How To Prevent Energy Crashes While Losing Weight

You’re trying to lose weight so you’re eating less and you’re exercising hard but then all of a sudden you find yourself shaking, tired and feeling like you’ve just got to eat or you’ll die.

You put it down to your blood sugar levels being low so you go to the cupboards and make a big bowl of cereal with tons of sugar on top.

Pretty soon you’re feeling better but you find yourself back to square one.

What if I told you there was a way to avoid all of this and lose weight faster and with no energy crashes.

Well there is!

It’s called the Ketogenic diet and it’s where you eat almost no carbs and lots of fat.

Not only is it very satiating but fat is a more efficient fuel that your body has lots of.

So even though you’re eating less you will still have energy and because it’s running on fat which because you’re trying to lose weight you have plenty of you have no shakes or crashes at all!

The Ketogenic diet is a struggle at first because you need to adapt to it and force your body to start burning ketones from fat instead of glucose from carbs.

To do this you should go zero carb for a few days and test yourself with ketone strips.

If you pee on the strip and it turns purple then you’re fully keto adapted and your body is no longer relying on evil sugar and is now burning pure fat.

Trust me, do yourself a favor and research the Ketogenic diet and give it a try. You will feel amazing on it!

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