The body of all living organisms is made up of large numbers of cells. These cells can multiply and help in the growth of the body. Various anabolic and catabolic processes take place within the body of an individual organism and cells play a very prominent role in each. These cells have good control over them in case of growth and often destroy themselves if they are unhealthy. It is because of this critical role of cells that life exists and runs smoothly. Any abnormality in the growth of the cells may become hazardous and give rise to a disease called cancer.

This introduction of cancer is most appropriate as we all know the significance of cell division for the sustenance of life on earth. Cell division is the most critical process taking place inside the body, and this process is significantly affected by the inefficiency or abnormal growth of the cells inside any part of the body.

What are the causes of cancer?

Cancer is a result of abnormal growth and functioning of the cells. When a problem persists in the genes of these basic units of life, the controls of the body mechanics are significantly affected. Problematic cells cannot function properly and thereby change the whole body metabolism.

The problems in the genes of the cells may be due to various factors. Cancer may be caused due to some damage caused to the genes or may even be inherited from parental genes. Multiple other sources either from outside the body or inside the body may also be a significant cause of the disease. Consumption of tobacco-based products and even some kinds overdosage of alcohol are also presumed to be a significant cause of cancer.

Do you know what cancer is?

Most people are just aware that cancer is one of the most deadly diseases often incurable. If a person is diagnosed with this disease little hope of life persists. People begin to predict their fate with such conditions and although treatment is now possible only the wealthy lot can afford them. The treatment procedure is quite expensive and not within everyone’s budget. If you ask the majority of people what cancer is, they would undoubtedly be unable to answer the question. Some people are even so superstitious and so frightened of this disease that they do not even dare name this disease too often. They fear that it might attack them if they keep remembering it over and over again.

What are the symptoms of cancer?

Oncogenes and genes responsible for tumor suppressant are highly accountable for cancer. While the onetime promotes the occurrence of disease, the latter inhibits the chances of cancer formation. Any deformity in either of these cells may prove fatal and may easily give rise to cancer. Symptoms of cancer are easily not traced in the initial stages, but any lump in any part of the body is a slight indication of this disease. Also retardation in growth, some kinds of sores is also its indication.

Is treatment of cancer possible?

Treatment of cancer was not possible a couple of decades ago, but now with the advancement in science and technology, treatment of disease is possible. It is an expensive treatment and requires the patient to undergo the treatment procedure for an extended period. The treatment involves chemotherapy and radiation process.

What is general cancer?

General cancer often denotes cancer which can be cured with ease and does not pose much risk to the life of the patients.