Top 3 HCG Drops

Today’s health loving people are distressed with the name of weight loss pill, exercise manual and the like. But staying in our current position being distressed with those names cannot be the right choice, for better or worse. What else can we do now? Getting a catchy look or being Mr. Slimmest are of our common aim these days.

It goes without saying that these all are desirable to all of us. But at the same footing, we want to apply more effective and quicker something that can give us our “dreamy one”. To satisfy all those desires, weight loss drops are now in the market.

These all drops are so high demanding that stocks are ended off and on. In this listing, we’re going to show you the most effective 3 drops. First and foremost we’ve inserted a table showing the major quality of these three. Let’s start today’s journey!

Product Specialty Review
HCG Complex For people desiring to get slimmest figure in a hurry Contains the necessary hormone that can stimulate hypothalamus. Such stimulation will burn stubborn fats. Boosted energy will be provided
HCG Triumph For getting catchy figure with the help of maximum number of nutrients. Quickly destroy the fat cells. This increases the metabolism speed as much as you need. Composed of a good number of natural nutrients.
Nu Image Medical HCG Drops To get the maximum number of effective results. Works for preventing excessive weight gain. Control the hair loss. “Boost up” the sexual performance.

1.HCG Complex

Are you unhappy with your excess weight or fat? There are a good number of ways to get rid of this unwanted fat. To shed off some pounds this one is now the most popular product.

This magic product is manufactured and marketed by BioSource Labs LLC, which has its base in California.


This is one of the most flourishing USA-based pharmaceutical companies famous for its health products.

In the composing of this product, manufacturers had been able to have 100% safe & pure human chorionic gonadotropin hormone.

What is HCG complex?

This one is a new weight loss item made in FDA-registered & GMP-certified laboratories in the United States as well as under the active supervision of a good number of clinical specialists.

What’s for it? Just to solve your weight loss problem. Here it is important to lose this naturally and this product is for exactly that job. In this way it’ll drop your weight like CRAZY- more or less 1 lb each day.

How HCG complex Works?

Although the name of this product is HCG Complex there is no complexity in its working procedure. There is no need to be a “ROCKET SCIENTIST” to catch on the working procedure. The plain and simple working procedure is-

  • It contains Vitamin B-12 , L-Carnitine , Panax Quinquefolium that will burn your fat quickly.
  • A pregnant woman’s hormone contained in the product stimulates your hypothalamus.
  • On the impact of such stimulation, your deposited stubborn fat will be released very quickly.
  • This complex is not for storing the body fat but to nourishing body cells resulting in getting boosted energy.

 How To Use HCG complex?

You’ve to take this drop obeying proper guidelines. For your better understanding, we want to let you know the procedure of taking this drop into three-phase- LOADING, SHEDDING, AND MAINTENANCE.

 In the first step, you can eat more as much as you can. You can take it as a chance to satisfy your inner desire to enjoy your favourite delicious foods. You’ve to take this heavy eating only 3 days before your starting to take the drop.

Now come on to learn the second step. This step includes the taking of the complex. You’ve to take 30 drops a day. Just take this drop orally under your tongue. You may take these 30 drops before three main meals- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

If you have enough time to take it in three times, you may try it just two times- 15 drops before breakfast and 15 drops before dinner.

After starting such taking you’ll understand your decreased appetite and weight. You’ll lose 1-2 pounds every day. After 21 days you’ll impressively lose almost 30 pounds.

The third step includes only the maintenance part. If you’re much excited to reduce your body weight more quickly you may repeat the previous 2 processes. For getting the amazing outcome quickly, you’ve to take a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Positive or Negative  HCG Complex?

You’ll be able to understand your change at the very start of taking this one. What’ll be your achievement? Or what positive sides you’ll enjoy by taking it? Look on the follow-

  • This one is 100% effective fat burner that has a reputation over 97% success rate.
  • You’ll get your slimmest body without performing any hard regular exercise.
  • It boosts your energy that will make you able to perform chores without any heavy eating.
  • It has been produced for increasing metabolic speed that will lose your weight.
  • There is no caffeine and alcohol in it. So it will not cause any sleep deprivation.

Now come to the point of negative aspects that you need to know and should be more careful about those. Let’s start the negatives!

  • You’ve to abide by the above-mentioned three steps to get the ultimate result.
  • Sometimes its stocks are ended due to high demand.

HCG complex Ingredients?

Now come to the point of its ingredients. This product is made of several natural ingredients, like- Human chorionic gonadotropin, Arginine, L-carnitine, Panax quinquefolium, L-leucine, Nat phos cell salts, Focus vesiculosus, Ornithine, Vitamin B12, L-glutamic acid, and Mag phos cell salts.

All these elements are many times proven and effective for losing weight. If you’ve enough knowledge on these ingredients, you’ll certainly understand- Is it worth to buy or not?

If you’re desired to buy this product, just place your order by visiting our site. What’re the price details?




Price is $69.95 for every package with 30 days money-back guarantee.

If you want to get my final say on it, I’ll say you should take all attractive features and working powers of it into consideration. You can “COUNT ON” this product for losing your weight as well as keeping yourself fit.

2.HCG Triumph

Now we’re going to show you another one that is HCG Triumph. This is for faster weight loss with keeping proper energy but without any need for sugar intake.

It is also composed of all-natural ingredients and hormones. It is produced by HCG Diet, which has a decade long reputation in the health product field.

This triumph bears enough potentiality to work with an 800 or 1200 calorie deficit diet. You’ll be able to lose 30-45 pounds by taking this one.

How HCG complex Works ?

This product will give you the real feeling of “TRIUMPH”. It will help you in many aspects, from losing your weight to keeping your energy level boosted up.

  • This product will diminish fat cells inside your body.
  • It contains high-quality hormones that will create an infallible result.
  • It boosts your metabolism speed whichever is needed.
  • Your energy level will be hyped up naturally on using this product.
  • You will not feel any protein shortage after using it.

HCG complex ingredients

If you see the natural boosters that make this product, you’ll certainly understand the effectiveness of this.

It contains- Arginine, Glycine, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), L-Carnitine, Lysine, Phenylanine, Omithine, Ammonium Carbonicum, and Phosphorus, Calcarea Carbonica.

Here one thing should be borne in mind- It includes USP Purified water and USP Kosher Grain Alcohol, per volume 20%. But there is nothing to be worried it will not create any harmful effect in your body.

  • Here L-Arginine has been used to keep your protein level normal.
  • L-Carnitine creates a block of protein and provides the necessary energy.
  • L-Ornithine causes the important act- Release of Human Growth Hormone.

How To Take HCG complex Perfectly?

To get the ultimate result you’ve to gulp 8-10 drops a day. You may take this 3 times a day with your main meals. It is not expedient to eat anything before the absorption of this drop properly. For augmented security prevent yourself from eating anything before 15 minutes of taking this drop.

HCG complex Benefits

If you’re going to use this drop a variety of benefits are waiting for you. This Caffeine-free drop will make you able to enjoy following amenities-

  • HCG Triumph is one of the widely used drops because it offers 20-25 pounds lost in just 26 days or less.
  • You can use it as appetite suppressants because it will decrease your appetite.
  • Increasing metabolism speed and energy level is possible with using this one.
  • It contains a large number of ingredients that are enough for producing maximum effect and potency.

Tell The Truth- Is It Safe For Me In All Aspects?

Honestly speaking there is nothing to be worried about your safety. This one has been produced in an FDA certified laboratory under the overseeing of many health specialists.

All the ingredients have been mentioned in the product introducing manual. Has there any harmful element found?

How can you think in this way that it may not safe? Just think- How is it possible to harm anyone’s body by pushing some natural vitamin items inside his body? Doesn’t it sound ridiculous?

So, you can use this product without any second thought.

Isn’t It Wise To Buy HCG complex Today?

It is expedient to know about every package before placing your buying order. Below three packages are given. All these packages are available to you. To buy any of these packages just place your order on our site. Here one thing is to be noted- If you buy this product online you’ll get 20% off.




  • Hormone Free 26- $57.95
  • HCG New Blue 26- $79.20
  • HCG Triumph 40- $124.20

4.Nu Image Medical HCG Drops

Nu Image Medical is a little bit different from the previous two. It started its marketing journey since 2004 after producing it in an FDA approved laboratory by Nu Image Medical at 1209 N Tampa Street of Florida. This drop has been produced for a good number of conditions to check.

It works for- hormone replacement, weight loss, general wellness, sexual enhancement, and the like. It has an amazing specialty in working in the field of anti-aging programs.

What Nu Image Medical HCG Drops?

This miracle drop offers you a good number of amazing features. For sure you’ll get all these on using it perfectly. What’re those features?

  • It prevents your body from excessive weight gain.
  • Its hormone replacement feature will make you free from any hormonal & sexual complexity.
  • No hard and first diet or regular exercise is needed to get the benefits of it. Just 30 minute walk a day is needed.
  • It will prevent hair loss and augment hair growth.

What About The Nu Image Medical Company?

Its manufacturing company Nu Image Medical claims a lot of features to be offered for you. These all are with DR. SIMEONS PROTOCOL. They claim that without any supervision of complete physician keeping your body fit is just quite impossible.

If you buy this drop they’ll provide you such medical assistance. What the claim about the drop? Their version- it will create a faster impact on weight loss, overall sexual performance, metabolism function, appetite control and the like.

To say about the veracity of their version, it can be said that if it is scam one then their business would be gone before a good number of years. Till now, many people are with them and publishing reviews regarding them. Isn’t it sufficient to prove the veracity of their version?

What Packages or Programs They’re Offering Today?

This well-reputed company offers 2 distinctive packages for you. One is just for 26 days and the other is for 46 days. Details of these two are as follows-

  • 26-day package- $ 297 (For 15 pounds lose)
  • 46-day package- $ 397 ( For 35 pounds lose)
  • You’ve to choose any one form those packages. To buy one of these just places the buying order on our site.

How To Use Nu Image Medical ?

You’ll get the user manual with the bought package. You’ve to follow this step by step. For your better understanding, you’ll provide you following pieces of information-

  • Firstly take a 10 ml syringe.
  • Withdraw 10 ml of the drop using this syringe.
  • Then inject that 10 ml into a clear phial and shake for a while.
  • At last dissolve 5 ml each time under your tongue.
  • You’ve to take (5+5)= 10 ml two times a day.

What’re The Elements Used In It? Are These Safe For You?

All the ingredients used here are natural and safe. DR. ALBERT T.W. SIMEONS’ HCG DIET PROTOCOL has been maintained properly in manufacturing this product.

Now come to the point- What’re the ingredients? These are- Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Amino Acids, Glutamine, Tyrosine, Carnitine, Ornithine, Tryptophan, Vitamin Supplements, and several other ingredients.

  • Glutamine controls craving and energy levels.
  • Arginine augments the insulin results in keeping the hormone level safe.
  • Tyrosine will help to boost brain function and libido.
Why We’re Reviewing Nu Image Medical ?

We’ve examined hundreds of products and select only 3. We’ve taken ingredients, reviews, prices, and some other facts into consideration while making this listing.

All these 3 are sufficient to produce an infallible result for you. There is nothing to be worried about.

They’re not contained any harmful element. How we’re so sure? Well, pore over the reviews and sharing of previous customers and other examiners. Certainly, you’ll be also sure. Such surety propels us to make this listing.

We’re here to intimate you about the high demanding and quickly effecting 3 drops. These drops are very easy to use. Why they’re easy?

In that, you’ll have to perform a lot of exercises and obey many other rules regulation in case of other weight loss pills or products.

But here, only keeping some drops under your tongue is enough. Even you’ll get the amazing effect of losing weight more quickly than those pills or products. Aren’t they worth to review?

Frequently Asked Question
1.Which one from these 3 will be the perfect choice for me?

Ans.- Firstly I’ve to know what is desired for you. If you want to get a slim figure in a hurry HCG Complex is for you. If you want to get the fat-free body with the benefits of many items HCG Triumph will be a perfect choice. The last Nu Image Medical is for those people who want to get a large number of features and an overall improvement in their body.

2.For what purpose I've to use these 3 barring other products?

Ans.- We don’t excited to say products other than these 3 are simply harmful. But it can be claimed without any hesitation weight loss drop is comparatively new in this field. But their effect is quicker and better in comparison with the others. That’s why you should choose your priority.

3.Is any restriction or barrier exist to take one of these?

Ans.- Plain and simple answer is no. You may use these drops whichever your age or physical condition may be. This point matters a little.

4.Are you sure that all these drops are clinically approved or authorized by competent doctors?

Ans.- Yes, all these are produced in an FDA- approved facility under the overseeing of a good number of competent doctors and clinical specialists.

5.What do you feel at the completion of this review?

Ans.-To give my piece of mind, I want to say I feel much better now. My feeling is like that- I’ve got the pride of writing reviews on the most effective hottest weight loss product. If you’re eager to use these drops seeing my review, it will make me much happier. There is no comparison of such happiness in that I know the result.

Nu Image Medical What Should We Do Now

Many of these three have been told. Has anything else remained? Obviously no, all niceties have been shown to you. You’ve also caught on the point which we intended to show.

Why we’ve shown those to you? Because for intimating you that by using these you may fulfill your desire.

So don’t waste your time. Make your decision today. What you want to be- “HAPPY OR NAPPY”?

Using one of those drops can give you tons of happiest moments in the coming days. Choose your desired one and order that today. Anything else needs to know? Just question us without any hesitation. We’re here to answer all of your queries.