Bone loss can be slowed down by the usage of Fosamax because it increases bone mass. It is a very commonly used drug for people who are suffering from osteoporosis and Paget’s disease. There are certain things you must always keep in mind when you take any drug. The same goes for taking these pills. One should sit upright for a minimum of half an hour to prevent stomachaches and esophagus problems.

These tablets should always be taken early in the morning before any other kind of activity takes place. It is also advised that when you do take Fosamax, you make it with a glass of water. The sad thing about making this drug is that people, who do make it, become extremely prone to getting osteoporosis in the jaw. Thus, one should be aware of taking care and being ready for its symptoms that include gum infection, slow recovery from any kind of dental surgery, jaw pain, numbness, loose teeth and even swelling. Once you see any of these symptoms, contacting your doctor would be a wise idea.

People who are taking this drug should keep in mind to inform their dentist that they are using these tablets before they go through any dental surgery. This is very important, or there could be various side effects that you would have to face. This drug should also never be taken by different antacids and supplements.