10 Top Ways To Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the most common bad habits for many of us. It is well-known that this habit will cause a god number of diseases and health related complexities.

But these bad issues are often ignored by all of us. Generally, people can understand properly the bad effect of smoking at the eleventh hour of their life. In that time they’ve nothing to do but being dejected.

Here we mention 10 mind blowing tips of quitting smoking. On reading which you’ll be able to give up such bad habit.


1.Make A Straight Plan At First To Quit Smoking

This planning is often avoided by all of us. But, remember, work without thinking and planning will give you nothing. That why planning is of utmost importance.

If you’re suspicious about the bad effects of smoking then you should know the issue at first. If you search online about the harmful side of smoking, you’ll get the answer with the advice of a doctor.

After being sure about the harmful effects you can start to make a plan on how you’ll give up smoking. First off, you’ve to identify which are the barriers to quitting smoking. Then you can step forward accordingly.


2. Change Your Daily Diet According To Your Needs

You’ve to identify one issue- which one is your favorite time for smoking? Some edible stuff can increase the need & taste of smoking. Suppose meat is such an item.

You should avoid meat before your favorite time of smoking. There’re some other edible items that can create just the opposite impact, which means, create aversion on the cigarette.

Cheese is one of such items. If you’re desired to smoke at night, especially before sleeping, then you can keep the cheese at your dinner table.

And in that case, it is highly recommended to avoid meat at night as it is your favorite time for smoking.

3. Consider The Issue Relating To Some Of The Drinks

This issue is just like the edible items. Some drinks can increase the need and taste of smoking and some other creates just the opposite effects.

A few drinks like tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, alcohol, cola, and the like will augment the necessity of smoking. On the other hand, juices made from fruits can decrease the need for smoking. In your favorite time of smoking, you can take a juice and drink it slowly.

It will enable you to quit the habit of smoking soon. Needless to say, you’ve to avoid those drinks that will raise the needs of smoking.


4. Fix The Time When You Need Cigarettes

Generally, a craving for smoking remains for 5 to 6 minutes. That is the urgent need yet it maybe longer in different people.

In that urgent time, you should busy with any other issues you like to avoid immediate smoking. This method is very helpful for quitting smoking.

Even in such a hard time, you can try any juice or other edible items that can reduce the need for smoking. At the eleventh hour of quitting smoking, you should avoid the parties that are smoking-friendly.


5. Do Something For An Effective Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Quitting smoking is not so easy task as many non-smokers think. When you stop the habit the sudden nicotine withdrawal will give you unbearable pain.

It will affect the whole of your body and mind. That’s why they need for nicotine replacement therapy emerges. These therapies will prevent the factors caused by nicotine withdrawal.

You’ll found a good many therapies online in just one search. You can choose anyone at your convenience. If you can deter those factors by using any effective therapy, surely, it will be helpful for you to quit smoking.


6. Keep All The Necessary Tools Away From You

There’re some differences between the room of a smoker and that of a non-smoking person.

Suppose you’ll see some tools in the room of a smoker. Such tools are ashtrays, lighters, some cigarette packets. These tools create a smoking-friendly environment.


If your room is full of those tolls throw them away from your room. Otherwise, they will stand on the path of getting into smoking again.

You may keep some tools like your favorite CDs, books, some of your favorite edible items in your room. These can do the alternative job of cigarette tools.

7. Don’t Stay Too Much Time In The Home Or Without Move

It is known to almost all the smokers that when they’re on the move they feel less craving for nicotine.

If you’re about to give up smoking you should not stay in your home for a long time. That will raise a desire to start smoking for only the last time.

At the end of the day, the last time will be never ended. For that reason, you may practice walking or running for some time when the desire for smoking starts.

In doing so, your craving for a cigarette will go away and you’ll get some beneficial outcome of these exercises. In giving up the cigarette, this method will help you if you desire to avoid cigarette is so strong.


8. Building A Good Relationship With The Non-Smoker Guys

There’s great importance for the company in every man’s life. Even a good number of smokers start to smoke on the impact of their friends.

That’s why- changing of the circle is so important. When your friend starts to smoke sitting beside you, it will be easier to you getting involved with him in the smoking.

In such circumstances, you’ll never be able to give up smoking. That’s why you need to change the buddies and make new friends who’re not a smoker or at least not chain smokers.

When you pass time with them they will not raise any intention in you to start smoke. After fully giving up smoking, you can return back to your old friends. Because, then, you can avoid smoking at all the circumstances.

9. Count Some Beneficial Things Every Day

You should count some beneficial issues every day. A smoker person has to spend a good amount of penny on meeting his smoking purpose.

You can gather all the coins and notes which will be spent by you if you’re a smoker now.

That will make you happy seeing the piles of coins and notes at the end of every week. When you give up smoking fully, you’ll feel some bodily change in the next month or earlier.

You should count all this in writing. When you see this count, it will enable you to understand the benefit of quitting cigarettes. That will also inspire you to give up this habit completely.


10. Take Help From Stop Smoking Support

In almost all the developed countries there is a good number of stop smoking support companies.

They are for providing you all the supports that you need to quit smoking. Their providing help varies from man to man. In that, every man needs different support.

If you’re from the USA, you’ll get plenty of such companies. You can call for their help if you’re unable to quit smoking yourself. All types of help provided by them will be under the active guidance of experts.

Nicotine Free is highly effective thanks to its natural ingredients. The food supplement contains, e.g., chicory, African mango, glucomannan, chromium, or green tea. This combination creates an effective formula that helps quit smoking.

“I had enough of smoking. It bothered me that I have to spend money or do breaks between my work and have a smoke. The fact that I did not decide about myself annoyed me the most. The addiction controlled my life. That is why I have decided to do something about it. My first 2 tries were with products advertised on TV, both ended in failure. I could not handle the need to smoke. Nicotine Free was different. I have practically felt the difference immediately. Each day the need to have a smoke was smaller. Day by day I have smoked fewer cigarettes. Eventually, it happened. There came a day when I did not smoke even one cigarette. 93 days have passed since that moment. I did not smoke at all during that time and I feel great physically. I’m so proud of myself that I have regained the control over my body.”

Carl, 30 years old

Are Those All Safe And Effective?

On the above ten methods of quitting smoking have been mentioned. All these methods are collected from top-notch health reviewing sites.

In the case of safeness, there should not be suspicious because here you’ve not taken any harmful drug. Just you need to change your habit.

In doing so, we recommend you to eat more juice or vegetables. In that, they’re able to keep yourself away from smoking by preventing the needs of smoking.

To say about the effectiveness of those methods, one thing should be borne in mind- the effectiveness of these methods, in this case, is almost up to you.

That means how strongly you can feel the quitting of smoking. If you feel that so strongly, then all these methods will certainly be effective for you.

In that, previous reality testifies the effectiveness of all these methods mentioned here.


Final Verdict-when you quit smoking what happens?

The people who were chain smokers previously could give up smoking it is not out of ordinary. The number of quitter of smoking is well many.

Why you cannot give up the bad habit? Just try to avoid smoking applying the methods mentioned above.

Certainly, you’ll be able to get rid of the puzzle of smoking. First, you’ve to hold the desire- “I’VE TO QUIT SMOKING”.

How long I’ve to wait to avoid smoking? It is also a question raised by many of us. If you can abide by at least five methods continuously, one month is enough for quitting smoking for you.

Yet it depends on the people who want to quit smoking. But, commonly one to two months is enough for totally giving up smoking.