Calories in which food

We take food for “Meeting Our Needs Of Starving”. Yet only being free from starving is not enough to lead a healthy life.

The substances of food, like- vitamin, mineral and other nutrients work for making our body function prettied up.

For performing our jobs or works every day, gaining proper energy levels is so necessary for all of us.

Yet al the food is not able to produce the same level of energy. The foods which can produce more calories we tell them calorie rich food.

They are for making us “Rich In Terms Of Our Health”. Our today’s journey is about the good and bad of calorie. Let’s see all the niceties!

What Does Calorie Mean?

We need to consume foods for our own well-being. We get energy from foods after being digested. For our day to day life, getting energy is a must. This energy will enable us to do our chores.

If you want to measure the energy level got by the food, you’ll have to understand the calorie.

This term calorie is used to describe the energy unit. Here one important point is that you can get the calorie from both food and drink yet many people think it can only come from food.

For running your physical activity, consuming some calories is a must. Generally, the calorie is of two types- Small calorie & Large calorie. A small calorie is able to raise your 1 gram of energy unit and its shortened name is cal.

On the other hand, a large calorie can raise 1 kilogram of energy unit and its shortened name is kcal, 1000 cal can make 1 kcal.

What’re The Good Sources Of Calories?

Like all the vitamins and minerals, we get calories from edible foods. From our day to day foods we can get the calories. In a certain gram or cup of edible items, we get a certain amount of calories. Let’s see some of the food and calorie amount!

  1. Chicken Meats– You’ll get 475 calories in every Leg, and 184 calories in 100 grams of this item.
  2. Homemade Granola– 597 calories are found in every cup, and 489 calories in 100 grams of Granola.
  3. Avocados– In every piece, you’ll get 322 calories and in every 100 grams of it 160 calories.
  4. Milk– Every cup of milk 298 calories exist and in 100 grams of it 61 calories you’ll get.
  5. Firm Tofu– 363 calories are in a cup and 144 calories in every 100 grams.
  6. Salmon Fish– 350 calories are found in 6oz Fillet and 206 calories in every 100 grams.
  7. Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)– In every cup 269 calories founds and in every 100 gram, you’ll found 164 calories.
  8. Sweet Potatoes– Every cup of Mashed Sweet Potatoes you’ll get 258 calories, and in every 100 gram you’ll get 101 calories.
  9. Whole Grains (Brown Rice)– In a cup of rice 248 calories exist, and every 100 gram 123 calories exist.
  10. Macadamia Nuts– In every Oz of this nut, you’ll get 204 calories and in every 100 gram, you’ll get 718 calories.

These 10 are not the ultimate calorie rich foods. There are also a good many foods riches in calorie. Yet these 10 are most important list as we can found those foods easily.

How Many Calories Are Needed For You?

Taking calories knowing the recommended dosage is doubly important in comparison with other nutrient items.

In that, taking calories more than or less than the recommended dosage is not fit for your well-being.


Even if you take excess calories than the recommended level then reducing the calorie will also be necessary.

How many calories are needed to you it is dependent on several issues like your age sex, height, activity and the like. Let’s see how many calories are needed depending on various conditions!

  • If you’re a woman you need 5-10% fewer calories than any adult man.
  • If you’re a grown-up man you need 2,000–3,000 calories a day
  • If you’re grown-up women you need 1,600–2,400 calories a day.
  • If you’re a hardworking man or women then you may need more calories a day.
  • If you’re tall more than 5.10 inches (man) or 5.4 inches (women), then you may need more calories.

The list above is designed according to the recommended rate of calorie taking. Obeying it thoroughly is not mandatory. But, try to obey it as far as possible.

What’re The “GREAT FUNCTIONS” Of Calories?

Every nutrient items of our day to day food have some functions. Those items perform several specified functions and that’s why we can survive. Likewise, calories perform several functions that are necessary for our body functions boosting. Yet the functions of many other organs are dependent on this calorie. Even calories are used by many other body functions. Let’s see the functions of the calorie!

  • We do many things a day for performing everyday chores. Without burning calories, you’ll not be able to do so. Suppose, when we lift up any weighted tools or device, we lose some calories. That’s why calories are needed for us.
  • For our living heart functions without any intermittent. Lungs functions are also applicable here. That means we survive with the functioning of our heart and lungs. But these functions are also work based on the calories.
  • Metabolic function is needed for our food consumption. When we eat foods, through our metabolic function, we get the vitamin and nutrition after completing the metabolic function. This function is also run through burning calories.
  • Carbohydrates need our brain function. Our brain function means the act of neurons, the function of these neurons is not able to burn fat rather it consumes body calories for functioning properly.
  • For balancing up our body function, you’ll gain some weight. Being extremely light weighted is not so amazing to us. Without consuming calories getting weight is not possible at all. For a woman, 2,000 calories a day is needed for a woman to balance up the weight.

What’re Benefits Of Calories? Do We Really Need To Get Those Benefits?

Like all the nutrient items of our day to day foods, calorie has also some beneficial effects.

For enjoying those beneficial effects take more calories is important to some extent. Even when we feel weak, this item becomes more important for that time.

To understand the effectiveness of calories- it is the unit of energy- this statement is enough. All the benefits of calories are dependent on this statement. Let’s see some benefits of calories!

  • Calorie keeps up the brain function up to the mark.
  • It is needed for our day to day jobs, especially for the laborious job.
  • For supplying the proper nutrition to the whole body, the calorie is needed.
  • Our heart and lungs can work burning our body calories.
  • Calories are a necessary element for increasing weight, balancing the body height with weight.

An Important Piece Of Tale That Must Be Mentioned

Calories are important for so many reasons in terms of our body function. Yet a matter exists in the mind of many of us, that is- we need to burn more calories or lose more calories for our well-being.

That thinking exists for some reason. Suppose when we need to become slim we need to lose weight through this process. That’s why burning or losing calories is also important.

Now come to another point- is only losing calorie is important? That’s not the real issue as many people think.

Losing calories doesn’t represent well-being. Even if, we want to live for only a day, a calorie is also needed because heart function is dependent on the calorie.

Gaining calories is also important for not only one or two reasons but for so many reasons. Suppose, if you’re an athlete, it is beneficial for you to gain more calories than losing it. In that, you’ve to do heavy physical function.

Health experts say losing calories when your calorie level becomes excessive. If we sum up the issue- we’ve to consume calories for performing our day’s work even for keeping ourselves alive.

What’re The Views Of Science On The Taking Of More Calories?

Generally, scientific research reveals the effectiveness of a certain nutritive item. This version is also applicable in the case of calories.

A number of scientific studies have been conducted on the effect of calories inside the human body.

These researches were conducted on the various people examining them over the years. Here we’ve mentioned two of them. These two reveals some untold issues regarding the consumption of calories.

  • Maastricht University Medical Centre of The Netherland conducted a study in November 2010 on the benefits of calories. After that study, they found that appetite suppression is not the only function of calorie. Rather we should gain more calories for “Metabolizing Ourselves”. Just to metabolize us properly for our daily functions, we’ve to take 80–100 calories a day for just gaining the power of metabolizing us properly. If we don’t take that amount of calories, we’ll not be able to accomplish our chores.
  • On July 16, 2019, New York Times published a report on the benefits of calories. This research was conducted on 143 men and women who’re fit for the research. In that report, they mention that calorie restriction has a benefit of weight loss, but at the same time, a calorie is better for increasing the sustainability of us. Especially, taking calorie rich food is needed for elderly people. It enables them to perform more tasks a day.
Formal Versions Of Health Specialists On The Good And Bad Of Calories

Some health specialists conducted research on the patients applying certain nutrition or food substance.

A good number of health specialists and medical practitioners researched on the calories of foods.

They searched on the advantages and disadvantages of consuming calories in different ages of men and women.

After getting the result they mention it in different sites. In this article, we’ve mentioned the recommendation of two health specialists.

Smith SR, a well-known health specialist wrote that- For boosting your metabolism consuming calorie is of “Utmost Necessity”. For performing your metabolic function gaining a certain amount of calories a day is important.

At the same time, you’ve to take care of yourself that means you’ve to restrict excess calories.

In that take something excessive is not better for us. To avoid the risk factors of such, just take in the recommended dosage. Avoid overeating to meet such needs.

Bradley J. Willcoxb, of Department of Geriatric Medicine of Honolulu HI, recommends the changing calorie taking rate when we get older. When we’re a youth, we’ve to take more calories for performing heavy tasks.

We’ve to take some calorie-rich food on our daily menu. Don’t take over dosage on a certain day. Rather it is recommended taking the proper dosage of calories every day (planned diet).

Final Utterance- What’s The Ultimate Truth Regarding Calories?

Every food or edible substance has two effects- good and bad. We take the good one for our well-being or betterment. There’s no single item that we can take excessively.

Excess of anything will certainly cause harm to us. This theory is most important in the case of calories. Not only on calories, but it is also applicable in all the foods and nutrition as previously told. Now the question is- what should we do now?

We’ve to take the calorie-rich foods at the recommended level. If we stop the taking of calories, we’ll not be able to survive.

Taking this item is related to our living, to our work, to our safeguarding, and so on.

Don’t think that doctors avoid the taking of calorie-rich food. Rather, they recommend the taking of calories at the recommended level. This way is the ultimately helpful path for our “Physical And Mental Betterment”.