Practice Safe Sex

Sexually Transmitted Disease is any person’s worst nightmare because those who are suffering from such diseases know how painful existence is. When you are blessed with a healthy body, you must also try your best to sustain this gift of god and indulge in safe sex practices rather than being careless and playing with your life.

Sex is a pleasurable act, and often we forget to take the required prevention at the time of enjoying the action. It is better to be safe and avoid unwanted pregnancy and STDs than regretting later. There are many tips here that will teach you how to practice safe sex.

How Condom Makes You Safer

For men with an active sexual life, it is essential to carry a condom with you because you never know when the action can take place. Remember the date of purchase of your condoms as the old condoms have more tendencies to burst during intercourse.

Oral sex if practiced unprotected can also be dangerous if your partner is suffering from an STD. Open ulcers or any cut in the mouth carry virus and infections that can be transmitted. You can use flavored condoms for oral sex safely.

Licking your woman is also risky because the vaginal juice is a fountain of infections. Practice safe sex by using plastic wraps or dental dam for females that cover their groin. This prevents the liquid from coming in contact with your hand or mouth.

During the stimulation, you must not try to overturn it. The menstruation blood can be equally dangerous for you if your partner is infected.

You can try to avoid intercourse at this time or better keep the stock of condom handy because you will have to change them frequently during the act.

Applying lubrication on condoms before sex is beneficial as it forms a protective layer on the condom and makes you safer.

Safe Sex During Pregnancy

Remember not to use any moisturizing cream for lubrication as they are not meant for internal use and may cause allergy or rashes on your organ. Another important tip on how to practice safe sex is not to consider many female pregnancy control devices and pills as a measure to prevent STDs.

If you are worried about pregnancy, then birth control pills are best for females if you have a sexually active life. In case you are concerned about getting pregnant after having unprotected sex, emergency pills can be used the next day.

It is always beneficial to know your partner well or more about her sexual history to avoid getting infected from STD. There is no problem in controlling your urge to penetrate new people as they may be HIV positive.

If you are into a relationship and planning to have sex for the first time politely ask your partner to accompany you to get tested. Once you are sure about your partner, you can still use condoms and various precautionary measures to avoid pregnancy.

How to practice safe sex is not always about pregnancy they help you to keep STDs at bay too.