How to make penis bigger without pills

Getting a bigger penis is a common desire for many of us. We all want to show our bigger penis to our loving partners. If some of us have shorter penis we want to hide it from seen in any way.

Is it desirable to stay with a tiny penis? Certainly, it is not needed at all. Even it is the most horror one for every mother’s son. You can make your penis bigger in so many ways.

In this article, we’re going to show you- how you can make your penis enlarged naturally? We mention here some of the effective eating and exercising aspects.


Eating Penis-Friendly Foods As Often As You Can

Food is related to our living. But in choosing the food we should be more cautious. Probably you’re familiar with the foods like-

Chili Peppers, Strawberries, Avocados, Damiana Leaf, Peanut Butter, Broccoli, Teff, garlic, Peanuts, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Goji Berries, Greek Yogurt, Fortified Cereals, and the like.

These all are good for making your penis big and healthy. Try to keep at least 2 or 3 items in your everyday meal.

This will be helpful for you in so many aspects in terms of your penis health. Even if you eat the products made of those foods it will also be effective for you.


Taking Regular Exercise For Making The Penis Longer

Generally, we consider exercise to say only for the weight loss, for the growing tall, and the like.

But for making the penis big there are a good number of exercises. These exercises are commonly known as the stretching of the penis.

When you stretch your penis, it will spread in such a way that the penile tissues can hold more blood. This holding of blood will make your penis big.


Even you can perform these exercises by using any device under your underwear. If you’re able to perform these exercises for a long time every day, certainly you’ll get a bigger penis in just a couple of weeks.

Do Some Jobs For Libido Boosting

Libido or the desire for sex is also important to make the penis big. If you have a low libido you’ll not be able to erect your penis more often. That low rate of erection will remain your penis in a tiny position.

To solve this problem you’ve to perform sexual sessions at least 3 or 4 times a week. Don’t keep your penis unused for s long time that will ruin your penis health to the nth degree.

In addition to that, you can take libido boosting foods or fruits for increasing your libido. Repeated erection with the increased libido will certainly make your penis longer.


May Rely On Some Natural Sexual Product

Consuming foods or taking pills comprised of natural items. Remember you should avoid the pills that contain chemical products in the formula.

If you consume natural products for making your penis big it will also effective for you. To choose a natural sexual pill, look at the claims. Choose only those products that offer a wide variety of attributes. Some of the pills can check the hormonal issue to make the penis bigger.

You can choose those products for fixing the issue of the tiny penis. Even the effect of the natural product is more lingered than the others.

Keep Yourself Away For Anxiety And Overstress

Bizarre as it seems, anxiety has a bad impact on the size of your penis. You should keep you away from constant anxiety. When anxiety or stress continues for a longer period it will be harmful to you in so many aspects.

Over anxiety may ruin your sexual life. In that, it prevents the rock-hard erection for a longer time. After some days, veins of your penis will be less effective in holding blood.

In a consequence of that, your penis becomes tiny day by day. To reduce anxiety, you should keep maintaining proper sleep and a healthy life. Even, to get rid of the over anxiety you should pass some enjoyable pastime every day.

Last Saying On The Way To Big Penis

Many people think that just taking any high potent pill can provide a big penis overnight. But the reality says otherwise. It is the most harmful way to increase of penis in only one day or just in some hours.

Rather the natural way is for providing you a big penis for eternity without causing any hazard. That is more important than the consumed time.

It is true that in the natural way you’ve to pass some time for making your penis big but it will be more potent and permanent.

That’s why this ways are highly recommended. You can rely entirely on these ways. Certainly, these will pave the hot way.