Top 4 Penis Extenders

Can you imagine the distress of having a penis with curvature? Certainly, that distress has no bounds. Can you think of a man who can’t be “Sexed Up”? Yet he wants so wholeheartedly.

These all are the stories of measly people who can’t be the hero to their heroines. They’re not able to satisfy their inner exhibitionists. Their sorrows are dark and deep.

Now come out from that darkest world. Introduce yourself with the robust penis enhancers that can make you longer and harder penis with no curvature. Is it believable? Of course, yes.

There are plenty of extenders that will give you much pleasure in sex, but it is not revealed to others. Want to know the cause? You’ve to wear such extenders beneath your pants. It will be privately entangled on your private organ.

Penis Extenders Specialty Review
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Let’s start today’s journey! Here are 4 extenders that are safe and effective in all aspects. Those have enough potentiality to augment your dick in a short time. All these devices have some good and bad sides. Bad sides don’t mean the harmful sides. It indicates that you should be cautious about such parts. There is not a single material or side that may cause any harm. Start the steps of “buffing up” your sex organ.

1. Jes Extender


First and foremost I want to tell you about Jes Extender. From 1995, over two decades, it retains its fame to increase the penis by 20%-30% through the non-surgical penis traction method.

This idea was developed by Jes Bech Muller. Then it was formally manufactured by the DanaMedics Business of Denmark. Let’s talk on Jes Extender!

Key Features of Jes Extender

Can you imagine an effective product without any unique feature? The reality says otherwise. Unique features of it-

  • This device is composed of one base ring, two silicon tubes, and a frontal metal bar. All this is made of bending plastic.
  • Its base ring and frontal metal bar are of white colours, and the silicon tube is of silver colour.
  • It works through penis tissue division which is called cytokinesis.

How to Use Jes Extender Rightly?

You’ve read carefully the user’s manual although it is not a hard nut to crack. Take it easy-

  • After taking the device at hand Jes Extender insert your flaccid penis.
  • Insert that through the base ring of it.
  • Keep two elongation bars on two sides of your penis.
  • Twist the elongation bars to apply traction on your penis.

Good and Bad Sides Jes Extender

Worry about good sides? Don’t be worried about such. They are many in numbers. Look on following-

  • It is very comfortable to use because of its softness and for wearing it beneath pants.
  • You’ve to wait only 7 days for starting to get the benefit.
  • It has the potentiality to augment the length by 24% and the thickness by 19%.
  • Penis curvature and erectile dysfunction will be gone away by using it.
  • It may also be used to control premature ejaculation and to “boost up” sexual function.
  • You can use this device any time including your naptime.

Is there any bad side? Of course, yes like any other product anywhere in the world. But they are little in number-

  • You’ve to use this device for the recommended time every day.
  • As a rule, the details of using it are alien to the newbie.

Reviews Given by Elders- Is Jes Extender Worth to Buy or Not?

There are a plenty of reviews on this device. Reviewers are users, customers, doctors and many others.

On Jan 05, 2019, MypenisandI wrote- after 500 hours of using it he gained from 7×5.5 to 9×5.5.

In 1998, Dr. Siana, reported that he found 28% increase in penis size in ten patients

In April 2011, the British Journal of Urology Published that the best penis enlargement technique has been followed in it.

Yenn, on Oct 19, 2019, Tweeted that Jes extender is a product worth to buy.

How to Buy Jes Extender?

To buy, just place your order on our site. Delivery time is 1-2 days within Europe and the USA, and 1-4 days to rest of the world. You can also have 100% money-back guarantee. 6 packages are-

  • The JES Extender Original- $229.99 (2 Year Warranty)
  • The JES Extender Light- $199.00 (1 Year Warranty)
  • The JES Extender Silver- $299.99 (3 Year Warranty)
  • The JES Extender Gold- $349.99 (5 Year Warranty)
  • The JES Extender Platinum- $1,000.00 (Lifetime Warranty)
  • The JES Extender Titanium- $249.99 (2 Year Warranty)

From the above-mentioned packages, The JES Extender Light is for the people with below 6.7 inches penis. All other those are for people having below 9.1 inches penis.

Last Sharing- What’s in Mind?

We’ve reviewed this extender because we found it being produced an efficacious result to almost all of its users, for a long time.

At last, it can be said that you can surely buy this product for “boosting up” your sexual performance at your desired stage.

2.Pro Extender

Let’s start a new one! Now I’m going to tell you about the Pro Extender. It has the glory of making penis 29% longer and 17% wider. It was invented in 1994 by Dr. Jorn E. Siana. Now it is manufactured by Leading Edge Health Inc. It has the potentiality to enlarge your penis in a straight angle.

Key Features Pro Extender

What’s new in this? –Of course, there are several new features. To get this issue look on following key unique features-

  • The colour of this device is almost the same as the Jes extender.
  • Here a basal ring works to tie the penis.
  • A Bowl-shaped part keeps the penis head in the straight point.
  • Blood circulation into the penis cell can be made “Hyped Up”.

How to Use Pro Extender?

After the intimation of some glorious features, now come to the point of using procedure. To say about the using procedure it is as easy as ABC-

  • Tie up the basal ring at the base of the penis.
  • Set the head of your penis on the bowl-shaped part.
  • Penetrate your penis at both ends of the silicone tube.
  • Tighten those tubes with your penis.
  • Turn two thumbscrews for keeping the device in the correct position.

Good and Bad Sides Pro Extender

Readers, it is recommended by us to know both sides of it properly then place your order. Let’s face the good sides-

  • Penis length and girth will surely be increased.
  • Longer-lasting erection without any curvature.
  • Erectile dysfunction will certainly be gone away.
  • Sexual function will be “prettied up” with ejaculation control.
  • Increased blood flow will give you an intense orgasm.

Contrariwise, there are some bad sides too. In this full disclosure we’ve to share those. They are-

  • Regular use of it has to be ensured.
  • The price of this device is a little bit high.

Want to Buy Online Pro Extender

Want to know the easiest buying way? Ok, I’ll recommend you to place your order on our site. You’ll get the money back in case of non-satisfaction. Just choose a package between these two-

  • Pro Extender Original – $299.95 ( For 2 to 7 inches in flaccid level)
  • Pro Extender Deluxe – $399.95 ( For 2 to 9 inches in flaccid level)

Users Reviews On Pro Extender

What the users think on it? Users, clinical experts and many others share their thinking on this device-

  • On Jan 26, 2018, Karl reviewed that the Pro Extender works.
  • On Nov 25, 2017, Ingar Andersen wrote that this device works as promised.
  • Wolsen, from the USA, on October 1, 2019, Twitted that Pro Extender has enough potentiality to enlarge your penis in a few weeks.
  • It was held in the 1st International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery of 1998, 2.8 cm augmentation is possible after using it 1100 hours.
  • Theguardianonline termed the Pro Extender as a breakthrough in the current trend of penis enlargement technology.

Last Utterance- Pro Extender

Why we have review pro extender?- The answer is plain and simple- Just to intimate you about a device that works very effectively in a short time.

Before ending this step it is to be recommended that it is easy to cure a sexual disease when it is at the primary level. So don’t stay with your curved penis. Use this tool to get cured.

3.Male Edge


Let’s face another male enhancement tool-Male Edge. What’s new in it? In a word, it is effectiveness.

By using this device in a few weeks you’ll get a “Brand New Penis” in which no curvature or debility will be found.

It is the developed version of famous Jes Extender, started to manufacture by the DanaMedic company, In 2012.

What’s New in Male Edge?

Firstly you should know the features of this device that going to be made you “Sexed Up”. It contains the following key features that are unknown to other devices-

  • This device has been made in black and green colours.
  • Scientifically-proven most effective traction method has been used here.
  • It stretches the lax dick that allowed it to hold more blood.
  • You can get rid of chordee and penis curvature using this device.
  • Soft and bending materials have been used to make it for giving comfort to its users.

How to Use Male Edge ?

How can I use it? This question is the most important one. You’ve to learn to use this device efficiently for getting the best result.

  • Through the base ring circle inserts your penis.
  • Insert the whole penis as long as possible.
  • Two black tubes will be embedded on two sides of your penis.
  • Then start to apply traction and carry on that for a certain time every day.

Good and Bad Sides Male Edge

Let’s step forward to the good and bad sides. Decide- matter to be delighted or to be upset? Now, look on the good sides at first-

  • It has certainty that your penis will be increased on the impact of it.
  • You’ll be able to say goodbye to curvature problems and erectile dysfunction.
  • Very comfortable to use it secretly under your pants.
  • Long-lasting erection with intense orgasm will be visible after using it.
  • Your overall sexual function will be prettied up in a hurry.

Isn’t any bad side exist? This type of question sounds natural. And the answer is also natural-yes. Now introduce yourself with the bad sides-

  • Only reading the manual without watching videos isn’t enough to learn the using procedure.
  • The amazing result is waiting for you on the condition of using it regularly.

Want to Buy Male Edge  Now?

If you want to buy it, just place your order on our site. You’ll get your chosen package between 1 to 4 working days depending on your living area. Whatever your chosen package is, you’ll get 4 things- Money Back Guarantee, One Year Warranty, Male Edge Training Diary, and Access to Online Instructional Video. Following packages are available now-




  • MaleEdge Basic- $149.99
  • MaleEdge Extra- $174.99
  • MaleEdge Pro- $199.99

Users Reviews-Male Edge

Want to get the recommendation of experienced peoples? Here, we mention some reviews of users and examiners. Look on those carefully-

  • The British Journal of Urology International (BJUI), in April of 2011, published that Male Edge can get rid of sexual debilities.
  • On Nov 29, 2014, Dan Larsson reviewed that it makes the penis to be enlarged.
  • On Feb 5, 2017, Kees De Boer wrote that it is passed in the test of its effectiveness.
  • On Sep 13, 2014, Darik W. reviewed this device on YouTube, stating it as “original penis enlarger”.
  • Rob reviewed that he has grown 2″ in just 3 weeks.

True Revealed At Last Male Edge

The most important reason for its review was the lowest price of this device. You can get this device below $200. But its effectiveness is not below par in comparison with the price.

All this information regarding Male Edge sounds its efficacious power. You can use this product without thinking anymore.

4. SizeGenetics


SizeGenetics is also a male enhancer that can make a penis hard rock. This well-known device was produced by USA based Danamedic ApS. It has been possible to produce after long research of Dr.Jorn Ege Siana and Dr.Finn Worm Knudsen. Its manufacturer had won the European CE Health stamp for its amazing effectiveness.

Key features SizeGenetics

Is anything new? Obviously, there are certain features which are alien to all other devices. Some of these features are-

  • It removes penis curvature by applying the traction method.
  • To make the blood supply buffed up, it keeps the penis in a straight position for a while.
  • It is made of the white colour headpiece and base ring as well as two silver colour tubes.
  • The whole device has been made of bending materials for comfortable use.
  • There is also a comfort strap to tie your penis.

Using Effectively SizeGenetics

Now come to the point of using. Using the procedure of this device is not so hard. You’ve to wear it beneath your wearing pant. To learn the using procedure letter by letter, just follow these steps-

  • Through the white base ring penetrate your penis.
  • Touch the headpiece by your penis head.
  • Pull the comfort strap gently and tighten up those on every side.
  • Carry on these steps at least 1 hour daily.
  • Using this device is to be continued up to 6 months.

Good and Bad Side SizeGenetics

Good or bad? This question may come into your mind. There are plenty of good sides to this product with a few bad sides. Let’s start with the good sides-

  • A good number of medical specialists have been approved of this product.
  • Augmentation of penis up to 2 inches in length and 1.2 inches in girth is possible.
  • 3M comfort plaster has been used in it for more security.
  • Removing your problems like curvature and debilities, it can boost your sexual power.

You’ll get all these in a few months

Now come to the point of bad sides. There are only a few those bad parts, as follows-

  • All produced positive changes take a long time to be showed up.
  • Glorious outcomes have to be seen on your regular use.

Buy without Any Embarrassment SizeGenetics

For buying this product, you’ve to place your order on our site. You’ll get this tool after 1-2 days if you are within Europe or the USA, and 1-4 days if you are in the rest of the world. You’ve to choose any package from following four-


  • SizeGenetics Ultimate System- $299.95
  • SizeGenetics Comfort Package- $229.95
  • SizeGenetics Value Edition
  • Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition


Experiences Shared About SizeGenetics

Want to know the experiences shared by its users or scrutinizers. There are the mention of a few-

  • On May 7, 2019, jossk reviewed on YouTube that it is a high-quality product.
  • Mizik reviewed that he used to be 5 and a half and now he is 7 and a half.
  • On May 07, 2018, Michael wrote that it works.
  • News agency Gaylesbiantimes reviewed that it is fruitful to curb the penis curvature.
  • In 2008 a study was conducted on 15 showed the average 2.3 cm growth.

Utterance At Last

Why we have reviewed SizeGenetics? In this regard, our naïve utterance is to intimate you with an effective product to enlarge the penis. We focus on the effectiveness of all of our cautions.

The focusing point on the SizeGenetics is the making of a longer penis. 2.3 cm growth has been revealed in research. It can fulfill your long-standing desire- “A Long Dick”.

Sharing My Passion to All On SizeGenetics

My passion is to write a review of effective health products. Man’s sexual health is of such a nature that has a lingered physical and mental effect. Here I’ve mentioned 4 pieces of extenders that will “pretty up” your dick in the shortest possible of time. What’s for? Just because of the proven materials they bear.

My urge is to all of you read repeatedly line by line. These lines can provide your penis with a new look. That can boost up your hope to show heroic performance in the bedroom. All these amenities can be desirable to you because you’re a man, you’ve got a dick. Take care of your dick by using these devices. Otherwise, stay longer with your tiny penis with curvature and hide with shy.

Frequently Asked Question
1. Please let me know what device is the best-fitted for me?

Ans.- We have selected all the effective products for you. All these devices are best-fitted. So, you can use any of those. You’ll get the infallible result.

2. What is the perfect age to use such devices?

Ans.- People of all ages can use these devices. There is no such age restriction.

3. Is the procedure of using the same for all extenders?

Ans.- In a word, almost same- inserting the penis through the base ring, tie the penis by comfort strap with base ring and head ring, and then apply traction. But it is strongly recommended that follow the user manual letter by letter

4. Say something on the approval of this device?

Ans.- All these devices are approved medically and clinically. You can rely on these.

5. Is the effectiveness of these devices is only enhancement and removing curvature?

Ans.- Besides these two, your overall sexual performance will be “Hyped Up”.

6. Can my regular habit be a barrier to use these devices?

Ans.- No, you can keep your regular habits on. It doesn’t matter.

7. Can these devices become conspicuous to people of my surroundings?

Ans.- To avoid this situation, wear loose pants. Another way is to use these in your naptime.

8. Is there any possibility to feel sick after using these devices under my wearings?

Ans.- There is no such chance to feel sick. All these devices are made of comfortable materials.

9. Is it mandatory to use regularly?

Ans.- Of course, to get an effective result you’ve to use regularly.

10. What the writer feels after writing its review?

Ans.- I feel good thinking that I am now able to intimate you all effective extenders among a large number. My joy will be doubled if you use any of those seeing my review. Because I know what will be the result.

Finish Read to Start Mission penis-extender

At the eleventh hour, one point still remains. What’s it? Take the right decision in a hurry. All these devices are ready to provide you with heavenly sexual pleasure. Just you’ve got the intention to take.

What can I do now? There are two options for you. One is to do nothing for your betterment. The other is to do something- use any of those devices and get a “Brand New Penis”. Take the decision soon- in what stage you want to stay.