Type 2 diabetes

You have type 2 diabetes and are very particular about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

However, you have to be on constant travel due to work, and it poses a big problem for you to monitor your diet. You are uncertain about what to consume in what quantity and is worried about its effects on your blood sugar counts.

At home, you are free to adhere to a basic diet plan you chalked out for yourself, but while traveling seldom, it is followed. However, the restriction should not be overpowering enough to interfere with your travel plans.

Diabetes travel tips

The uncertainty is brought about because of the “just-in-case” syndrome most travelers suffer from. You are the way to busy thinking about the fact that what if the flight schedule changes or I get stuck up somewhere for long without food.

Due to this thought, you tend to pack up almost everything from any food bar and eventually end up stuffing yourself with not so good junk food.

Traveling involves a lot of real hassles, and you are stressed out and tend to binge more. Well, the only option you have is to regret later about your shooting sugar levels.

Gestational diabetes food plan

Relax! The scenario is not that bad actually. Shed that nonsensical syndrome and stick to specific personalized goals for yourself. Make it a point that you do not sit idle when you are not sightseeing. Go for a walk down the lanes and discover the new place on feet while burning extra calories! Stick to eating out at a snack bar and avoid sumptuous meals at restaurants.

Stick to diverse food items, eat plenty of fruits and order for fresh salads, wheat, and juices at the food store. Be a teetotaler while on the go, even if you drink stick to just a single beverage in a day. Smoking must be avoided at all costs. Drink gallons of plain water to keep you hydrated well.

Throw stress away, you are on vacation so why let worry dampen your spirits. Stress contributes to increasing the sugar levels, stay calm in tricky situations as well. Think calmly and practically. If you are prone to stress attack as most people do while traveling, try meditating or practice yoga early morning before you don your traveling shoes for the day.

Emergency insulin

Always carry the home test kit with you to measure sugar levels. Monitoring it often will help you to keep a tab on your eating habits.

If you are hitting fro remote places, make sure in advance of the medical facilities available there. It is always better to stack yourself up with extra insulin tablets and other medication in case you are struck up in an emergency.

Also remember that if you are on insulin, and then never stack it up in your suitcase while traveling by air. Tell the authorities in advance that you have diabetes and might need your medications while onboard.

Traveling with type 2 diabetes is challenging, and you need to be aware of your food requirements and enjoy your travel!