How To Cure Acne Naturally In 3 Days?

Acne is a term or disease that is very common to see. Even in our whole life, we face these anomalies in one or more times. This skin disease is a little bit different from other skin diseases.

This acne may ruin the beauty of our skin to the nth degree. Besides that, this anomaly may cause many other bad effects inside and outside of our bodies.


For that reason, we need to fix this issue at any cost. In this article, we’re going to show you some ways of the ways for the removal of acne from anywhere of your skin in just 3 days.

Don’t think that these ways will not harm you in any way. Let’s see some of those ways!

Using Lemons

Lemons are well-known to all of us. But its effect is not known to us properly. It has a great impact on our skin. For disinfecting our skin this one is very helpful. We recommend making lemon juice at first then take a cotton ball or bundle of clean cloth. After that, you’ve to dip that ball or bundle into the juice.

If you make the juice in a large cup it will be more helpful for you to use it. Then massage it on the area where your skin is affected. Do this for some minutes every day. After 3 days you’ll see that the acne will be gone away naturally.

Mixture of Mint

Mint is a green leave that is one of the edible items in our day to day menu. We only take it as an element in the desert. Yet it has a great impact on our skin. It is effective in curing acne. You’ve to apply a mixture containing mint on the skin of the affected area. For making this mixture, you’ve to mix 2 tablespoons of mint with the yogurt & oatmeal.

The oatmeal must be blended. After making this mixture, you’ve to massage this mixture on the acne-affected area for 10 to 12 minutes a day. After this recommended time, you’ve to wash away the mixture from the skin.

Applying Honey

Honey is a great benefit to us for a number of ways. It is also helpful for fighting against acne. The specialist recommends the taking of honey in the form of eating. But it is not well-known to all that if you apply the honey on the skin it may produce a better result.

For boosted outcome, you’ve to mix the honey with oatmeal. First you have to mix the honey with the oatmeal.

You can take these two elements in half a cup. After producing the mixture you may apply that on the affected skin of your face. For this mixture, you’ve to take it on the affected area for at least 30 minutes.

Aloe Vera

You can see this element in a good number of skin medicine as it contains a great burn healing impact. You may hear the attribute of this in case of treating acne.

But you shouldn’t apply this stuff directly on the acne. Rather you should make a mixture then the mixture would be applied on the skin.

To make this mixture you’ve to extract the sip of it at first. Then you’ve to apply this sip on your acne. For sure it will be effective for you.

Keep this mixture on the acne prone area for a while and it will be enough for treating acne permanently.

This one is effective in treating acne. This drink contains both antimicrobial and antioxidant attributes.

For that effect, this one is used to remove acne from the face or even anywhere. For applying this item, you’ll not need to make any mixture.

Rather you can apply it directly on the skin. How you can apply? To apply this, you’ve to make a cup of such tea without mixing anything.

Just you need to boil it. Then you can apply this one as a face wash directly on your skin. Without making the tea, you may also use a tea bag for that purpose.

In this case, you’ve to put a teabag on the acne-prone area for a while. It will certainly meet your needs to treat acne.

This one is the fermented form of the apple cider that has enough quality of treating acne. First, you’ve to take 1 tablespoon of it and 3 tablespoons of water.

Then mix it perfectly and apply on the skin. As it contains a great attribute of fighting against viruses and bacteria, it

has also the attributes of treating acne. After keeping this stuff for a while, you’ve to wash the sip and wipe out the rest water. You may also apply this stuff for more than one time a day.

Fish Oil

Fish oils are benefited for your skin for a number of reasons. This oil contains an element named Omega-3 fatty acid. It is of two forms- EPA & DHA.

These two can affect the skin jointly. Even for the anti-inflammatory effect, these two are also well-known.

Here you’ve not to apply any substance on the skin. Rather you’ve to consume 250–500 mg of these two items. You’ll see the made product of these two online. Just buy it and consume it at your convenience.

Last Saying- Will I Be Able To Remove Acne In Such A Short Time?

You can use any one of those items for removing your acne.

These all are effective in so many ways especially in removing away the acne from the skin.

Apply any one of these items on the acne prone area. Remember all the necessary guidelines in the time of applying those substances.

Certainly, you’ll get the boosted outcome in just 3 days. Use any one of those items for at least once, then you’ll be amazed to see the outcome caused by those.