Sexual intercourse is very difficult for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction or ED. It is the incapability of sustaining an erection for a more extended period to enable penetration.

This problem is not related to aging and can occur to young men too. Physical and psychological problems are known to be significant causes for ED. However, it is also seen that some drugs- prescription or OTC consumed by men also cause ED to some extent. Some treatments are used to cure this problem and based on individual performance.

In some men, the problem can be treated with surgery and oral medications. While in others when the issue of ED is not so severe, it can be treated with therapies and penile injections.

Causes of ED

A series of physical and psychological problems cause ED. Neurological and vascular diseases are the major causes of this problem. Other reasons are diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, and prostate cancer. Surgery or injury in the lower abdomen or the groin or the spines also results in a problem in erection. Apart from these, hormonal imbalances and venous leak are responsible for ED in men. According to recent research, prostate enlargement also hampers erection to a certain extent in men. Consuming too much of alcohol or severe addiction to smoking are also known to cause for ED.

Though many don’t notice yet, it is true that lifestyle plays an eminent role in erectile dysfunction. Simple steps can prove to be useful if you have the will to change your life. Getting rid of your smoking addiction is a significant milestone in the process. According to researches, it has been found that nicotine is somewhere also responsible for low erection levels in men. Along with quitting smoking exercise is also very important in improving the overall health. Improving the blood circulation of the body is equally important in this case.

Treatment and Cures 

-Sex therapy is the easiest way for treating ED when your partner is also willing to help. Some techniques and experiments are used here suggested by sex therapists.

-Vascular reconstructive surgery also helps in improving blood circulation in the groin. Apart from this, there are a few other surgeries that are performed successfully by doctors.

-Penile injections are also counted as an effective way to cause an erection, but the results vary from men to men. This treatment is not 100% effective.

-Oral medications are prescribed by sexologists and therapists that improve the erection level. The results may take time to show in some men.

The problem of erection is a grave one and sometimes causes frustration to men and their partners as well. There are preventive measures for those who don’t want to face it in their lives ever. Those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction can resort to some treatments and cures and talk to their doctors to gain more information. You can start enjoying a healthy sex life if you click with the right treatment.