Benefits Of Green Tea For Skin

Tea is well-known to all of us, but when we hear about green tea, many of us cannot recognize it at first. It is also a type of tea that is collected from Camellia sinensis leaves.

It’s the main difference between tea and green tea. This green tea is produced all over the Asian continent, but China is the main producer of this stuff. This one is beneficial for you in many ways, especially in terms of your skin.

That’s why almost all the made skin product keeps this stuff in their formula. In this article, we’re going to show you the benefits of this green tea for your skin. Let’s start!


What’re The Functions Of Green Tea For Skin?

1.Fighting against skin cancer: catechins is in abundance in Green Tea. All of these items are potent to fight against skin cancer. Those elements have also some antioxidant effects. Such elements can work against the free radicals that can cause skin cancer.

2. Functions against aging effects: The Green Tea comprises an element named epigallocatechin gallate. Commonly it is referred to as EGCG. Besides this, it also contains vitamin B-2. These two elements can fight effectively against all the aging effects on your skin.

3. Works on skin irritation: Not only the antioxidant effect, but it also contains good anti-inflammatory properties. That will help you to remove away all the skin irritation and redness. On the impact of this stuff, it will also prevent the risk of “Psoriasis & Rosacea” from your skin.

4. Effects of antimicrobial property: Green tea contains beneficial antimicrobial properties that are so beneficial for any type of oily skin. In that, oily skin is prone to acne. The antimicrobial effect of the green tea will reduce sebum secretion resulting in removing acne.

5. Works for Skin Moisturization: This beneficial stuff is rich in vitamin E. This vitamin will keep you safe from the skin becoming dry. It will provide all the necessary nourishes to make your skin moisturized that is important for your skin health.


Which Type Of Benefits Can I EXPECT ?

All the functions of green tea will cause several effects on our skin. For the overall well-being of your skin, this stuff is well-known to us. It is not fiction but a research-backed truth. Here we’ve mentioned five advantages of green tea. These five benefits are important but not all.

1. Free From Cancer: On using this stuff, you’ll be able to keep you free from the risk of skin cancer. In addition to that feature, you’ll get here all the benefits of an effective Antioxidant property without causing any harm. It will also remove away all the risk of free radicals.

2. To Get Youthful Skin: On the regular use of green tea, you’ll be able to make your skin youthful. You’ll not experience the presence of any dead skin cells in your skin. In that, EGCG will hold the firmness of your skin removing the skin wrinkles.

3. Keeping Away Irritation & Redness: After maintaining our day to day busy schedule for a long time, experiencing skin irritation and redness is not out of common. The green tea will keep you free form such unwanted risk factors.

4. Removing All Acnes: Acne is common to many of us. Acne in any part of our skin is enough for becoming a headache of us and for destroying our skin beauty. Yet this healthy stuff will get you free from all the risk of acne. It is applicable for all over your body.

5. For Removing Dryness: It goes without saying that dry skin is bad for our skin health. Green Tea will keep your skin dryness free. In addition to that, it will supply all the necessary substances to make your skin healthy.

What’s The Revelation Of Science Research On Green Tea?

A good number of science-based studies on green tea have been conducted on green tea. These researches were done by some of the medical institutions. These are accomplished by applying this stuff to several peoples. Here only three research studies have been mentioned. Let’s see the result of those researches!

1.Tea Science Center, University of Shizuoka of Japan published a research study on green tea. They searched for the immediate action of Green Tea. In this research, they found the following results.

  • The green tea is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that have a great effect on causing skin irritation. The name of the anti-inflammatory property of the green tea is polyphenols
  • This Green Tea will get you rid of redness & swelling. Even for reducing the effect of minor cuts it is used. For all the purposes relating to skin betterment it can be used.

2. Department of Dermatology of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences of Iran conducted another study on the effectiveness of green tea on skin entitled “Green tea in dermatology”. They show the following results-

  • For a good number of dermatological complexities, the green tea is effective. There’re four harmful complexities named- keloids, psoriasis, rosacea, and dermatitis. Those are liable for causing itching and skin irritation. The green tea will get you rid of all 4.
  • Besides the prevention of the risk factor of harmful elements, the green tea also lessens the existing risk of the complexity caused by any harmful elements. You’ll get these all benefits on regular taking of this stuff.

3. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto of Brazil conducted research on green tea. Their research found out the following issues-

  • On regular use of green tea for 15 to 30 days, your skin will be moisturized and nourished. It will also lessen the roughness of your skin. Thus it is working against the dryness of your skin.
  • This study was conducted on a good number of people. It was also found that moisturized skin provided by this tea will be hard to be affected by any harmful elements.

Doctors Or Health Specialist- Should I Take Or Not?

As a natural element, a good number of health specialists  posted their reviews on the green tea. They mentioned the overall benefits of this stuff. Some of them have been shown the betterment of this element on your skin. We’ve mentioned here some of the recommendations of doctors mentioning the advantages of green tea on the skin.

1.Dr. Stephen Hsu works on the Department of Oral Biology of Medical College of Georgia. He is a well-known cell biologist. He researched on the green tea and found the following issues-

  • It goes without saying EGCG is in abundance in green tea. For rejuvenating skin cells this stuff may be used. It will improve your skin health removing the dull skins. It will do its job without causing any harm to your skin.
  • In addition to that, all the aging effects relating to the skin will be gone away on using green tea. For repairing your skin cells this is also used. In a word, it works for the overall betterment of your skin.

2.Another health specialist named Santosh K. Katiyar researched on the green tea. He also researched on the same factor on which the previous doctor was done. After completing the research he concludes

  • When we work in sun ultraviolet rays harm our skin. Even damage to DNA may be caused by this. It is not possible at all to keep us away from sun. EGCG of green tea is for removing the effect of such ultraviolet rays.
  • That harmful ray has a direct link with nonmelanoma skin cancer. And this ray has a good number of harmful sides. On regular use of green tea, you can keep you away from this harmful effect.
Final Thought- To Be Taken Or To Be Avoided?

Green tea contains all the elements that are needed for the betterment of our skin. This stuff is beneficial for all the purposes relating to our skin- that may be skin irritation or maybe skin cancer.

For removing away all the harmful elements from skin green tea will work better. For that reason, a good number of recommendations have been given for using it.

Skin health cannot be ignored in any way. Just a single complexity in the skin may ruin your “overall beauty”. That’s why we should keep more importance to our skin health.

For that reason, green tea is a must. All the researches on this stuff show that it is super effective for our skin. Isn’t it worth to be taken by us?