Top 4 Water-based Penis Pumps

Man is now tormented to hear about pills, lube or other drugs. The penis pumps are the newest edition to enlarge the penis in length and girth. These pumps are of many forms, but the most effective pump is the water-based pump.

The most sell growing pumps are of Hydromax and HydroXtreme series.

Besides these series, you may also think about Hydro7 or Penomet. All these pumps are produced for the enlargement of your penis. Carry on your reading to hack the sexual beauty at your heart’s content.



Hydromax was invented by John Oakes in the year 2004. It was developed as a water-based hydrotherapy pump for penis enlargement. In 2006, he launched Bathmate as a company. These days the most effective penis enlargement pumps are manufacturing and marketing by Bathmate Hydromax. 

These most effective pumps include- Hydromax3, Hydromax5, Hydromax7, Hydromax9, Hydromax7 Wide Boy, etc.

How to use Hydromax ?

These pumps are suited for people dependent on their penis size. For penis size below 3 inches- Hydromax3, For 3 to 5 inches- Hydromax5, for 5 to 7 inches- Hydromax7, for 7 to 9 inches- Hydromax9, to increase the penis girth- Hydromax7 wide boy. Now come to the point of using these pumps. Using procedure is almost same with a little bit difference-

  • Firstly, fill the device with warm water after relaxing in the shower or bath for a while.
  • Insert your penis into the pumps as long as possible.
  • Press the handball pump. And you’ll find your penis is erected.
  • Carry on this session at least 15 minutes with a break after every 5 minutes.
  • Try such a session at least 3 months or until your problem solved.

Working Ways of Hydromax

To enlarge the penis it will work on following ways. Read these points to grow hope in your mind.

  • These pumps contain a vacuum pump that acts erect the penis resulting in an enlargement.
  • These pumps will develop erection quality by erecting your penis and remaining it for a while every day.
  • Using such water-based pumps longer erection will be permanent.
  • All these have a great impact on overall sexual health.
  • After using these devices for a few months, sexual debilities like erectile dysfunction will be gone away.

Good and Bad Sides Hydromax

To Say about positive and negative sides, it bears the fame of having more positive sides than the negative. Let’s start with the positive at first!

  • This pump system is a powerful hydrotherapy system.
  • These devices use the natural power of water and vacuum which are safe and effective.
  • These pumps will certainly increase your penis size up to 30%.
  • Using this pump is the safest way to remove erectile dysfunction.
  • All these pumps can create a great impact on overall sexual performance.

There are several negative sides for which you should more cautious.  Here negative doesn’t mean the harmful sides-

  • You’ve to be cautious in selecting your device according to your penis size.
  • Obeying user manual letter by letter is necessary to get an effective result.

Buying Procedure?

To buy these devices, just place your order visiting our site. Prices are bellowed-

  • Hydromax5-        $‌139
  • Hydromax7-         $‌159
  • Hydromax9           $199
  • Hydromax7 Wide Boy-  $179

Customer Review Hydromax

Being satisfied with the device, many customers and users have recommended the using of this device. Some of these are given below.

  • On Aug 01, 2018, a user of Hydromax3 named Dougg reviewed that he got his desired result after a month.
  • After using Hydromax5, a customer named Catkot, on Oct 27, 2018 recommends using this after seeing its result.
  • On September 21, 2013, a user of Hydromax7 named Fluffb M. reviewed that he founds it effective.
  • On October 16, 2013, a customer of Hydromax9 named Chris Michael termed the Hydromax9 as the Best pump yet.
  • A customer of Hydromax7 Wide Boy named Phil, on August 4, 2019, expressed his happiness after using that.

My Opinion as Writer

On seeing the reviews of customers and use it can surely be said that every pump of the Hydromax series is worth to use. So, do the thing worthy of.

Ending Point on Hydromax

All products of the Hydromax series are clinically approved. For that reason, world-famous doctors or medical specialists, like- Dr. Joel Kaplan, Merrick Beslear, Undie Guy recommend to use these pumps. So you can rely on these.


 HydroXtreme Pump is also produced by Bathmate Hydromax, but it is the upgraded series of a penis pump.

The effective results-producing device of HydroXtreme series contains High-quality cases, Measuring Gauge, Cleaning kit and so on.

These devices have now tens of thousands of users with a 92% satisfaction rate. The devices of this series are HydroXtreme3, HydroXtreme5, HydroXtreme7, HydroXtreme7 wide boy, HydroXtreme9, HydroXtreme11.

How HydroXtreme Pump Works?

Firstly you should know the step by step working path to understand- How effective it is? Let’s start the issue!

  • These pumps increase the space inside “Corpora Cavernosa” which holds blood.
  • On the impact of this, the performance of urethra is boosted by which the man urinates.
  • All these devices are to increase the flow of blood into the penis vein.
  • Such blood circulation and other processes remove erectile dysfunction and increase stamina.
  • In a word, overall sexual performance is boosted on the impact of these devices.

How to Use HydroXtreme Pump ?

All these devices are fit for every people. It is dependent on the size of the penis. HydroXtreme3 is for below3 inches, HydroXtreme5 is for 3 to 5 inches, HydroXtreme7 is for 5 to 7 inches, HydroXtreme7 wide boy is for up to 6.5 inches, HydroXtreme9 is for 7 to 9 inches, HydroXtreme11 is for 9 to 11 inches.

Here driving procedure of all devices is almost same, as follows-

  • Without any stress relax at first for 5-10 minutes in a bathtub or shower.
  • Then fill your device with warm water and penetrate your penis as long as.
  • Press the handball pump slowly to erect your penis as much as you can.
  • Carry on this session for 5 to 10 minutes a day, and at least three months.

Accessories with HydroXtreme Series

On buying these pumps you’ll many valuable accessories, like- Measure Gauge, Long Insert, Pleasure Lube, Cleaning Kit, Shower Strap, Cushion Rings, Hose Attachment, Pleasure Lube, Security Lock, Shower Strap and so on.

Positive and Negative Sides HydroXtreme Pump

To say about the niceties of these devices, these contain more positive sides than the negatives. Pore over the following points-

  • Any person with any size of the penis can use any one of these devices.
  • These pumps are upgraded and can make your penis increased without any surgeries.
  • All these pumps are 35% more powerful than any of the original Hercules pumps.
  • All these pumps can remove erectile dysfunction permanently.
  • Besides all these, it helps its users to stop premature ejaculation.

There are only two negative points that should not be ignored. So read these two points carefully.

  • Without matching the penis size these devices will not be workable.
  • Sometimes their stock runs short due to its high demand.

Buy Lifetime

To buy these devices, you need not go outside. You can buy these easily by placing your order on our site. Prices are as follows-

  • HydroXtreme5-        $‌249
  • HydroXtreme7          $299
  • HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy      $319.99
  • HydroXtreme9         $349
  • HydroXtreme11        $399

What the Customers or Users Say?

If you read the experience shared by the previous users, you’ll hear the sound of their satisfaction.

  • Justin, a user of HydroXtreme3 got 2.5 inches augmentation in length after a few weeks.
  • A customer of HydroXtreme5 named Kieram Diaz opined on behalf of using this device.
  • Rooster, a user of HydroXtreme7 reviewed that this pump is well made.
  • karthi, a user of HydroXtreme7 Wide boy reviewed that it is very helpful to increase the penis.
  • william burnham, after using HydroXtreme9 wrote that this product is effective to boost sexual performance.
  • Daniel Ashley, on using HydroXtreme11 termed the device an extremely good product.

One Idea of Mine

I’ve gone through a large number of devices to know the effective penis pumps. I have found all these pumps of HydroXtreme series the most effective one.

Last Saying on HydroXtreme

World-known health reviewing agencies like Gaylesbiantimes or Aiclegal gave positive reviews on these pumps. Renowned medical specialists like- Dr. Derrick White or Dr. Edward Matsumoto recommends to use these pump without any second thought. All these bear the testimony of the effectiveness of these.


 To say about the first effective water-based penis pump, there is no way but to say the name of  Hydro7 was manufactured by DX products of the United Kingdom in 2006

Headquarter of this company is situated in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire of England. This company bears the glory of the first water-based penis pump manufacturer.

How Does Hydro7 Work?

Want to know the working procedure of Hydro7? It will perform its function in the most effective way, as follows-

  • This device contains a gaiter which creates pressure to erect the penis.
  • After that, it creates a vacuum that helps to remain the erection.
  • Such a vacuum and pressure will help to increase the blood circulation in the penis.
  • Continuing the process will make the penis longer in a few weeks.
  • It also increases stamina during sex.

How to Use Hydro7 ?

Are you eager to know the using procedure? It is plain and simple. Pore over these points to get the using manual-

  • Firstly, relax in the shower for 4-5 minutes.
  • Press Black Pip, and fill the device with water.
  • Insert your penis into a filled device and press the pump.
  • Then your penis will be erected.
  • Continue the session 10-15 minutes a day, with a break after every 5 minutes, for at least 6 months.

Easiest Buying Procedure?

There is no need to go outside for buying this pump. Just place your order visiting our site, you’ll get free shipping with some accessories like-Refresh Toy Cleaner, Mr Big Dick Cream, Ringo Pro X3 Silicone, Rings Set and many others.

Price of this pump is $110

Positive and Negative sides Hydro7

To say about the positive and negative sides of this device, besides only two negative sides all are positive. Let’s start!

  • Most importantly a bunch of accessories is available with it.
  • Skin-safe polycarbonate plastic makes the device safe for skin.
  • This water-based pump is 250% more safe and effective than air-based one.
  • Longer and harder penis with long-lasting erection will be possible on the impact of this pump.
  • Libido will be increased automatically by using this pump.

You should know the negative sides as well. They are only two. Look on follow to get those negatives-

  • People with below 5 inches of the penis are not allowed to use this pump.
  • Step by step guideline has to be followed to get effective result.

Users & Clinical Study Reviews on  Hydro7?

There are many reviews given by customers, users. Besides these, clinical study also proves a lot-

  • Will P., a user of this device wrote that he gained 1.5 inches after using this pump.
  • Pup Milo, on Jan 16 of this year, tweets that it can enlarge penis up to 7 inches.
  • Aspen Clinical Research proves that it is safe and workable.

What These Two Lines Say?

Various reviews are given by many customers and social media users prove the product the most efficacious one. So, it needs to be used to get efficacy.

Finish this Part to Step Forward to Buy

At last, it is to be mentioned that follow these above procedures step by step to get the ultimate benefit. Be happy and making your loving partner happy.


Penomet is another glorious name in the penis enlargement field with two certifications named- CE Marking and SGS certification.It was manufactured by Leading Arctic Sea Limited, based in Iceland.

This company starts its manufacturing in 2012. In 2013, It got Venus Awards as recognition of Best New Product in 2013. This incident sufficiently proves the level of its effectiveness.

How Penomet Works?

Here long working paths have been mentioned in four steps. Look on these four lines to get the working procedure.

  • Creating a vacuum inside the pump will result in erection which is more effective than any air-based pump.
  • It augments the function of Corpora Cavernosa or blood circulation in the penis.
  • On this impact, the penis can bear more blood resulting in a longer erection.
  • Erectile quality is also improved for the vacuum created.

What’s Using Procedure Penomet ?

To get the ultimate sexual pleasure, you’ve to follow these guidelines carefully. Let’s start with those!

  • In a relaxed situation fill the cylinder with warm water.
  • Then steam the penis for a while in that warm water.
  • Insert your penis and press the gaiters.
  • Start the pumping, for 120 seconds or less.
  • After 2 minutes, take a break and repeat the process.

Positive and Negative Sides Penomet

There are various good and bad sides of this product although bad sides are only two. Let’s start with the good first-

It is very useful to augment the penis length by 3 inches and girth by at least 30%.

  • Two-part design existed in it will make the user able to control the pressure.
  • High-quality polycarbonate plastic in its cylinder will keep you safe.
  • By using this device it will be possible to prevent impotence based on age, and Peyronie’s disease.
  • It is very convenient to use in all situations.

You should also understand the bad sides to check these. Without being carefull on these two, you’ll not able to get the result.

  • Persons having more than 9 inches of penis are not allowed.
  • Obeying all related guidelines is a necessary condition.

Want to Buy Now?

Nobody will see. Just buy it from our site. To buy this pump, you’ve to choose one package from below, and place your order-

  • Penomet Premium  $297 (save 35%).
  • Penomet Extra  $197 (save 31%).
  • Penomet Standard $127 (save 24%).

You’ll get some accessories with your desired package, like-gaiters with varying degrees of suction, Shower strap, Digital exercise guidebook, warranty and so on.

Customer & News Agency Reviews Penomet

The world-famous Sign Magazine awarded it “Best Male Enhancement Device 2013” mentioning it effective to enlarge the penis.

On Mar 20, 2018, Brian reviewed that he is happy with it. On Sep 28, 2019, Agust Beaumont Tweets that it can prevent erectile dysfunction.

Share my Feeling

I feel very well writing the review of such an award-winning water-based penis pump. All other matters are up to you- think more to choose your way.

Ending Part

This penis pump is amazingly sell-growing penis pump all the time. Surely, you can use this pump to increase the length and girth of your penis.

Frequently Asked Question
1. What type of penis pump is perfect for me among this series?

Ans.- Just look this and select your desired one- For up to 3 inches- Hydromax3 & HydroXtreme3, For 3 to 5 inches- Hydromax5 & HydroXtreme5, for 5 to 7 inches- Hydromax7 & HydroXtreme7 as well as Hydro7, for making the penis girthy- Hydromax7 wide boy & HydroXtreme7 wide boy, for 7 to 9 inches- Hydromax9 & HydroXtreme9, For more than 9 inches HydroXtreme11. You may also use Penomet if your penis is below 9 inches.

2. What is more effective for me?

Ans.- All these pumps mentioned here are effective. It depends on your desire. Suppose, to make girthy HydroXtreme7 wide boy is the most effective.

3. Is there any age restriction?

Ans.- There is no restriction to use based on your age.

4. Say something about the correct procedure?

Ans.- It is dependent on your choosing pump. Read the article carefully to learn the using procedure.

5. Are these products medically approved?

Ans.- Of course, a good number of doctors and medical specialists examined each of these.

Give Off Your Tiny Penis & Get Newest One

All the most effective penis pumps are included here. Don’t roaming outside to find out the efficacious one.

My urge to all i.e. not to stay with your tiny penis. This is humiliating for every mother’s son. Just use one of these according to your situation and won the most desired longer penis.

The ending point Best Penis Pump 

At the ending point, It is to be mentioned that just reading is not enough to cure a single dude. After finishing your reading, think twice- when you want to be cured? And buy one of these pumps at that time.

Buy, use, and get longer penis- you’ll find exactly this circle after using any of those.