How to Stop Excessive Masturbation

It is said that brain is the main sex organ because the urge starts in the mind. The 5 senses of a human body lend a great deal in turning you on. Excessive masturbation is not good for health because a person gets involved a lot in sexual fantasies that capture the mind for the greater part of the day.

When more sperms go out, new sperms take birth and then it becomes psychological issue because if a man is experiencing ejaculation twice or thrice a day, then new sperms come out too quickly. The body becomes used to ejaculating too often. Sexual urge and fantasies lingers in your mind most of the time.

There may be one or two things you may be addicted to which instigates you to go for a round of masturbation. Watching porn or reading erotica is the most common reasons that turn men on. If you want to stay away from masturbating too frequently then you can unsubscribe yourself from the porn sites or monthly dose of erotic magazines online for about a month to get back to normal.

A better idea is to find out the root and try to stay away from it most of the time. This is because by slashing off the cause of your addiction you are winning over your masturbating addiction.

Excessive Masturbation can bring many health problem

Everything unlimited or over or excessive is bad for health; so is masturbation. You have to stop your over indulgence by believing in yourself. If you have confidence to overcome your compulsive masturbating habit, want to get rid of the guilt and all the physical or psychological problems then you have to start right now. Once you have learnt how to stay away from porn it will be a lot easier for you. Accept that you have to control your compulsive masturbating habit. Getting an erection is quite easy but getting back to normal is not that tough if you try diverting your mind.

Go out and breathe fresh air, wash your face or change your clothes. It is easy to divert your mind. Play your favorite mobile game or invite a friend for a tennis match. You can be on your toes when you feel the urge to do it. You can still practice your controlling power by stroking your penis for a while on getting an erection but do not go on till the point of ejaculation. Light stroking will help a great deal in calming you down.