Cinnamon Benefits For Skin

Sometimes we ignore the things around us. We order “Aroma Magic Cream” for getting something new on our skin. It is almost out of our imagination that there is a much beneficial element near at our hand.

Even we use this item every day of cooking our foods.

This element is a more potent and “Super Effective” one for our skin. What’s the name of that? The name of this super effective one is Cinnamon. It is well-known to all for using as a spice with our cooked food. Generally, spice serves the job of increasing the odor and taste of the cooked food.

But this spice serves more than that. Now we’re going to show you some awesome jobs of cinnamon exclusively for your skin health. Let’s step forward!

What’s The Benefit Of Cinnamon In The Case Of Skin?

Cinnamon will not only work for your internal organs but also for your external betterment. It will do some awesome jobs for your skin.

You can it just as perfect alternative to the top-notch skin creams. That’s why a good number of skin cream manufacturers keep this substance in their formula. Here 5 infallible benefits of cinnamon are mentioned, as follows-

  • Warming Softness of Skin: Taking away all the dead skin cells will provide you the skin softness. It will be much better than any other skin therapy intended to increase beauty.
  • Keep safe from skin disease: For its strong capabilities as anti-bacterial property, you’ll get rid of any germ causing skin disease. Thus you’ll certainly be in the safest zone.
  • Super Moisturized Skin: It has power to increase blood flow that will keep your body skin moisturized all day long, which cannot be possible at all in any other way.
  • Irritation of Skin: As anti-inflammatory stuff, it will prevent your skin from being inflamed. And, thus, it will get you rid of skin irritation. It’s the immediate result of cinnamon. 
  • Say “NO” To the Dark Spots: For its effect against some germs, you’ll get your skin free from all the blemishes & dark spots. Such a feature will also enlighten your skin as fashion conscious gals want.

How Does It Work For Providing Me The Infallible Benefits In Terms Of Skin?

When any people say something is better for a certain organ, we want to know- HOW? Certainly, there’ve some paths through which that work and become successful.

In the case of cinnamon, there’re also some ways through which cinnamon performs some actions. Due to those actions, we experience the development of our skin.

For understanding the effectiveness of this stuff, knowing these actions is necessary. Five actions of the cinnamon are as follows-

  • Augmenting Blood Flow: Cinnamon is one of the important edible substances that can increase your blood flow. It is also suitably applicable to your skin surface as well.
  • Work as Anti-bacterial Stuff: Cinnamon has enough power to work against bacteria & fungus. Thus it keeps your skin miles away from these two evils forces effectively.
  • Removing Dead Cells: Applying Cinnamon on the skin with some other elements may eliminate away from the dead skin cells. It is also for removing the dry mood of the skin.
  • Job as Anti-inflammatory Property: This one is well-known to almost all the health experts as Anti-inflammatory Property. As such, it will fight against the eczema.
  • Work on Complexion Issue: Applying cinnamon with lukewarm water will work well for placing your skin appearance to the next level. It will develop the Complexion of the skin.

What’s The Better Option For Using It? How Can I Use It Perfectly?

Generally, there are only three options to take cinnamon.

One is to eat it with the cooked food as a spice, another is to massage the cream made from cinnamon, and the other is to use the cinnamon oil. This stuff will certainly be beneficial for you whichever you take it.

Yet, if you want to take this substance for the betterment of your skin then the cream or oil will be much suitable for you. Now come to the question- How you can use it perfectly? Let’s see the using!

  • Just buy the cream or oil specifically manufactured for external use. Take the powder or oil on your skin, keep it for a while and then wash it away. Practice it every day.
  • The using time and other issues are dependent on the stuff you buy. The using procedure is different from one another. It is dependent on which product you buy.
  • For perfectly using this oil or powder, just after buying a powder or oil, see the user manual for better understanding. Ask question to the company if you’re still suspicious.
What Scientific Researches Show- Is It Better For Skin Or Not?

Skin cream manufacturers don’t keep this substance in their formula without any research. It doesn’t ignore by the research institutions. Almost all the health product research institutions conduct research on this spice.

Some of the institutions conduct their research focusing on a key issue, like- on the skin, on cancer, etc.

Now we’re going to show you two pieces of research on the effectiveness of cinnamon on skin.

  • US National Library of Medicine published a research study on the Cinnamon. This study was done by Pallavi Kawatra and Rathai Rajagopalan. They found the following results in their study-
  • Cinnamon has a great impact on anti-inflammatory properties. It can bring down the level of kappa-light-chain-enhancer that, in consequence, prevent the nitric oxide stemming.
  • This substance will also act as an anti-microbial substance. For that power, it is able to kill some harmful microorganisms. All these acts have a good number of beneficial impacts on your skin.
  • dōTERRA International of USA conducted another study on the good and bad of cinnamon. They were found mainly on the cinnamon oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum). After completing it, they found-
  • This spice is important for checking the dead skin cells very easily. It has also some anti-proliferative effects as it can bring down the level of skin inflammation.
  • This cinnamon can also check some molecules produced by gamma interferon. This action plays a critical role in your skin and also works for preventing the risk of cancer.
What’re The Valuable RECOMMENDATIONS Of Doctors On Cinnamon?

Doctors also keep this beneficial spice in their writing. Yet they urge in some other issues, like- the using procedure, recommended taking dosage, and the like.

These pieces of information are also important for a user to use it perfectly.

Here, we’ve mention two writing of doctors who work in a different medical institution for a long time. Between them, one is Dietitian, and the other is Dermatologist.

  • A Senior Dietitian from PGIMER, a Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education named Madhu Sharma posted an article on the effect of cinnamon. In that article she mentioned some points as follows-
  • This spice can remove all the aging effects from your skin, like- skin wrinkles. Besides this, its antioxidant effects can work safely & promptly against any skin disorders.
  • She mentions a proportion of taking it. It is 0.1 mg/kg, here mg indicates the recommended dosage of cinnamon and kg shows the weight of users. She mentions this amount as “tolerable”.
  • Another 13 yrs experienced Dermatologist of India, named Dr. Manoj Agarwala wrote the some awesome benefits of cinnamon on skin. In that writing, he uttered that-
  • Cinnamon will help you to develop your glowing skin. Generally, doctors suggest any stuff or medicine depending on a certain disease. Yet the natural stuff like cinnamon will provide you overall betterment.
  • Eating the cinnamon with the cooked item as a spice will certainly help you to improve the skin condition, but the made powder of cinnamon is doubly important for your skin than eating with curries.
Ending Part- Does It Really Effective For  My Skin Quality?

There is hardly found any natural stuff that is more beneficial for skin than this one. You’ll get hundreds of writings and recommendations on the using of Cinnamon for the betterment of the skin.

Apart from all the other issues, it is to use for achieving the features that are provided by it for the skin. It is worth to do so for so many reasons mentioned earlier.

A top class skin cream can work on one or two aspects, of your skin. A cream is not for the overall betterment of skin health. But this cinnamon is for the overall betterment. What’s the “Best Option To Choose From”?

Choosing a few or more? Certainly choosing more is the best option. That’s why we need to use cinnamon for the betterment of our skin. For sure, it will do its job well as it has done previously to thousands of the users.