For the proper functioning of our body, we need various “Super Beneficial Compounds” besides the known vitamins and minerals. We also get those useful compounds from our edible items whatever it is- foods or drinks.

Even the using substance of curry can be treated as a good source of those beneficial compounds. Even those compounds also contain many nutritive items including vitamins and minerals.

Our today’s journey is about such useful stuff that is generally used to cook foods. The name of this stuff is Cinnamon. It is neither a fruit nor leafs of any plant. Rather this stuff is collected from the bark of a tree.

In this article we’re going to show you all the niceties of cinnamon. Let’s start!

What’s The Cinnamon? Where From This Spice Is?

Off and on, using spices is more beneficial than the curry of edible food. That has exactly happened in the case of Cinnamon.

This one is a bark of the Cinnamomum genus and used in various curries. The color of this bark is a little bit brown. For increasing the “Aroma & Flavor”, this spice is mainly used. It is not well-known to all that this flavoring additive substance is of great importance.

Indonesia and China are the much Cinnamon growing countries of the present world.

In addition to these two countries, it is also grown in several countries, like- Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the like.

What’re The Types Of Cinnamons?

This spice is grown in many countries but all the type of it is not of the same types.

Most interestingly, common people cannot understand the subtle difference between various types.

Yet there is also the similarity between those types but some common difference exists. Generally, the cinnamon is of two types- Ceylon cinnamon & Cassia cinnamon.

  • The other name of the first one is true cinnamon and found in many Asian countries, like- India, Sri Lanka, etc. It is a little bit expensive.
  • The last one comes from the Cassia tree of the Southern part of China. The other name of this tree is Cinnamomum aromaticum. The first one is much sweet than the last one and is hard to see in most of the supermarkets.

What’re The “SUPER FUNCTIONS” Of Cinnamon? Are Those Functions Needed For Us?

When we eat any food that food digest after a while. After such digestion, the substance of food performs several functions inside and outside of our body.

These functions are so gradual that cannot be experienced by us immediately. This version is applicable in case of all the nutritive items including the Cinnamon.

This spice does so important functions that are almost impossible for our regular foods & curry. Here we’ve mentioned only 5 of these functions.

  • Cinnamon is of great importance in terms of its having Antioxidants. This antioxidant is beneficial for so many reasons, like- heart disease, several cancers, oxidative diseases, etc. But how it is possible? It is possible because these Antioxidants contain ORAC value. This ORAC value stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. The Absorbance Capacity of this can reduce radicals that may cause damage to your body cells.
  • Excessive inflammation may cause some severe physical problems, like- excessive swelling or causing pain. To check these situations, Cinnamon is important as it contains Anti-Inflammatory effect. The Anti-Inflammatory properties contain in its effect on your body tissues. The constant effects on the tissues can enable you to prevent chronic inflammation.
  • The scientific name of the bad type of cholesterol is LDL cholesterol. This LDL cholesterol stands for Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol. The rising of the LDL cholesterol level may cause several diseases, like- peripheral artery disease, heart disease, stroke, etc. Even it a common cause of premature death nowadays. Here a point to be noted that Cinnamon can reduce the level of LDL cholesterol. Just taking the Cinnamon will check the level of cholesterol.
  • Insulin is a hormone derived from the pancreas. This hormone is important for speeding up the metabolism process. Even in increasing the energy level, this insulin is a must. Besides that, carrying blood sugar to the body cells is also done by the insulin, If this hormone can’t do its job properly, then it can cause type 2 diabetes. Cinnamon propels the insulin to do the work of this insulin speedily.
  • There is hardly found any people who’ve not heard the name of Neurodegenerative Diseases? These diseases can prevent the functions of central & peripheral nervous system. Even it may cause damage to brain cells. There are several compounds founding in the Cinnamon that can inhibit the risk of Neurodegenerative Diseases. In that, Cinnamon protects neurons and keeps the neurotransmitter function fit for proper functioning.

How Much “BENEFICIAL IMPACT” Can We Experience From Cinnamon?

Without any utility, any substance is not to use by us. Man uses each substance in the time of cooking for a number of benefits.

These benefits may in terms of health in terms of the taste of the food. This spice meets these two needs at once. On one side, it can develop the aroma & flavor level of the curry.

On the other side, it is beneficial for our health for so many reasons. It affects various important organs of our body that is not able to do by any other substance. Let’s see those benefits!

  1. Cinnamon can prevent the risk of facing several diseases, like heart disease, cancer, and so on. This one can also check several conditions, like- body cell damage. This prevention of cell damage is beneficial for your overall well-being. The heart is the most important organ of our body and keeping the heart healthy is of utmost importance. Cinnamon will do this job without creating any hazards.
  2. Do you know about Anti-Inflammatory Properties? These properties can prevent inflammation or swelling. Excessive inflammation may also cause excessive pain. In addition to that, it can also cause infections in body tissues. That’s why consuming some edible items having Anti-Inflammatory Properties for our own betterment. Cinnamon will certainly meet this need.
  3. High cholesterol level contains several health risks. The high level of this bad cholesterol can create complexity on the heart. Even it can cause stroke for many people. It is the proven fact that 120 mg of Cinnamon can bring down the level of Bad Cholesterol. In a word, this spice will make you safe from all the risk factors caused by Bad Cholesterol. Even the bad impacts of such Cholesterol cannot be described in such a single point. Yet cinnamon will get you rid of all those bad impacts.
  4. Cinnamon can keep your metabolism speed fit and proper. This metabolism speed can burn your fat providing you a slim figure. In that, cinnamon will certainly speed up the function of insulin to boost up the metabolism process. Generally, all the weight loss products contain some substances that can increase the metabolic process to burn more calories.
  5. For the proper brain function, the protection of brain cells is important. Cinnamon will meet this need properly & promptly. It will keep your brain cells safe from all the possible risk factors. That’s why you’ll not face Alzheimer’s disease & Parkinson’s disease. Anyone of these two evils can ruin your mental capability permanently. Cinnamon will keep you away from all these evils.

Two Scientific Research Studies Conducted On The Good And Bad Of Cinnamon

Generally, scientific research is done to find out the factors that are not certain. Researchers tend to get certainty. That’s why they conduct research on a specific issue.

In the case of cinnamon, it is used in a good number of medical products from time immemorial. For this reason, the good sides of cinnamon are well-known to almost all of us.

Yet many research studies have been conducted by various medical institutes to find out the new issues relating to its effectiveness. You’ll be happy to know- the new good sides of this one are finding out through those researches day by day.

Here we’ve mentioned two research studies conducted by two institutions of India. Let’s see these two!

  • Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Guru Jambheshwar University of India conducted a study on the Cinnamon. After conducting that study they published that- this spice has a great antioxidant effect. This one is also important for its anti-diabetic effect and keeps you safe from the diabetes. Even, this Cinnamon has also the same beneficial effect of garlic and oregano. The spices will provide you a good number of beneficial effects relating to your heart and other body functions.
  • The Centre for Biochemical Technology of India conducted another research on the good and bad of Cinnamon. Their research finds out another aspect of this spice. That is the prevention of Bacterial & Fungal action. Listeria and Salmonella are the two common forms of bacteria that are to prevent by Cinnamon. Cinnamic aldehyde, another compound of cinnamon, is the most important one for preventing Bacterial & Fungal Infections.

What’re The Utterances Of Doctors Regarding The Consumption Of It?

Generally, doctors are not on behalf of recommending a spice to take directly. As a rule, they prescribe made health products in which a certain spice or substance exists.

That’s why you’ll not get any direct prescription of doctors mentioning the taking of natural stuff directly. That has exactly happened in the case of cinnamon. Here another point is also important- manufacturers of various health products are now manufactured powder of cinnamon.

Some doctors recommend taking that powder. In this stage, two recommendation of health specialists are given, as follows-

  • A physician on staff at Lenox Hill Hospital of New York City named Robert Glatter posted a report on cinnamon. In this report, he mentions that just a tablespoon of cinnamon powder will be enough for a person’s well-being. Whatever the technique of your taking is- this spice will work for you well. Even it will work for you if you take this stuff with any curry. This spice will prevent you from so many dangers. Those dangers are relating to your heart and nervous system. If you take this spice regularly, you’ll be safe from facing chronic cough. But don’t take this stuff more than the recommended dosage.
  • Another health specialist named Kathleen Zelman, MPH, in 2018, posted a review of cinnamon entitles “Healthy Eating: Health Benefits of Cinnamon”. In that review, he mentions that Ceylon cinnamon will prevent the risk of bacteria that cause acne on the skin. In addition to that, Cinnamon will boost up your collagen production that has also great importance for making your skin good-looking. On the other hand, Cinnamon will bring down the level of systolic blood pressure. Just only in a few months, it can bring down the level of this systolic blood pressure nearly 5 points. It is also suitably effective for the people who’re facing diabetes.

What’s The Super Effective To Do- Taking The Spices Or Avoid It?

There is no suspicion over the good side of the cinnamon. All the health experts are on behalf of consuming these spices not only for leveling up the aroma of cooked food but also for boosting the body functions.

Almost all the natural pieces of stuff contain some nutritive value. But the value of all the items is not the same. Some are mandatory to our health and others are just like additional.

For boosting our overall heart functions and nervous systems, this spice is necessary.

The necessity of this spice in terms of our heart and nervous system cannot be told in a single article. Yet this article is just an attempt to touch all the relevant points.

Taking this cinnamon will save you from a good number of hazards that are not possible at all by applying hundreds of spices that should be borne in mind.