Arthritis is a not a new disease and people have been suffering from it since first ages. This disease is not deemed to be as critical as Cancer or Aids yet the problems associated with this disease can make the life of the patient miserable. It is a condition in which inflammation is witnessed in the joints. It may also be seen in connective tissues of the bone muscles such as tendons and ligaments. The severity of the condition varies considerably and is dependent on numerous factors.

What are the different treatments of arthritis?

People suffering from this disease know precisely how it feels like and how unbearable the pain becomes at times. This is one of the worst conditions which can cripple the patient’s life. Hence it needs to be treated immediately as soon as the patient witnesses the symptoms. Sooner the treatment better is the chance of recovery, and it is essential that treatment of arthritis is not neglected in the initial stages.
Regardless of the type of arthritis, the prime concern of treatment should be to minimize the risks that are often involved with therapy. Next in line is to relieve the patient from the severe pain of the muscles and joints. The progression of the disease must be retarded, and the quality of the life of the patient must be enhanced. One of the most effective goals of treatment is to provide the patient with the right education and knowledge about the disease.

Different approaches are often acquired to achieve the goals as mentioned above of treatment of arthritis. Physicians often recommend conventional medicines, alternative therapy, diet, exercise, proper rest and changes in lifestyle. Joint protection occupies the foremost position in the treatment of this disease. The effectiveness of these medications also depends on the capability of the physician as well as the severity of the disease.

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

Unlike most another disease the symptoms of arthritis are not that complicated, and it is quite easy to diagnose. A century back this disease was mostly restricted to people who had seen some 40-50 seasons of their life. It was rare to see youth being diagnosed with this disease.

Things have drastically changed over the years and it so as common to see in youth as in older adults. More than 50 % of the population of the world is diagnosed with one or the other kind of arthritis.

Some of the common symptoms of arthritis include redness on the skin surrounding the joints, swelling, and pain in the associated areas.

How to reduce arthritis pain?

The degree of arthritis pain may vary on the complexity of the disease, and in the initial stages, it might not be very acute. It gradually catches pace and if left ignored may become very complicated. Hence it is advisable to get yourself diagnosed in case any of these symptoms are visible.

Different measures of prevention of arthritis

Abiding by specific guidelines for the prevention of arthritis is essential. You must maintain the ideal body weight and include some exercises in your life. This must be under the guidance of an expert instructor. Also, it is essential not to ignore any injury around the bone or muscles. Healthy food plays a significant role, and so does a healthy lifestyle.

Do you know what Gout is ?

Gout is a type of arthritis and has almost the same symptoms. Patients developing this disease may develop redness around the affected regions in addition to inflammation and pain. This is primarily due to the deposition of crystals of uric acids at the site of joints. Accumulation of uric acid in different joints is a significant cause of this disease.

Factors which paves the way for gout

Among the leading factors which give rise to this disease is the age of the person. It is usually witnessed as one progress in the period, and almost 6 out of every ten people in their middle ages become its victim. Also, it is seen that the sterner sex is more susceptible to this disease than the fairer sex. Various other causes also


What are the different methods of treatment of gout?

Treatment of gout involves sound knowledge about the health swell as medical history of the person suffering from this disease. Hence the medication for each may not be the same, and a qualified physician is the most suitable person to prescribe the apt treatment. Nevertheless, every individual suffering from gout needs to be on non-steroidal medication for a reasonable period. Intravenous or oral medication is also often advised.

Along with adequately prescribed medications, a change in the lifestyle and eating habit is also mandatory for visible improvement. Fluid intake must be increased except alcoholic beverages. It is also vital not to include too much protein-rich food in the diet. If a person suffering from gout imbibes these basic tips on the treatment of gout, he or she is bound to witness sooner recovery.

Various form of arthritis

Arthritis has many ways, and each may not be as complex as the others. It is presumed that there are over 100 forms of arthritis abut the most common form of arthritis are listed below:


This is commonly a degenerative disorder causing joint disease and is mostly found in women rather than men. The trauma caused to the joints is a significant cause of this form of arthritis. Some infections in the joint may also be a cause of osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis-

It is a different disorder in which the immune system of the body starts attacking the body tissues. This attack is not just restricted to the joints but is targeted to various organs too. Knees, fingers, elbows, and wrists are significant parts of the body that are affected due to rheumatoid arthritis.

Gouty arthritis- Deposition of uric acid crystals in joints leads to this disorder.


  • Useful tips on prevention of gout
    Indulge in healthy food habit and a healthy lifestyle
  • Try to maintain ideal body weight
  • Avoid repetitive injury to the joint
  • Avoid sports injuries by regular
  • warm-up sessions before exercise
    Choose appropriate sports equipment
  • Avoid bacterial infection by using insect repellant creams or keeping yourself covered in areas prone to tick bites.
  • The tips above on prevention of gout are quite useful provided they are diligently followed.


Learn about the various types of arthritis

There are as many as 100 different types of arthritis, but the most notable among them are Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, septic arthritis, and lupus. These forms of arthritis are predominantly seen in most people, and recent researches have revealed that almost 50-60% people of USA suffer from one or the other types of arthritis.

What Causes Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the most dominant and the majority of people often become the victim of this most widespread form of arthritis. It is predominantly found in people who have suffered some injury in their joints and pay little heed to the affected regions. Such people who repetitively injure the same area over and over again are more prone to developing this form of arthritis.

Hence it can be said that this disorder is mainly a cause of injury to the bones, muscles or even the ligaments. Too much of wear and tear may also give rise to osteoarthritis due to the reduction of synovial fluid present in the joints. Although this kind of arthritis begins in the cartilage, it does not take much time for it to protrude towards the opposing bones.

Osteoarthritis targets not only the larger joints of the body but also the smaller ones. Hence hand, hip, back, knee, and feet are all prone to be affected by this disease.

What causes gout?

Gout is also a prevalent form of arthritis which is the result of deposition of uric acid in the places where two bones meet. These crystals acquire rhomboid shape and initially are not very painful. It is excruciating and often cripples the life of the victim. The attack of gout in any joint of the body may take as little as just a few hours or may even gradually sped up within months or even a couple of years. The degree of its severity varies from one person to another and depends on many other factors.

What is rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is the most difficult of all forms of arthritis since this does not primarily cause wear and tear. It is a very different and unique form of arthritis in which the body’s immune system becomes a threat to the body’s tissues. This not only affects the joints but also various other organs of the body. The worst part of this disease is it may produce severe deformity within a brief period if it is ignored or left untreated. Rheumatoid arthritis requires early diagnosis and conservative treatment.

What is lupus?

Lupus is a disorder of the collagen vascular and is one of the most severe forms of arthritis. A person suffering from this disease is just not affected by the loss of movement of joints but may face some critical ailments. The most extended illnesses that are a result of lupus are hair loss, lung fibrosis, kidney problems, extreme photosensitivity, and continuous joint pain.

Diagnosis of the different types of arthritis

Health professionals often recommend blood tests and radiology for determination of any arthritis. The records of the disorder also play an essential role in the decision of the forms of arthritis.

Different types of physical therapy of arthritis

There are many kinds of physical treatment of arthritis, and they are said to have very positive results. Arthritis is predominantly a disease of the joints which is marked by inflammation, redness and severe pain. It is caused due to a variety of factors which may be genetic or environmental. A person having a case history of any form of this disease in his family is more susceptible than those who have no such records of the disease.

It is often deemed to be a degenerative disease and is presumed to happen only as one progress in age.
It is not so, and youngsters, adults as well as old men and women can become its victim. One of the prime causes of arthritis is also injury to the joints, and this is certainly not restricted to the age of the person.

Any person desirous of undergoing physical therapy of arthritis need to ponder over some very crucial points and must get the disease adequately diagnosed. The causative agents of the different forms of arthritis are not the same and diagnosis alone can help health professionals identify the cause and impart proper treatment.

Discover the various treatment of arthritis


Treatment of arthritis does not rest entirely on oral or intravenous medications and requires a great deal of effort from the side of the patients too. Good control over the diet is very much essential to bring about commendable changes in the degree of pain that is often the most prominent signs of Arthritis. It is said that alcohol consumption can worsen the disease and hence a person who has any arthritis is advised to reduce or if possible stop the intake of alcoholic beverages. Patients who have arthritis are also barred from overeating Protein rich diet.

Drugs of anti-inflammatory origin and non-steroidal in nature are the primary treatment meted out to patients suffering from this disease. The use of such drugs is often the most common forms of treatment of arthritis. Nevertheless, the medication must be conjugated with occupational therapy for a better and useful result.

Physical therapy for arthritis

Physical therapy has profound significance in the treatment of arthritis and if adequately followed may reduce pain to a great extent. It also plays a very significant role in building up tissues that surround the bones.

Every physical therapy that is imparted to patients who have arthritis has one primary goal. It must at any cost be able to allow the patients to do the regular activity throughout the day.

It must also lessen the pain by enabling the patients not put on a lot of weight. Since a heavy body exerts more pressure on the joints, it is advised to patients to follow a diet chart so that their ideal body weight is well maintained.

The physical therapy is of different types and is based on the extent of the disease as well as the health condition of the patient. Hot and cold medicine is a prevalent one and helps to reduce stiffness in the joints and thereby the persisting pain. Other types of physical therapy include proper movements while changing positions so that minimal pain is felt, exercises like swimming or water aerobics.

Is arthritis dangerous- the most commonly asked question

Many people still live in a world of darkness and feel that they cannot develop arthritis until they reach the age of 50 or 60 years. Although it was right to some extent some decades back yet, it holds not even the slightest of honesty today.

Many youngsters and children are developing arthritis. Prevention is better than cure, and every individual must pay heed to the preventive measures so that this deadly disease does not make them their target. Is arthritis dangerous? This is a question which most people often ask since the concept of this disease is entirely different from what it is.

Many people presume arthritis to be just pain or swelling and that too not until one grows old. It is not true, and such people need to widen their knowledge on this disease. It is one of the most dangerous conditions which can cripple a patient. A person may become dependent on others for small errands, and it is then that he or she feels helpless.

If diagnosed early and treated correctly, it leaves some chances of fast recovery. Otherwise, it may take a toll even on the health of the person by affecting his or various organs. If the extent of the dangers of arthritis is still not very clear too and if you still desire to know ‘Is arthritis dangerous’ you need to continue reading.

What are the dangerous effects of arthritis?


Arthritis in the initial stages is not very dangerous, and by aggressive treatment, proper diet and exercise can be significantly controlled.

Nevertheless, the percentage of people getting them diagnosed for this disease in the initial stage is negligible, and most people often turn for doctor’s help only when the situation gets almost out of control.

Danger effects of arthritis are witnessed only when the disease remains ignored for a long time. It also depends on the kind of arthritis the person is suffering from.

Some forms of arthritis may become quite a dangerous right from their first attack. Arthritis is a disease that can become very complicated if unattended by a health professional for an extended period. Even it is said that the use of painkillers for these diseases is found to be fatal.

Most people worsen their condition by subsidizing their level of pain through painkillers in the initial stages. It may not just affect the movement of the person concerned but may cause significant injury to different organs of the body. Such people either succumbs after some time or have to continue regular medication for prolong period. These are just some of the dangerous effects of arthritis.

Which among all is the most painful arthritis?


Although all forms of arthritis become immensely painful if remained ignored for a reasonable period yet the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis is the most severe. It is the most painful arthritis. This is a unique case of arthritis which is originated due to the rivalry between the body tissues and the body’s defense mechanism.

The body’s immune system attacks the body’s tissues. This becomes a cause of major concern not just for the joints as in many cases of arthritis but also fatal for organ of the body. Most organs are indirectly affected due to rheumatoid arthritis.

It is also presumed to be an incurable disease and the most that patient can do is to undergo surgery. This is not just one of the most painful arthritis but also a dangerous one.