How To Get A Bigger Penis?

Getting a bigger penis is dreamy to all the men. It is one of the important signs of virility.

That’s why we all desire to get a big penis as a matter of our pride. The people who have a tiny penis perform a good number of exercises or taking a good number of pills of making their dick big or at least normal.

It hears a little bit uncommon that taking some food may be effective in this regard. On just taking some foods you may get a bigger penis according to your desire. Now we’re going to show you some food that will work for giving you a bigger penis.

we have selected 3 type ways of making penis bigger


This one is a vegetable the color of which is green. It is an awesome source of folate. Do you know- what is that thing? That is well-known increasing stuff in terms of blood flow.

It will increase the blood flow all over your body including your penis vein. This increased blood flow is a must to make the penis bigger. Folic acid is also great for boosting the sexual function of every man.

This vegetable will provide you the necessary folic acids. You may keep this item in your every day’s menu for making your penis health prettied up, especially for making it bigger.


Coffee is a common drinking item that is familiar to all of us. Yet the effect of coffee is not known to all. This drink is better for male sexual health.

If you drink it every day, certainly it will improve the function of penile tissue by relaxing the penile arteries. On the consequence of that, you’ll be able to enjoy rock-hard erection.

A repeated rock-hard erection will make your penis big. Coffee is well-known for Caffeine that has also a great impact on overall penile health, especially on the penile muscles.

Peels of Apples

Apple is a tasty fruit and good for our health. In the case of apple, we only familiar with the body of it but the peel of an apple is of utmost importance in terms of penile improvement.

This peel contains a beneficial element named ursolic acid. It is good for preventing prostate cancer. For making the penile area healthy and functioning, this stuff works better.

That’s why when you eat the apple, don’t throw the peel away. After cleaning the apple with water eat it with the peel. It will certainly be better at making your penis big.


This stuff contains a good amount of zinc and vitamin e. These two elements are good for improving the male fertility rate.

For developing your sperm quality this stuff will also work. For longer and harder erection the elements of Avocados are so helpful.

Even for increasing the Sustanon level, this fruit is super effective. Sustanon increasing is a must in case of improving penile health. You can take this fruit for the overall development of your penile size & quality.


This stuff is one of the known sexiest foods that will do so many functions for boosting your penile functions.

You can take it as an effective and safe alternative to the viagra. This one contains useful stuff named L-arginine, which is so beneficial for proper erection. For relaxing the penile vessels that element is also obviously helpful.

If you can get proper rock hard erection, then the big penis will also get by you automatically after some days. Another point to be mentioned here- oatmeal is effective for reaching you in the orgasm peak. That has also an impact on making the penis big.


This edible item is commonly used in the desert. Some people also eat this stuff after cooking. In which way you eat this stuff it will certainly helpful for your health.

Tomatoes are a good source for lycopene that is so capable to fight against prostate cancer. For boosting male fertility and increasing the sperm count the tomatoes will also work.

For improving your sex drive this stuff will also work better. For these benefits, a good number of sexual pills keep this stuff in the formula.

Some Chocolate

Chocolates are tasty to almost all the people irrespective of age and sex. Dark chocolates are better for the boosting of your male sexual health.

A hormone named serotonin will be impacted by such dark chocolates. This hormone is responsible for improving your mood and brings down the level of stress.

The decreased stress will be helpful for retain the orgasm and erection. These two will certainly impact on the size. In that, the size will be changed after some days of smooth sexual function.

Dark chocolate will also improve your libido. Continuing sexual function with improved libido and erection for some days, your penis size will be increased.


This one is a sweet fruit that will have a large scale impact on sexual life. This fruit will cleanse away all the blocks to stand as a barrier to the blood flow. You can take it barely or can take it with some other edible items.

Even you may consume this fruit making the juice. This fruit contain anthocyanins that have enough attributes to providing you a healthy sexual life.

You can take it as the super effective one like all the other edible items.

The Final Verdict On The Foods Mentioned Above

All the fruits and vegetables mentioned above are good for sexual life, especially for the man.

You can take those items every day for getting the utmost benefit in terms of penile health. Certainly, these foods will not affect badly on any of your organs.

The consumption of foods is the safest way to increase the size of your penis. So eat these and get the desired penis for eternity. Even some pills contain some side-effects that may also be harmful for you. But it is not possible in case of the foods, in that, they’re natural.


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