Green Tea Help Weight Loss

The green tea is not helpful for men & women in one or two ways but it is beneficial for us in so many ways. It is not just tea but it is more than tea in terms of its health value.


To almost all the medical specialists from the viewpoint of health value, it is number one. In case of losing excess weight, this beverage performs effective functions.

Our today’s journey is about this issue. We’re going to show you the benefit of this beverage in terms of weight loss. Let’s start today’s journey!

How It Works For Losing Your Weight?

In various ways, this beneficial beverage will help you to lose your excessive weight. Its functions are mainly centric to the metabolism function and losing calories. These two ways are directly related to the fat burning. Here only five of the ways are mentioned, as follows-

1. Functions of caffeine in it: It is well-known to all that Green Tea contains a good amount of caffeine.

  • 24–40 mg of caffeine exists in just a cup of green tea. In the case of stimulating the fat burning process, this caffeine is effective.
  • Its other effect is to augment the antioxidants in your bloodstream. The name of its antioxidants is catechins. It has a great impact on boosting fat burning.

2. Works against the fatty cells: For losing weight checking the fatty cells is of great importance. Green tea will do this job effectively.

  • EGCG of green tea will prevent an enzyme that will smash down the norepinephrine hormone. This hormone is good for the speed up the fat burning procedure.
  • When the green tea prevents the enzyme that creates a barrier to the function of the norepinephrine hormone, this hormone can do its function effectively.

3. Work during Exercise: There is one element in the green tea that works in the time of your exercise.

  • Epigallocatechin gallate of green tea performs some of the awesome functions during your exercise. It is not an imagination but a research-backed truth.
  • On the impact of this green tea, you’ll be able to lose more calories in the time of performing the exercise. In a consequence of that, your stored fat will be burnt down soon.

4. Impact on the metabolic function: For losing more weight proper metabolism function is of utmost importance.

  • It goes without saying that the stopping of metabolism stands for the increase in fat. For boosting the metabolism function it is one of the best edible ingredients nowadays. Green tea will burn your calories in your naptime too.
  • Such all the daylong functioning is possible by the green tea alone. If any barrier stands on the proper functioning of your metabolism, the green tea will also remove away that barrier.

5. Fighting against unwanted appetite: Green tea will lower your appetite level that will help you to lose your excess weight more quickly.

  • It will start to burn more calories after starting its function. In a consequence of that procedure, you’ll experience a lesser appetite.
  • Less food consumption will increase the weight loss procedure in a rapid way.

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What’re The Benefits Of Green Tea Consuming?

Green tea will be beneficial for you in several aspects. Some of the benefits provided by the green tea are mentioned below-

Getting boosted metabolism: Green tea contains caffeine that is of great importance in case of losing fat. It’s another aspect is to augment the antioxidants effect inside your bloodstream that will boost your metabolism speed.

  • As a consequence of this boosted metabolism, your fat will be burnt rapidly and effectively. That has a great impact on losing weight.

Prevention of harmful Enzymes: Probably you’ve heard the name of norepinephrine hormone. It can break down your unwanted fatty cells. Enzymes can prevent the working procedure of this hormone.

  • That’s why your fat-burning forces will do its job effectively. In this procedure, you’ll not feel any stressful workout. In that, the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea will also increase your energy level.

Boosted effect of exercise: Many of us perform the exercise for losing our fat and keep ourselves fit for working. The green tea will boost the effect of regular exercise.

  • It will enable you to burn more calories during the whole exercise period. That means on the impact of green tea, your exercise period will be much fruitful in terms of losing fat.

Rapidly losing of weight: If you want to lose your weight more rapidly, green tea is fit for meeting your needs. It will keep your metabolism speed up to the mark in your rest time or naptime.

  • That is important for quick action against your stored fat. Green tea extract does every chore for keeping up the metabolism function all day long. That’s why you can rely on Green Tea.

Lessening the needs of foods: If you want to decrease your excess weight, you’ll have to consume lesser foods. Generally, green tea will enable you to increase energy without consuming heavy foods.

  • Barring the consumption of heavy food, your body will not store more fats and in turn, your weight will be brought down soon.

What’re The Utterances Of Scientific Research?

A good number of scientific studies have been conducted on the effects of green tea. Some of them are given below-

  1. Nestlé Research Center of Switzerland conducted research on the effect of green tea in terms of losing weight. In that research, they found the following issues-
  2. Green tea contains lesser caffeine than a cup of coffee it is true. But the Caffeine of green tea is effective in stimulating the fat burning procedure.
  3. To a greater extent, it will lose your fat effectively. It will also increase the lipolysis & energy expenditure that will burn more calories. In a word, green tea can work effectively in terms of losing weight.

Department of Chemical Biology of New Jersey conducted another study on green tea. They mainly focus on the function of EGCG of the green tea. They found the following issues-

  1. EGCG is one of the best weight loss stimulators contain in the green tea. It will enable the norepinephrine hormone to function more effectively and efficiently.
  2. If any enzyme stands as a barrier on the way of its functions the EGCG will prevent that enzyme. Both the caffeine and EGCG contain in the green tea and work together for losing your weight.
  3.  Human Performance Laboratory of the United Kingdom published research on the effectiveness of green tea on burning more fats and lards. They mentioned the following issues in their studies-
  4. This study was conducted on 12 healthy people, on applying green tea. After such applying, the result was mentioned in the result. The research study founds the effectiveness of green tea in losing excessive weight.
  5. They found 17% more fat oxidation immediate after the taking of Green Tea. Besides that, it can also improve your insulin sensitivity. All these are needed for keeping your boosted health.
What’re The Views Of Doctors On The Effect Of Green Tea?

Doctors are also satisfied seeing the beneficial features of green tea in terms of its capacity to promote the weight lose. Let’s see some of their recommendations-

  • Dr. Mike, a well-known health specialist, reviewed the health benefit of green tea. He shows 7 benefits of green tea. Some of those benefits are connected with losing weight. They are-
  • Green tea drinking is good for speeding up the metabolism procedure. It will help you to digest the edible foods quickly. Thus your body cannot store any excessive fats & lards.
  • You’ve to drink green tea as often as you can. If you drink this healthy beverage every day, it will be more beneficial for your health. It contains no harmful effects.

Another doctor named Dr. Debra Rose Wilson wrote some points on the green tea. In her writing, she mentioned as follows-

  • Green tea is for boosting the fat burning speed as many of us want. It is also for boosting the digestion level.
  • Safely this beneficial stuff will enable your metabolism in your naptime too. That means your fat burning procedure will be continued all day long.
Last Utterance On The Green Tea

Getting a slimmest figure is one of our common needs these days. Especially women are crazy to losing their weight by decreasing the excessive fats.

Green tea is effective for all the people whatever the gender or age is. It will lose your weight so often that is not possible at all by any other ways.

For all the reason mentioned above the green tea extract is highly beneficial extract these days.

Even there’s no single harmful effect of this natural substance. You can safely drink this beverage for losing your excessive weight. It will work for you.