Exercise for health benefits

The terms exercise is well-known to us, especially to the health-conscious guys. When we hear about exercise we generally think about going to the gym or anywhere like that.

But there’s a good possibility to have effective exercises sitting at your home or without using pieces of equipment. In this article,

we’re going to show you some of those exercises. You’ll be able to perform those exercises without using any tools, but all those will be effective for you in so many aspects.

Walking Every Day

We’re used to walking for our day to day purpose. Generally, we don’t take the walking as exercise.

But this one is really exercising. In that, when we walk faster our body loses calories and the functions of our organs become efficacious.

If you walk a mile daily it will keep your feet. If you’re able to walk in the morning, it is of double benefit for you. Even the habit of early rising is of a great health value.


Many health specialists recommend this type of exercise. Even the defense forces of many countries keep this exercise in their regular exercise in the morning.

The system of this exercise is- Just place your two hands and two toes at the ground keeping the whole body above the ground.

Then try to up and down your whole body pressurizing on your hand. It will keep your arms fit for taking more workload. Even it has great importance in terms of your physical well-being. You can practice this exercise for 15-20 times a day.


It is another effective exercise yet it is harder to do than the previous two. For doing this exercise, you’ve to lie on the floor or under the open sky at first.

Then place your hands at the back of your head. You’ve to keep your knees folded. Then try to raise your head with the help of your hands.

Raise your head as much as possible. That means try to sit on only your ass. Then return back to the previous lying position. Afterward, raise and return back again and again.

Try this session for 10 to 15 times a day. It will get you rid of unwanted fats and lards from your belly and give you the necessary flexibility.


The simple meaning of this term is to sit down and stand up for a while. Don’t take this exercise lightly.

In that, this exercise is effective for so many reasons. It will provide flexibility to your knee joint, and get you rid of belly gas.

For boosted outcome, you may keep any heavy thing or metal above your head. The effectiveness of this system is to make your hands and feet strong.

It will enable you to carry more heavy pieces of stuff. Even this exercise is for removing your mental stress. You can exercise this exercise for 15 to 20 times a day.

Lateral Split Squats

This one is also like the previous one that means just like the squats. But in this exercise, you’ve to keep your whole body in standing position.

After that, you’ve to try to spread your legs and hands. The right hands and legs will be on the right side, and the left hands and legs on the left side.

In addition to that, you’ve to keep standing up and sitting down in that position of hands and legs. In a word, continue squats keeping your hands and legs at that position.

This exercise is more effective than ordinary squats. The reason is that it will give you more strength in your hands and legs.

Hip Bridges

This exercise is better for many of your organs including your hips. For doing this exercise, you’ve to lie on the floor or open field.

Then you’ve to fold our knee. After that, place your hands on the two sides of your body. Then try to raise your body as high as possible.

Here body means from your rear to your knee. Then return back yourself in the previous position. After that, raise your body again.

Practice this session for at least 10 times a day. It will make your hips much healthy. Besides that, it will lessen your stress level.

 Side Planks

This one is an effective exercise for making our arms strong. For performing this exercise, you’ve to lie rightwards on the floor.

Then you’ve to try to raise the upper part of your body pressurizing on your right hand. Raise your body as high as possible. after keeping you in such position, lie leftward on the floor.

And try to do the same session pressurizing on the left hand. This exercise will help you to build the strength of your hands. In addition to that, it will make your whole body strong.

Common Benefits Of Those Exercises

We’ve mentioned only seven exercises above. These all are to do without using any tool or going to the gym.

You can perform these exercises at your home or anywhere at your convenience. Those exercises will keep you fit for working more.

After exercising for some days, it will be easier to do exercise for augmented time. When that happens, then you can take it as an improvement. Regular exercise will get you rid of early aging effects.

Every day’s exercise will provide you slimmest figure.

Even if you want to increase the functionality of your body organs, these exercises will also provide you those features.

In addition to all those, every exercise is beneficial for your regular well-being.

Final Say On The Regular Exercise

You should keep continuing the regular exercise for your own betterment. First to think about which part of your body you want to make strong.

If it is your hand then emphasize the exercises that involve the use of your hand.

You can’t understand now how many benefits are waiting for you on performing regular exercise. These exercises will help you for your overall well-being.