Healthy food plan for busy people

You are a health freak and do take a lot of care what goes down your esophagus. On the other hand, you are continually traveling; maybe your work demands that, but this is not letting you keep a tab on what you are consuming and in what quantity.

Since you are a way to busy to even pay attention to it, you tend to grab almost anything on which you manage to cast your hands. Well, here is when the trouble begins, and soon you will find watching a belly on your once fit body. Isn’t that scary? Yes, it is. However, it is not that bad either. One can follow a specific routine and stick to it while you are traveling and combat an increasing weight. Here are some of the tips to do so.

Get up early

Getting up soon will give you enough time for your self before you get busy with your daily chores. In the meantime utilize this time for 45 minutes to an hour of brisk walking, jogging, biking or yoga. These are some of the most comfortable cardio workouts you can perform while you are outside of the home and are good enough to keep you all charged up for the entire day ahead.

Supplement your food with the right things

While traveling or moving out, often people tend to feel hungry especially when for long distances you do not find a proper place to have a meal. It becomes a bit difficult, but keeping a stack of protein bars can prove to be a lifesaver. These protein bars or snacks are good stomach fillers and aid in replacing a full meal in general. On the other hand, you are not compromising on the nutrition your body requires. It is much better than just grabbing anything from the roadside and putting on those extra pounds.

Working out in hotels

Most of the hotels now a day are equipped with a fully organized gym facility. One can hit the gym whenever they have nothing to do except than just lobbing down in the corridors of the hotel. Also if the hotel does not have a gym, you can work out in your room only with a combination of exercises comprising of squats, crunches, jumping jacks and push-ups.

Get Going

Make it a point that you do not sit idle when you are not sightseeing. Go for a walk down the lanes and discover the new place on feet while burning extra calories! Stick to eating out at a snack bar and avoid sumptuous meals at restaurants. Stick to diverse food items, eat plenty of fruits and order for fresh salads, wheat bread and juices at the food store

By following these tips, one can easily maintain their weight while on the go and will not have to repent later. The tips are achievable and will not take a lot of time as well. Indeed, you will find yourself getting more fit when you travel.
For the right effect, do consume five serving of mixed fruits and vegetables in a day to derive maximum benefit out of it. Nuts have a lot of fiber content and are palpable, and these factors govern energy consumption within the body. They are also low in sodium content which aids in reducing the possibilities of gaining weight due to water.



Fruits rich in Vitamin C, like orange, are good choices as vitamin C tends to reduce the absorption of fat in the body. Bananas are more abundant in fiber and are filling too. One can grab a banana anywhere and can stay full for more extended periods. Apples are also delicious in reducing weight, packed with tons of Vitamin C; they help you in staying healthy and active as well as reduce the fat absorption from the body.

Nonetheless, one can even go for a bowl full of a variety of fruits or mixture of sprouts as salads. Not only they are good to taste if you spice them up with your favorite seasoning or sauces, but they are best for keeping you healthy, active and energized.

Eating Right to Fuel your Exercise Regime

Have you ever felt fatigued and tired after a tough workout? As if you have been drained of every drop of energy you had. Well, if you are working out so much, then do not starve your muscles. Feed them, with something that will boost your body with energy which is often necessary after you exercised.

On the other hand, not many people are aware of the right things to be chosen for eating after exercise regime. They do not provide their bodies with the necessary energy and continue to feel tired throughout the day. So what should be the proper diet after a workout?

Since you are going to burn the fat by exercising, thus it is required to have a balanced and decent pre-workout meal or snack. What you have consumed before your workout is crucial in determining your performance at the exercise.

If you have not eaten well, with the right amount of nutrition, then after working out you might suffer from low blood sugar. This will, in turn, make you feel fatigued and lethargic. It is thereby essential to know that whatever you eat, and when you eat is purely dependent on the intensity of the workout regime you are going to do.

If you are going to work-out hard, then do consume 0.5 grams of carbs for each pound of your body weight before an hour of exercising. It can be 2 grams per pound of your body weight, to be taken 4 hours before using.

So if your body weight is about 150 pounds, then the amount of carbohydrate required by you will be around 75 to 300 grams. One can consume a bagel with little peanut butter, a bowl of cereals along with milk, yogurt, and bananas.

Workout meal

Post workout meal is equally important. One must be feeling a bit tired after an exercise; this is because muscle has lost its glycogen reserves.

This has to be replenished or else whatever gains you have made by working out will not prove to be that rewarding. The first 30 minutes after an exercise regime is very crucial. If you are not consuming the right thing after working out chances are that you will diminish your endurance levels a bit as well alleviate the muscle mass.

It is thus advisable to consume something enough to provide you with 100 to 300 calories after the exercise immediately. One of the best choices is that of drinking milk with chocolate. It will consist of simple sugars which will be readily utilized by the body and provide protein as well, which will be used for the repair of the muscles. One can go for a full meal comprising of the right amounts of proteins and complex carbohydrates, 2 hours after exercise.

Thus by keeping the points mentioned above in mind, one can improve their endurance levels and follow successful exercise sessions without feeling worn out.