Day-Male Extra

When you start to use this male enhancement pill, you’ll understand the positive change of sexual capacity. 

  • Just after one week, your erections will be transformed into rock solid. By this strength, you can drive your partner into such a frenzy that she will be satisfied to the nth degree.
  • After two weeks, your penis will be started to increase gradually. In the first month of using this product, it will increase your penis at least 0.8 inches.
  • Before passing three weeks the quality of semen will develop in a logical extent. And you can imagine the density of semen. Needless to say, it is only because of the rising number of sperm.
  • The Extra Boosts your testosterone levels after only the third week of using. Such boosted testosterone increases the volume of semen.
  • Just after one month using, any male with sexual debility will be started to get cure. But you’ve to keep the continuity of using this extra 3 to 6 months to get permanent cure.
  • Using session is dependent on the time of sexual ailing and the level of your sexual debility.
Penile Cell Quality

Penis stimulation is caused because of blood circulation in your penis cells. If your penis cells are affected with any sexual disease then your cells will not function properly. That means your cells become weak and unwanted.

Having such weak penile cells you’ll not be able to have satisfactory performance. The manufacturer of this extra has kept the improvement of penile cell quality in the first stage.When you start to take this extra your penile cell quality will be improved at first.

After using this pill for months together your penile cell will be turned into bigger which can hold more blood. Just take this pill and enjoy better erection.

Penis Size Enlargement

The size of own penis is a matter of self-esteem for every mother’s son. By using this sentiment, several drug companies advertise some penis enlargement product which claims optimal enlargement on one week use.

  • Perfect enlargement in just one week is nothing but an utterly wrong concept. Permanent enlargement is not possible at all during such a short time.
  • The Male Extra offers you the enlargement of your penis from 0.8 to 2.6 inch after using it 3 to 6 months, which is medically proven.
  • This product will have done all supplementary things like- cell quality development, erectile function improvement, etc earlier.
  • So penis enlargement offered by male extra is a believable version and proven fact.

For this reason, till now, more than 150,000 people have used this pill and haven’t faced any complexity. Almost 12 million capsules have been sold, but you haven’t seen a single negative review of this product.

Erectile Dysfunction

Although the erectile function is almost dependent on mental capability, the physical ability is also important here.

  • Many sexual diseases are grown from erectile dysfunction. So don’t avoid this problem or lead your life with this dysfunction for months.
  • This Male Extra is produced keeping the matter of erectile dysfunction in mind.
  • This enhancement pill increases libido and creates a positive effect on the mind of the sexual debilitated person.
  • So if any person with erectile dysfunction tries this pill only a few weeks his dysfunction problem will be resolved.
  • Even this pill improves the function of your heart. And there is a link between erectile function and heart function.
  • By using this enhancement pill up to 6 months your erectile dysfunction will be resolved permanently.

Consent of Fiancee

Generally, sex pills are one of the loathsome things to one’s sexual partner. Because using such pills, you’ll prove yourself sexually disabled. Just carry on to understand why they don’t give consent-

  • Sexually disable persons use sex pills for making them able for a shorter period. More often than not, they use such pills before sex.
  • For this reason, almost all classes of women hate the using of such pills.
  • But in case of this enhancement pill, it will not add anything new to your organs, or not generate power in your dick for a while.
  • It paves the way for functioning of your dick and testicles. It will increase your natural blood flow.
  • When that’s the case, your fiancee will not only permit you to take this enhancement pill but also she encourages you to use it for a long time.
  • Because this extra adds nothing new which is foreign to your physique, it will return you to your cured past.

Customers Reviews Male Extra

Philip on his personal website writes a review on this Extra-

Hello, I’m Philip. After using the Male Extra I want to give my honest review to intimate you that which product is best for the enhancement of libido and dick. 

Because I think many people are facing this most embarrassing problem but do not get a proper medical solution. Even their sexual heal is deteriorating day by day. 

But this product is made for the peoples of all four corners of the earth. Any male with a sexual disability may use this without any hesitation because it is side effect free. 

But to get a permanent solution you’ll have to use this pill at least 3 months. If you’ve any such long-standing problem, then you’ve to use it 3-6 months. Then you’ll get a satisfactory solution. In my case, I understood the result after using it for only one week.

 A widely popular company started its selling online from 2009. That means more than 10 years have been passed after its inception. It will give you the following strengths-

  • Make your cock larger, harder and strong.
  • It will increase your semen quality just after the 2-week session.
  • It will improve your energy during the sexual session and thus you’ll get more time without an erection.
  • Your blood circulation in dick will certainly be increased.
  • By using it 3-6 months your sexual strength will get permanence.

 Jeanette B. from USA recently gave her review on this enhancement pill in world famous

Hey! I’ve purchased one Male Extra pack for my loving boyfriend. Recently he has been facing erectile difficulties due to his long addiction to smoking. He is too young to start taking viagra or any other powerful sexual pill. Not young only to me, but really. Then we’ve done followings-

  • Then I started to search on the browser to get an enhancement pill composed of natural ingredients.
  • At last, we choose this Extra.
  • After using it for a few months his problem has been solved.
  • Now we’re happy in our sexual life.

My boyfriend is too shy to express directly his feeling here. So I’m here to intimate you all that don’t hesitate to take this extra. It will give you plenty of heavenly pleasure like us. Thanks to all.


What Results will you Get By Male Extra ?

Many of us want to get effective result from male enhancement products by using those only in a few days.

But in all respect, it shouldn’t be. Such a very short time using will not hatch any good result.

In the case of this product, continuity is a must. Otherwise, you’ll not get the desired result.

Many users suggest that you’ve to use this enhancement product at least 3 months continuously. You will get your dick with 0.8 to 2.6 inch enhanced. Besides this, it will develop your semen quality to a logical extent. And by such development, you’ll be able to get long-time sexual session without hasty ejaculation.

All these narrations are not the fictitious version, but many times proved facts. You’ll find plenty of evidence what you’ve read now if you make a research on it.

Certainly, it can be mentioned that this capsule is the most potential one, which guaranteed such enhancement within only 3 months.

Media Coverage Male Extra

On 04 August 2019, World famous online sex news portal Gaylesbiantimes posted an editorial on Male Extra.

  • In this editorial they flourish the effectiveness of this extra.
  • It is better for peoples who want long-lasting intercourse.
  • It will give better orgasm to its users.

On 03 December 2018, A Health news agency named Healthline published an article on danger of artificial products in enhancement pills. But it appreciates the use of natural ingredients used in male enhancement product like the extra.

Reviews on Social Media

On 18 November 2018, A Facebook user named Nil View gave a review of this extra. In his review, he mentioned-

  • This extra will increase your stamina with all night staying power.
  • It will give you permanent sexual solution.

On 26 September 2017, Darren Jackson on Twitter gave following review of this extra-

  • It will give you natural power promptly.
  • You can buy it without any hassle.
  • It is totally side effect free.

Success Story of Manufacturing Company?

The manufacturer of the Male Extra is Vobue Limited which is based on Cyprus Island. Vobue Limited has been working as a manufacturer and supplier for over a decade.

  • In this long time of manufacturing and supplying it has never been accused of manufacturing low-quality products.
  • Although supplements of this company are still creating in FDA- approved facilities, which is not possible for all first-class companies.
  • Necessary supporting stuff like health consultants, the quality controller is available here.
  • Generally, this company makes products which increase men’s sexual performance. In doing so, Vobue Limited can certainly be treated as Successful.

Can i Get Male Extra today?

If you wanna buy this Extra you can visit official website and order it immediately. We have no shop or other selling places in offline.

So, if anyone offers you to buy this product in offline just ignore him and intimate us the incident immediately.

The only valid way to buy the Extra is place order through our website. By placing order perfectly, you’ll surely be got the real deal.

You can order your desired package. Now 6 months supply is ready for order. Delivery time is 5-15 day after placing order.

Interestingly, you’ll get free 2 bottles of erection gel. Besides this, you will have 60 days money-back guarantee, if you want to do so. Buyers of this product are satisfied with the privacy policy. So don’t be worried. Order it without any hesitation, they will protect your privacy at any cost.

Is any Doctor’s Review?

Carol L. Clark, A PHD Degree Holder in Medical Science, popularly known as sexual therapist suggests this extra for it natural ingredients-

  • It is totally composed of safe natural ingredients.
  • Quality of such natural elements keeps a permanent positive impact in human body.
  • In case of this extra, there is no side effect to be mentioned.
Is any Possibility of Scam Male Extra ?

Today some online marketplaces become sordid places of scamming. But there is no scamming chance in case of Vobue Limited-

  • License or product producing permission of this company is okay.
  • You’ll not find any scam review of this company or its produced products online or offline.
  • For this reason, it has passed more than 10 years of its business but hasn’t faced any complexity.

Does Shipping matters?

Shipping is one of the important matters for every online buyer. Especially, for the buyers of such areas where communication procedure is not so easy task. For that, almost all online marketplace has some delivery restrictions for some areas.

  • But in case of this Male Extra, there is worldwide shipping system. And most interestingly, we will not impose any charge for shipping.
  • That means you can buy it wherever you live and can order it sitting your bedroom. 
  • After placing an order, you’ll receive your package at your desired place- your own home or otherwise.
  • If you’re from the US or UK, you’ll receive your ordered package within 2 days of placing your order. But if you’re from the rest part of the world you’ve to wait five to fifteen days after order.
Concluding Remark-Male Extra

As a human, your honour in conjugal life is mostly dependent on your sexual performance. Sexual debility is a rock-solid barrier to get any honour and pleasure in sexual life.

Male Extra is made keeping these words in mind. It returns the lost joy in many families.

So don’t stay with your tiny penis having sexual debility. Take this pill and enjoy in your sexual session.