LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser

In our day to day busy schedule, it is “Quite Impossible” to bear in mind the correct time schedule of taking the daily dosage of our pills or other medicines.

Even many of us take more than one pill a day at different times. So keeping in mind the proper time schedule of taking our daily dosage without the help of a caregiver is really a “Hard Nut To Crack”. In that case, we need something that can remind us of the necessary schedules.

This job is done by Automatic Pill Dispensers. That means the medication schedule is to be reminded by those Dispensers. These Dispensers are many in numbers.

Currently, some of them are hot selling piece. Our today’s story is about such a hot selling piece: LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser. Let’s start our discussion!

What’s The Feature Of This One?

This pill dispenser is a 28-Day Pill Dispenser. It will remind you of the proper schedule of taking your daily pills without causing any unnecessary delay or mistake. The awesome features of this one are given below-

  • This one will remind you about the daily dosage through alert and this alert is easily audible to all of you including elders.
  • This tool is a battery operated device with an LCD interface in where a clock is placed for time count.
  • You’ve to store your necessary pills inside its compartments from which it will give out your recommended dose.
  • You’ve to program your daily schedule in this device that means when and which number of pills you want to swallow each day.
  • When you insert your daily program it will remind you by sounding audible alerts when your scheduled time comes.

Why I’ve To Use This One Barring All The Others?

This device is well-known to many USA people for some of its distinguished features. Those features are totally unknown to other similar devices. Let’s see some of those exclusive characteristics of it!

  • You’ll get here 28 roomy compartments and those compartments are able to hold 18 pills.
  • You can avail of the benefits of 6 templates. In each of the six times, it will present your desired pill to you.
  • This device runs through “Clock & Alert” and this device is easily usable by any non-professional guys.
  • If you’re in naptime or busy in your chores, it will ring for 30 minutes and make you bound to receive the dose.
  • Your privacy is important to the manufacturer. That’s why they keep a manual key to prevent others from entering your program.

How To Use This Device

First off, you’ve to program this device in the right way. Then you’ll get all the benefits of a caregiver. Ever sometimes caregivers make mistake in reminding the proper schedule, but the tools don’t. Let’s see the step by step working procedure!

1.Setting Your Desired Alarm– You’ll get here 3 different alarm tones. Among these three, one is only turning on the light without any sound while others create audible sound. At the peak you’ll see some signs, like- A, B, & C. The signs are the precursor to the three tones. If you desire to select the non-audible alarm then none of these three signs will be seen. When you select one particular alarm, it will sound for a while giving you the chance to understand “Is It Okay Or Not”. For choosing a certain alarm, just press on it. You’ll have the opportunity to select the alarm 6 times a day.


  1. Testing Your Dispenser At First- After pressing the lower middle- 2 (9) button, of the device for a while you’ll see the “CH” sign. When you see this sign, you’ll understand that your device is now in testing mode. Now you may test your device to check the characters in it. Don’t hesitate to check it on fear of dysfunction. If you want to restore the clock position, you can do it easily by squeezing on the 3 (10) button. As a rule, it is recommended to test your device for the first time to check all the programs. It will give you the benefit of easy understanding in the future.
  2.  What to do for locking your device?: If you want to protect your privacy then the locking of your device is a must. To ensure the lock, you’ve to squeeze on the lock button- (12). You’ll see this button at the low end of this device. Penetrate your key and turn the key anti-clockwise. If you want to remove the lock or unlock your device then turn the key just clockwise after penetrating it into your device.
  3. When I’ve To Refill The Pills In It?: You know this device includes 28 compartments to hold your recommended dosage. You’ve to place your pill in those compartments. When you see the stored pills are finished you’ve to refill it for your future medication management. When you’ve to make such a refill? The answer to this question is not possible because the daily dosage varies from man to man.

Can I Buy It Online?

If you desire to buy this piece, then just place your order to buy. We’ll send your package to you. The current price of this device is only $89.99.

But in the recent past, the price of this one was $119.99. Now the price is brought down by manufacturers.

It is recommended to take your device now at the lowest rate. You’ll be benefitted accordingly.

Will It Provide The Correct Reminder?

First of all, this one is a tool. It is well known to all that a tool cannot make a mistake that a human can. Rather any caregiver can make mistake reminding the right time.

Even the world’s top-class caregivers didn’t claim that they can do their job “Thoroughly”.

To err is human- it is also applicable to them. So you cannot expect the 360-degree correct service from them. Now come to the point of the tool.

You know today’s people are now tools dependent on offline and software dependent online.

They’re now reluctant to do the jobs spending their hours. Even every tool can do their job without stress. Now think- What’s the LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispense? Needless to say, it is a device.

How it will not do its job perfectly. If you make a device using some tested materials or tools, certainly it will work well. Nothing to be worried- it is made of in a scientific way and tested many times.

All the customers reviewed mentioning its workability. Just insert your program correctly, and keep your device in a protected place. For sure, it will meet your needs.


Can It Change The Condition Of My Pills?

The job of this pill is to store only your pill for a certain time. Generally, people store their pills in a box or packet.

Is it believable that containing boxes will change the condition of your pills? Certainly, it is not the fact, even not the common imagination too. Similarly, this device will store your pills for a certain period.

The temperature and other conditions inside of this device are just normal. Why your pill will be affected by this dispenser?

There is even no dog’s chance to change the condition of your pill. Rather it will keep your pill protected and safe.


Why We’ve Reviewed Only This Device

We see many health reviewing sites present a good number of pills for its customers. More often than not, they urge the taking of those health products at the right time repeatedly.

Even in the FAQ Section, they urged to take in the right time to get the benefits of their products. Yet their products are mainly for elderly peoples. Generally, elderly peoples face memory loss, oversleep, and the like. Bearing in mind all the dosage’s time is almost impossible for them.

Then we feel to present something that will meet their needs in an easy way. On constant search, we find out this device. This dispenser can include a good number of pills and remind the same every day.

Certainly, it will be helpful for them. It will save their expense of caregiver giving them better service than a traditional caregiver.  That’s why we reviewed this tool for you. We recommend this magic device to all of you who are now taking more than one pill a day. You can sure about its effectiveness. Rather it is better than its word.

Can It Be The SCAM ?

Scam products include several signs, like- the non-existence of customer review, no recommendations, a few days standing manufacturers, and the like.

Those features are “Totally Unknown” to this device. Even many users recommend this product on their personal Facebook page.

If it is the scam one then they will not “Dare To Share” it on their personal account in presence of their buddies. You can order and use it without any second thought. It will not be a scam as you think now.


The Experiences Of Previous Users?

This device is a crying need for elderly people as they need to take more dosages a day.

Even they fell memory short and can’t remind the proper time schedule. Many of the elderly people ordered it and some other young guys ordered it for their dad.

They share the reviews after using it for a good number of days. Some of their reviews are given below-


  • B George, a Verified customer of this device reviewed that this device works better for reminding you of the correct time schedule of taking your pill. The lock system of this device works better for protecting your privacy.
  • Barbara Thomasson, another Verified customer, wrote that she bought one of these devices at first. After seeing its outcome, she ordered another device as spare for future use. She is ultimately satisfied with the service of this device.
  • Gordon S., on seeing the reviews of other customers purchased this device. After using it some days, he wrote that it improved his overall health condition as he is now able to swallow all the capsules at the right time.
  • Charles D. bought this device for his dad. He was used to reminding his father the correct time of taking the pill to swallow. When he learned about the device he bought it at first sight. After seeing its works, he uttered: “alleviated a ton of stress off my shoulders”.
  • Dessie Kozey- this man also bought this device for his dad as his dad had to take a good dosage of pills every day. Now he relaxes that it works great for reminding the pill-taking schedule without making any mistake.

Livefine Dispenser On The Facebook?

It is well known to all that Facebook is now one of our “Time-Consuming But Loving Friends”.

To find out the effectiveness of a product we search on Facebook writing its name. We want to see the experiences shared by the previous users of that.

That’s why we’re going to show you some recommendation of reviews of previous users on Facebook-


  • Angela Rose, on 12 August 2019, in a post wrote that Livefine automatic pill dispenser is for reminding you of the correct schedule and it works.
  • Walt Dulany, on 29 October 2019, recommends all to buy this one, who’s needed to bear in mind the complex pill-taking schedule.
  • Diane Mayhew, on 8 July 2018, urged all to learn the correct procedure of using this device, especially the time resetting system.
  • Rose Mary, on 15 Nov 2018, reviewed it as a top-notch reminder for taking your pill at the right time.
  • Vivian Kensington, on 6 March 2017, reviewed to use this device as it is easy and useful to use.

Frequently Asked Question

1. In which age it is perfect to start the using of LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser?

Ans.- Generally, this device is used by elderly people. Yet there are many people who have to take more pills a day in addition to maintaining their day to day busy schedule. They also need to use such a device. Here age is not important. Rather your demand and leading life are important. Even it is doubly important to take it by the people who’re facing memory loss. In that, it is one of their daily needs.

2. What type of alarm do you recommend to set?

Ans.- This issue is just up to you. If you live in a noisy or rowdy place, then commonly it is recommended to set the audible alarm. Generally, alarm without sound (only light) is effective in the night time. Yet it may not effective to you. Nothing to be mentioned here, we think you’re able to choose your best.  

3. How many rooms are needed for an ordinary man inside such a device?

Ans.- The need for rooms or compartments is dependent on how many pills are you want to keep inside. If the number of pills is large then a large number is needed. LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser contains 28 compartments. It is expedient to say- more than 28 compartments are not needed for a general man.

4. Share your feeling with us on the completion of writing this review.

Ans.- This device is for remembering the daily dosage of pills. I’ve mentioned all the niceties of it. Thinking this point I feel a little bit of pride now. If you use it reading my review, it will make my pride level prettied up.

5. Can it be of a harmful or scam one?

Ans.- This one is tested by us and many other experts. We didn’t find any sign of those evils. That’s why we present this device to you.

Final Thought

You need time to choose the “Correctly Beneficial” pill for you. After spending much time you chose your desired package spending your penny. To get the full outcome of those pills, you need to swallow those at the right time.

Otherwise, you’ll not get the juice.  This device is for suiting for that purpose. It will work as a reminder as well as a presenter of the right pill. Another point is that it will not cost millions of USD.

This device is also less costly than most of the pills we see online. If you use it for some days you’ll understand how many efficient jobs will be done by it. Just use it for a week and get the service of professional & punctual caregiver.