People who suffer from high levels of cholesterol are advised to use Lipitor. The pills help reduce cholesterol levels that in turn help you reduce the chances of getting a stroke or even a heart attack. We all know that nowadays we can test our cholesterol levels by taking a simple blood test; and that we can reduce our cholesterol levels by merely taking care of our diets. Exercising too helps you lower your cholesterol levels to the desired number. If after doing all of these you feel it isn’t enough you can always start taking this pill. Although you must keep in mind that even after taking these pills you need to maintain control over your diet.

There are certain kinds of people that are strongly advised to stay away from Lipitor. These people include pregnant women and mothers that are nursing their children. People who suffer from liver problems and are allergic to atorvastatin should also avoid taking these pills. These pills are also known to have given side effects to its users. Common ones include muscle pains, stomach upsets, diarrhea, and joint pains.

With the help of Lipitor, you can curb down cholesterol to the level you want them to be. Taking a risk with high cholesterol is never good because you could suffer from heart attacks and strokes that are not serious.