Exercise For Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a well-known barrier to enjoy the sexual session properly. To some, it is expedient to take a pill to fix the issue.

To others, changed food habits may lessen the rate of premature ejaculation. Almost all the people ignore one effective way to avoid this type of hazard that is the exercise.

Some exercises may fight against premature ejaculation. That is known to the doctors or specialists, but not to the common people.

In this article, we’re going to show you about some effective ways of fighting against premature ejaculation. Let’s see those!

 1.Deep Breathing

Bizarre as it seems, ejaculation is related with the breathing of you. Shallow breathing increases the count of heart rate and creates a potential possibility to cause premature ejaculation.

Here shallow breathing means taking & holding the breathing for only 1 or 2 seconds. To perform this exercise, you’ve to take and hold the breathing for at least 5 seconds.

It is applicable for every count of inhalation. This exercise will also decrease the tension level that has also great importance in reducing premature ejaculation.

Try this exercise in the time of sexual session it will certainly be helpful for you.

2.Exercise of Squeeze

The terms Squeeze means to press stuff against something. Here you’ve to squeeze your penis head.

The just time to such squeeze is the time when you’re at the edge of orgasm. Or when you feel that the semen will be ejaculated soon.

If your partner does this squeeze it may also be helpful for you. Some specialists recommend this method in the name of squeeze-pause.

From which part it does- that doesn’t the matter. When such pressing will be applied it will hold your semen for a longer period. In other terms, it will prevent immediate ejaculation.

3.Stop & Start

This method is just similar to the previous one. In the previous one, you had to squeeze the penis head in the time of orgasm.

But in this method, you’ve to stop the session at that time. After stopping the session, you’ve to take rest for a while. Then you’ve to continue the session further.

This means you’ve to prevent the faster ejaculation at any cost. To make it delay, you’ve to stop it at the peak of orgasm.

After relaxing, you can start further. By applying this method, you can continue the sexual session for a longer period.

4.Kegel Exercises

You’ve to do this exercise in the time of urination. For performing this exercise, you’ve to find out the pelvic floor muscles at first.

To find out that, you’ve to stop the urination at the mid then you’ve to make a muscle tight. What’s that muscle? That is liable for keeping you away from moving forward to pass gas.

When you’re sure about identifying the muscle then you can perform this exercise for 10 times each day. This exercise is also helpful for preventing premature ejaculation.

If you can do it effectively, then it will be better for you than all the other forms of exercise.

5.Strategic Pressure

For doing this exercise, you’ve to identify at first the Perineum. That is a spot placed between your scrotum and anus. Then you’ve to put pressure on it.

This perineum reaches out to the prostate gland. As a rule, the prostate spreads during orgasm. You can also tug the testes for putting pressure on the Perineum.

When you’ll be able to put pressure on this, it will delay the ejaculation process. Even this process is also to make the orgasm peak longer at your convenience.

6.Anxiety Reducing

It is well-known to all that anxiety is responsible for causing premature ejaculation. That’s why you ought to keep anxiety at a reduced level.

Running & dancing before performing the sexual session are the two effective forms of keeping the anxiety at a reduced level. Yoga session is also effective in this regard.

The necessary thing you should do is lessen the anxiety level. Relax sexual sessions may be longer than the session with anxiety. You’ll find a good number of ways online for keeping the anxiety level down.

Follow any of the effective ways at your convenience. If you’re able to keep the anxiety level under control, then surely you’ll be able to perform the longer sexual session.


This method is the holding of the penis at a certain time. It may seem a little bit painful to you. The suitable place for holding the penis is the 1/2 inch beneath the penis head.

You’ve to hold this place with pressure when you feel that you’re about to ejaculate. Yet the time may be uncertain that means when this time of ejaculation comes you may not be sure for that.

But mind it, when you’re in the sex peak then you should not delay holding the penis with pressure. It will hold the semen for a certain period.

You may feel pain in doing this but try if as often as you can. It will be easier for you in the future.

8.Positions Changing

This method is also a little bit enjoyable for you and your partner. It is the simplest method of interchanging the positions of you and your partner.

If you’re on the right side during the sexual sessions then just go to the left side when you’re about to ejaculate. It will give you a feeling of relaxing for a while.

That relax feeling will make the sexual session longer. In that, when you change the position, you must have to stop the session for moments.

Last Utterance- Which One Is The Best?

The effectiveness of these exercises varies from man to man. To find out the best one for you, you may perform different exercises to examine the effectiveness.

Then you’ll be sure about the best one for you. Perform that exercise and enjoy your longer happy sexual session. Probably it is the most desirable on for all of us.