Fungal infections can be treated with Diflucan, which is an antibiotic pill. You need to determine the dosage of these pills by consulting your doctor so that he can tell you how much you should use to treat yourself from your illness. Usually, this medicine is available in three forms, that is– tablet, suspension, and solution forms. However, this medicine has also been known to have caused a few side effects on the people who have used them. Therefore, it is advisable that these pills are taken only after a doctor’s consultation.

If a person who has used Diflucan experiences anything like seizures, body pains, nausea, fever, chills, rashes, jaundice, flu symptoms, loss of appetite, severe blistering, bruising very quickly and even weakness that you feel suddenly, then he or she must immediately contact their doctor or it could get severe.

There are also various kinds of people who are advised to stay away from these pills. These lists include people who suffer from rhythm disorder, liver and kidney diseases, Long QT syndrome, and are specifically requested to take proper tests before prescribing to these pills. Also according to those test results give yourself the appropriate dosage that your doctor recommended. Even people who are already taking other kinds of medicines are asked to consult their doctor to make sure that they are not detrimental to their health.