It is not a tough job to arouse a woman when you know the right trick to do it. Though it is true that the erogenous zones for all women are same, you have to be careful. A wrong move can make your lady turn off while the right ones will make her turn on within minutes. Some trial and error will make you a perfect heartthrob among ladies. Some ladies want their men to remove their underwear within seconds and start slamming them while others want to more extended foreplay and an exciting action later. It is upon you to figure out what your lady wants. However, first, you have to learn the tricks on how to arouse your woman and desire you like crazy.

The first thing is to dress up to kill. Be neat and be stylish. Maintain good hygiene with clean fingernails, polished shoes, and a mouth freshener. Never let body odor or bad breath come in between you and her. Along with all this, you also have to make sure that you have a good muscular body. Muscles on biceps and a broad chest are sure shot woman arousals. When she is impressed by your looks, consider half the battle won. When you are in a pub or eating out slightly slip your hands on her waist or play with her hair gently.

When out in public take your lips close to her ears and murmur sweet nothings. Then proceed with some sexy compliments like ‘Your hair swept aside makes me go crazy.’ When you think she is impressed and ready to take on anything slowly whisper in her ears ‘spread your legs and let me serve you.’ Be close to her but keep enough space in between to make her feel comfortable. Look for some signs like while laughing she leans on your shoulders or clutches your arms with hers.

You can also prepare her before meeting up by calling up and talking dirty. Share with her how eager you are to achieve and what you are planning to do. You can also talk about how beautiful you felt the last time you both came into action and what you can do this time. This will make her aroused and want more of you. Another trick is to show off your masculinity. If you have a great body, show it off. Go shirtless at pool parties and wear sleeveless or open-buttoned shirts for casual outings.

When you are ready for the action, kiss her passionately by enwrapping her in your arms. Slowly kiss her neck and shoulders while moving down. Caressing and licking her breast will also make her surrender to you. Caress her navel gently with your fingers, and she will thoroughly soak up. Make foreplay longer by licking and caressing her inner thighs. She will go red hot and will beg you to enter her. Make use of these tips o how to arouse a woman and make her go crazy for you.