Jes Extender

Man’s sexual problem is not limited to only debility and size. Penis curvature is also a big problem related to human sexual behaviour.

Its other name is Peyronie’s disease. There is a little number of Extenders in the market for curing these diseases.

Among them, the Jes Extender is the most efficient device to cure such diseases. For more than the last 20 years, it has been fulfilled its purpose by increasing the penis 20%-30%. Now, over half a million user are satisfied by using this product.

What is Jes Extender?


Jes Extender is a top-notch penis enlargement device that has enough potentiality to increase your penis removing your penis curvature. Some amazing features of this device are given below-

  • Jes Extender is the first non-surgical penis traction method in the Globe.
  • This device follows the non-surgical method to increase the size of the penis.
  • It has been in the world market since 1995.
  • The idea to develop a device to enhance penis preventing penis curvature was of Jes Bech Muller.
  • Now it is manufactured and marketed by the DanaMedics Business, of Denmark.
  • It goes without saying that it is the safest and clinically approved way to enlarge the penis.

How Jes Extender Works?

This instrument has a unique process to improve the function of human sex. It works on following paths-

  • Jes Extender works following the most effective method named penis traction.
  • This method is performed by applying a steady stretch to the shaft of the penis.
  • After repeated such an application, the penis tissue divide and transformed into multiply.
  • This name of such division is called cytokinesis.
  • On the impact of all these, the penis is increased by preventing the penis curvature.

How to Use Jes Extender for the Best Result?

To get the most fruitful result, you’ve to follow these steps letter by letter-

  • At first, take your device-Jes Extender at hand.
  • Then insert your flaccid penis through the base ring of it.
  • Then you’ll found the two elongation bars on two sides of your penis.
  • Then just twist the elongation bars to apply traction on your penis.
  • This applied traction should not be too tight or too loose, just apply at your convenience.

You may apply traction on the following basis-

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Good and Bad Sides of Jes Extender

There are a good number of good sides of this toll. Some of such most propitious sides are as follows-

  • This instrument is made of soft plastic, so it is comfortable to use.
  • It works staying below your wearing, so it will not be exposed to anyone.
  • You’ll see the amazing result after the first 7 days of use.
  • This tool will augment the length man’s penis by 24% and the thickness of it by 19% nearly.
  • It is a stand-alone product to prevent the problem of penis curvature.
  • The instrument is also used to remove impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and related sexual debilities.

Besides such good sides, there are some negative sides. You should know properly about that dark area-

  • To get the desired outcome, users have to keep the device beneath the undergarments for the recommended time.
  • This device is a little bit pricey because of its high-quality materials.
  • Commonly the details of this device are alien to a newbie without reading carefully.

Does Jes Extender Really Work?

Just one issue is enough to understand the answer to the question. That is the augmented using rate of this device and given customer reviews. You’ll find a plenty of reviews and comments on this tools in various different platforms.

Many doctor suggestions, and clinical expert’s review proves the working ability of it. All these things indicate the promptly working sign of this device.

Is Jes Extender Worth to Use?

This device are composed of safe and comfortable materials, as follows-

  • There is one base ring compose of soft plastic through which penis will be inserted.
  • Two silicone tubes exist alongside between base ring and frontal metal bar.
  • Frontal metal bar exist at the ending point i.e. where penis head touch.
  • Barring silicone tubes, other part of the device is made of safe and bending plastic.
  • There is a little bit difference in the different packages.

All 6 Packages of Jes Extender

Not all positive sides have been told to you, a few remains. For the greater benefit of customers, the manufacturers keep 6 different packages-

  • The JES Extender Original
  • The JES Extender Light
  • The JES Extender Silver
  • The JES Extender Gold
  • The JES Extender Platinum
  • The JES Extender Titanium

The JES Extender Original

  • This package is perfect for average people who want to improve the appearance of the penis.
  • You’ve to wear this thing for at least 6 hours a day.
  • You’ll get this tool in a stylish mahogany case.
  • It is suitable for a penis up to 9.1 inches.

The JES Extender Light

  • If you desire both- efficiency and affordability, it is for you.
  • It is fit for people who’ve only up to 6.7 inches penis.
  • You’ll get this device with a comfort strap and a transparent silicone tube.

JES Extender Gold

  • Most interestingly, this device is covered with 24-carat gold, and adapt to 9.1 inches penis
  • Accessories with it include comfort strap, set of keys, cohesive gauze, spare parts kit, and so on.
  • This package is designed to make it more comfortable for its users.
  • A velcro strap is added here for ensuring your safety.

JES Extender Platinum

  • It is one most premium models, which also fit for 9.1 inches penis.
  • It will be veiled with platinum and it can provide 1,200g of traction force.
  • Its accessories include Basel Unit, Dual Function Front Piece, Silicon Tube, four sets of elongation bars, etc.

JES Extender Titanium

  • This device is the long-time produced asset of the manufacturer, and also precise for 9.1 inches.
  • Premium grade of titanium has been used here results in extra half-inch extension bars.
  • Its accessories contain aluminum flight case, Comfort Strap, Protection Pad, and many others.


  • This is an original and lightweight version of the penis enhancer.
  • It will provide you an exclusive traction force, which is not possible in other devices.
  • It is sold with a set of adjustment keys and two comfort pads.
  • It is suitable for penises up to 9.1 inches.

Want to Buy Jes Extender Sitting Bedroom?

If you want to buy any of these packages, there is no need to go outside. Just place your order in choosing one of the following packages. Remember all these devices are made and assembled in Denmark. You’ll get 100% money-back guarantee for return if you want to do so. Besides, that proper confidentiality will be maintained.

Product Specialty Review
The JES Extender Original $229.99 2 Year Warranty
The JES Extender Light $199.00 1 Year Warranty
The JES Extender Gold $349.99 5 Year Warranty
The JES Extender Platinum $1,000.00 Lifetime Warranty
The JES Extender Titanium $249.99 2 Year Warranty

Why We Review Jes Extender?

Many of us when seeing a new product, not familiar with us, we think this product is effective or not. It seems not out of ordinary. But in case of this product, I can say you may consider it as a top-notch penis enhancement device without thinking anymore.

A world-famous journal like the British Journal of Neurology reported on this device showing its glorious features all the minerals of this device and the using positive is many times proven to be effective.

Based on only these two facts I can say you will be available using this device so don’t stay with your unwanted penis just use this device under your pants, which is also comfortable. Get your penis in your desired quality. That is the main motion behind our review.

Customers & Users Reviews on Jes Extender

Robert posted his review as given below-

  • He has used Jes Extender Gold for 2 months, for 2 hours a day.
  • After that, he had experienced an increase of ½.
  • He recognized this product as of high quality and working.

Coinguy wrote his review on Jes Extender-

  • He got an erection length of 6.75” from 6.25” and, after 3 months of using this.
  • He recommended to use it with loose pants to avoid the notice of everyone.
  • To say about its effectiveness, he agreed with the version that it is effective.

Dan says that-

  • This device is a scientifically proven penis enhancer.
  • It works more than 2 decades from its manufacturing.
  • It worked on him for his improvement.

On Jan 05, 2019, MypenisandI reviewed that

  • He has used this device for 500 hours in total.
  • By using such a period, he gained from 7×5.5 to 9×5.5.
  • Seeing the progress, he couldn’t believe his size.

On Nov 27, 2017, MelonLord said-

  • Recently he started to use this tool for the improvement of his penis.
  • His gain is half an inch to his then existed 6”x5” penis.
  • He used this device for approximately one hour every day.

A user without mentioning his real name, on Nov 21, 2017, reviewed that

  • His penis has been over an inch longer.
  • His penis head also bigger on the impact of this device.
  • Undoubtedly it works, and he found that.

A user without exposing his identity, on Oct 17, 2017, reviewed that

  • His gain is now 6.75 after using it for 3 months.
  • His overall experience with this device was good.
  • He found this instrument very useful to increase the penis.

On Oct 02, 2017, Arjay geera wrote that

  • In his case, the machine worked very faster.
  • He achieved 0.5 inches in erect length after a few months of using.
  • He continued the using of it then.

On Sep 30, 2017, a user named by azazel wrote that

  • He is stressed about pills, creams, and patches.
  • But he thinks that penis exercise machines like this one work.
  • He urged to all that wear it to resolve your curvature.

On Sep 27, 2017, Cyclops wrote on this product mentioning that

  • The gains happen with girth in the case of him.
  • He has used this device for a few weeks.
  • His gain is 6 inches for 5.75 inches.
Jes Extender in the Eye of Doctor

In 1998, Dr. Siana, reported on this device as follows-

  • He found 28% increase in penis size in ten patients, who have used this device.
  • The using time was only 24 weeks.
  • At last, he recommended to all that this device is safe to use.

Media Coverage

On April 2011, a comparative study conducted by two doctors named Marco Oderda and Paolo Gontero, was published in the British Journal of Urology focusing on

  • The best penis enlargement technique is followed in the time of the manufacturing of this device.
  • Such a penile enhancer works.
  • There are no such elements detrimental to health.

Review Given by Social Media Users

Yenn, on Oct 19, 2019, posted a tweet mentioning that-

  • Jes extender is a product worth to buy spending a high amount of dollars.
  • This device is very efficacious in resolving the curvature problem.
  • It is very comfortable to use under a loose pant.

 Jose Cortés, on October 15 of this year, tweets that

  • Jes extender is manufactured to make your penis straight as much as possible.
  • It will improve your penis quality forever.
  • Nothing to be worried about for its using procedure.

Chance to scam Jes Extender?

The marketing of this device was started two decades ago. During this long tenure, more than 5 lacs pieces of this instrument have been sold. The device has been examined by many clinical experts. If you go online and see their reviews, you will not found any negative comments or reviews among those.

All relevant documents like license, product producing permission or any other of the manufacturing company are okay. During two decades of their successful business, this company has not been faced with any legal complexities for their principles. So you can take it sure that there is no little chance to scam in it.

If there is any scam then they cannot pass 2 decades with their successful business. If you think about the price of this product you will find the price is reasonable. All these statements bear the testimony to the veracity of this product and its manufacturing company.

Frequently Asked Question
1. Tell me the most suitable device for me in these packages?

Ans.- To get the answer to this question, you’ve to measure your penis size. If your size is up to 6.7 inches The JES Extender Light will be perfect for you. Other packages are for up to 9.1 inches. Every package has a distinctive nature. You’ve to choose seeing its nature.

2. What is the benefit of this device in comparison with other pumps or pills?

Ans.- In a word, this instrument is to resolve the curvature problem increasing your penis size.

3. What age is precise for using this instrument?

Ans.- All age is a perfect age. You can use this device at any age, it is not a factor.

4. Say the perfect way to use this device?

Ans.- Take the tool at hand, insert your flaccid penis through the base ring, within the two elongation bars, twist the elongation bars to apply traction on your penis. Continue this process every day as long as your problem solved.

5. What is your realization after writing an article on this device?

Ans.- I feel that I have written this article for the betterment of human sexual health.

6. Say about the overall sexual performance on the impact of using it?

Ans.- An increased penis will certainly increase your libido, create a sense inside you to show the heroic organ. Curvature will be removed after using it. So, your overall sexual performance will be improved.

7. Is it needed to change my regular habit of using this?

Ans.- No, there is no need for it.

8. Can it be seen by others if I wear it?

Ans.- Wear it under a loose pant to avoid such embarrassment.

9. Is it approved by clinical specialists?

Ans.- Of course, A good number of medical specialists have examined this device.

10. Is there any chance to feel sick on the impact of it?

Ans.- No, there is no such chance or possibility.

Final Saying Jes Extender

A sexual problem is the most embarrassing problem in human life. You should not think that penis curvature is so little that can create no effect. No problem or debility relating to your sexual organ should be treated as a general hassle in your day to day life.

If you are affected by the problem of penis curvature then just use any of these devices according to your penis size. You will found it very efficacious and comfortable. Your problem will be gone away within a few weeks and you’ll found a new enlarged penis, which will make you happy in the long run. May such of your happiness be spread in your loving one.